Computer vision

About us:

GRIN is an award-winning early stage start-up. It’s mission is to reduce the cost and complexity of dental-orthodontist care. And it is doing so with disruptive technology as well as first-of-it’s-kind market approach. Grin is building a multi-sided platform that gives users a radically convenient customer journey, and empowers doctors to deliver patient centric, responsible care for all types of smiles.

The algorithms team is using state-of-the-art algorithms to help the patient and the orthodent with the medical monitoring of the treatment process. This goes from real-time feedback for the quality of the teeth video scanning through offline video analysis and enhancement to heavy-lifting highly accurate 3D reconstruction of the teeth from a 2D video. The algorithms team is composed of top-notch researchers with multidisciplinary capabilities in the fields of computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, optimization and 3D reconstruction.

About you:

  • You are a highly motivated applied researcher who is eager to face new challenges.
  • You have a deep understanding of the various computer vision related algorithms and tools, specifically: machine & deep learning and 3D reconstruction.
  • You want to work in a dynamic team with highly experienced applied researchers.
  • You can execute all the algorithm research stages: idea/dream, literature review, data processing, research and evaluation, production and field testing.
  • You want to see your algorithm up and running in a global product and get feedback from the field.
  • You want to make people's lives better by having a great smile 🙂

If this fits your description, you belong with us!!


  • Ph.D / M.Sc. Degree in an engineering or science field such as Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Math or Physics.
  • 2+ years of experience in Computer Vision
  • Strong Python skills.
  • Strong foundation in theories underlying data science, 3D reconstruction, machine and deep learning.
  • Advantage: experience with PyTorch/Tensorflow
  • Ability to perform hands-on tasks with full-stack development.
  • Can-do attitude, willingness to learn new skills and take on new challenges to meet business goals.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Excellent English language communication skills.

AI Researcher

IBM Research

We're looking for a Researcher with a strong background in machine learning and artificial intelligence with a passion for the medical domain to join our Haifa team.

Strong Computer vision and/or NLP background is an advantage.

Would you like to work on meaningful research focused on cancer understanding?
Our team is developing novel algorithms for the improvement of healthcare. We automatically analyze medical images and patient's medical records to help clinicians make better decisions.

Job responsibilities

  • Invent, design, implement and test new methods to push the boundaries in the fields of cancer understanding and medical imaging
  • Document research results through external publications, patent disclosures, seminar participation, and more

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

PhD/MSc in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related fields, or equivallent experience
Experience in machine learning, specifically using modern DNNs to solve challenging tasks
Strong coding skills; at least 2 years experience in Python programming
Innovative thinker, creative spirit, and self-learner
Good team collaboration skills

Vimeo is looking for a Machine Learning Researcher to join the Video Insights team.

Vimeo’s platform provides the highest quality video tools for filmmakers, businesses, and video enthusiasts around the globe. Video Insights team delivers services and products that help Vimeo users make effective videos, by applying Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies connecting the content and it’s online performance.

It is a great opportunity to join a core founding team and take part in shaping the AI movement within Vimeo.

What you’ll do:

  • Perform research on delivering insights to products utilizing a variety of datasets available on Vimeo's platform, in the fields of – Computer Vision & NLP.
  • Conduct a full cycle of research from problem definition, to investigating and optimizing potential solutions.
  • Be part of a cross functional team, and be the AI expert in the team exploring and evaluating potential impact to the problem in hand.
  • Partner with relevant teams to deploy and apply research outcomes, as well as monitor KPIs and model performance in production.
  • Learn and teach others on the state of the art AI technologies, take an active part in driving AI innovation across the organization.

 Skills and knowledge you should possess:

  • M.Sc./Ph.D or relevant industry research experience with a focus on machine learning or related areas.
  • Experience in applying machine learning to real-world problems.
  • Strong programming skills and experience in Python.
  • In-depth knowledge of deep learning with at least one of the following areas: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Recommendation Systems, Search, Personalization, Reinforcement Learning.
  • Strong understanding of the production aspects of machine learning models.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in a cross-functional team.

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with Text and Video understanding.
  • Familiarity with Engineering operation tools, such as Docker, Cloud, Jenkins, etc.
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning, experiment management platforms, such as KubeFlow.
  • Experience with Deep Learning Frameworks such as TensorFlow, Pytorch


Come and join our growing Algo team and work in a fast paced startup-like environment.

In Aug. 2017 Nielsen acquired ‘vBrand’, an AI-powered sports marketing startup.

Acquisition leveraged lots of algorithmic challenges.

We are looking for an excel algo engineer, which is an independent thinker, a ‘can-do’ attitude and a team player to join our forces, motivated to drive technological and cultural change.

What will you do:

  • Research ML-CV related domains tackled by vBrand team and discover optimal solutions for applying world-class level products
  • Mentor team to advance toward their goals
  • Design and implement new ML based products
  • Contribute to current products and pipelines to overcome their obstacles
  • Elaborate with all team endpoints, including externals.


