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GenAI In Production Event

Thank you to all who participated in the "GenAI in Production" event. We are grateful to Fiverr for their outstanding hospitality and partnership. Thanks to our speakers for sharing their stories and experiences with applying GenAI to their products.

It was a pleasure to see everyone face-to-face, creating meaningful connections and discussions on Generative AI challenges in production. This event showcased insightful presentations and interesting discussions, all of which are captured in the slides and videos now available for you.


Keynote: AI-first approach, Micha Kaufman, Co-founder & CEO at Fiverr

a brief overview of the concept, latest developments, and trends in the industry.

Session 1: Democratize data and information with text-to-code models, Idan Lenchner, Data Scientist at Fiverr

Abstract: In this lecture, we will explore the innovative ways in which generative AI and text-to-code models can be utilized to make data more accessible for individuals who may not be familiar with traditional SQL querying. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, we can empower users to interact with and extract meaningful insights from complex datasets without requiring a deep understanding of database languages. Throughout the presentation, we will discuss the applications of these tools, their potential to revolutionize data accessibility and democratize information retrieval for a wider audience, and dive into the technology and production architecture implemented in Fiverr. Attendees will walk away with a deeper appreciation for the power of generative AI in simplifying the data analysis process and learn practical strategies for incorporating these tools into their own workflows.

Session 2: Building the world first AI sports narrator, Chen Margalit, Machine Learning & Data Science Manager at LSports.

Abstract: We built the world's first and only AI based sports narrator. It's a chat you can speak with about sports events outcomes and it will provide the outcome with the reasons this specific outcome is going to happen. In the lecture we'll speak about how its built, the challenges we faced and how we solved them.

Panel: Diving into the challenges and processes of developing Generative AI-based apps for production

Uri Eliabiave (MDLI), Efrat Blaier (Fiverr), Efrat Taig (, Shahar Satamkar (Fiverr)

Abstract: This interactive session will provide a platform for industry experts to share their experiences, insights, and best practices in developing generative AI applications at scale. With diverse perspectives from leading practitioners, this panel session will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, complexities, and strategies involved in bringing generative AI-based apps into production.


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