  • MSc in Math / Computer Science / Operational Research or other quantitative fields (a Ph.D. is a major plus)
  • 5+ years experience developing software and conducting research in computer vision and machine learning environments
  • Knowledge in machine learning, deep learning and video understanding
  • Experience developing deep learning algorithms, such as using convolutional neural networks or recurrent neural networks
  • Experience with deep learning production aspects development, such continual learning, model serving, ml apps distribution and orchestrating and proper ml apps tests performance
  • Great coding and software engineering skills


  • Experience with ML FW: scikit-learn, NumPy, pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch
  • Experience with Cloud platforms (aws, Azure, etc.)
  • Distributed Systems knowledge
  • Docker/Kafka/Kubernetes/Jenkins/Kubelow experience – advantage
  • Experience with NoSQL database: mongoDB/etc.
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience with big data applications such as Hadoop/Spark
  • Familiarity with CI/CD workflows

Our culture:

  • Sports enthusiast
  • Open vacation policy
  • Table tennis addiction

Deep Learning Research Intern

Samsung Israel R&D Center - SIRC

Samsung Israel Research Center (SIRC) develops cutting-edge HW and SW for Mobile, Automotive and wearable devices. Our Computer Vision algorithms are incorporated in the Galaxy S series and other Samsung products.

In search for our next big innovation we are conducting research in the fields of Computer Vision and Neural Network Optimization.

We are looking for an excellent PhD student experienced with DL and CV to conduct a research over a period of 6 months, with the target of publishing an innovative paper in a leading conference.

The intern will receive guidance and mentoring from one of our experienced researchers, building upon an existing project or kick-starting a fresh PoC.

Minimum Requirements:

– Graduate with honors from a leading university
– PhD student in EE or CS, in the field of deep learning
– 2+ years of experience in deep learning
– Previous publications in relevant fields


SiteAware is building the industry's first platform for digital verification for construction work. The platform verifies the completeness of work and identifies deviations in real-time. SiteAware enables the project team to make timely decisions, lowering rework costs and eliminating defects and their long-term consequences to General Contractors and Developers.


We are looking for an Algorithms Engineer to join us and take a key role in our growing R&D organization. In this role, you will research, design, and develop innovative algorithm solutions and be a key leader in the development of SiteAware’s core technology.


You’re smart, a team player, organized, motivated, and get things done. You want to work in a startup environment because you like the idea of doing a bit of everything and taking ownership over what you work on. You have ideas that you will stand behind while respecting everyone else’s, of course.


  • You have 5+ years of experience developing algorithms.
  • You have experience in developing computer vision algorithms – from research to production.
  • Proven experience in at least one of the following sub-domains: deep learning for computer vision, 3D reconstruction (photogrammetry), computer graphics.
  • You have a strong mathematical background that allows you to understand classical computer vision concepts and develop ideas of your own in that domain.
  • Familiarity with toolkits for deep learning such as TensorFlow/PyTorch/CaffeFamiliarity
  • Programming skills in C++/Python
  • Experience in data analysis and visualization
  • Self-motivated, responsible, excellent written and verbal interpersonal skills
  • Minimum BSc degree (preferred MSc/Ph.D.) in a related technical discipline

Who We Are

Razor Labs is the largest AI company in Israel seeking to revolutionize the processing and manufacturing industry with state of the art solutions. We are both product oriented and project oriented with an emphasis on the mining, manufacturing, retail and medical sectors.

We have a HQ at Israel (Tel Aviv) and another office at Australia (Perth).

Our bread and butter are AI and machine learning algorithms, focusing on data, vision, video analytics, 3D, resource allocation and reinforcement learning. We build a powerful ecosystem of engineers, working collaboratively, creating creative and efficient solutions, fast, in a family oriented environment. Working in either fast paced POC’s or long term productization.

Some of our expertise include

* Anomaly detection & malfunction prediction

* Process optimization (offlineonline)

* Explainability modules

* Point cloud detection, classification and measurements

* Medical and biological imaging

* Vision Thermal video detection, classification and tracking.

* Non linear optimisation and Q learning

* Medical: Computer Aided Diagnosis

* Signal Processing and DSP algorithms

Job Description:

We are looking for an Algorithms Team Leader who will take the development of our team to the next level. Scope of responsibility Includes

* A team of 4-8 algorithm engineers, professionally and personally

* Team’s delivered solutions and POC

* Team infrastructure

* Literature reviews and team’s new technology

* Team review (semi hands on)

* A critic advisor for other teams

* Customer facing (technologically)

* Define projectproduct technical KPI


  • At least 5 years of hands-on experience in machine learning / computer vision / deep learning
  • M.Sc. /Ph.D. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering or related field
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Previous experience in leading teams
  • Programming experience in Python
  • Proactive, can-do attitude, leadership, problem solving and excellent communication skills.

Job Description

Botika​ is a rapidly growing startup that’s changing the way people express themselves online. Our unique technology generates a photorealistic avatar of every user and uses it to synthesize extraordinary, personalized content millions of people express themselves with – on chat, over stories or anywhere else.
Our early MVP went instantly viral with massive organic traction and we’re now taking it to the next level – join us in this exciting journey!

As one of the first researchers in the company, you’ll join our team of supertalents and have the ultimate opportunity to conduct disruptive research that tackles real, challenging problems using absolutely bleeding edge technologies and your own innovation. Your work will be integrated into the core of Botika’s products, empowering the creativity of millions of people every day.


  • Reading academic papers and quickly drawing concepts and conclusions from them.
  • Conduct research that will work in the real world environment and will be used by millions of users.
  • Working with engineers, designers and product managers to aim your research to the right place.
  • Keeping abreast of new research developments in academia and exposing them to all team members.

The technical details

  • 5+ years of experience in Computer Vision research.
  • Strong experience in image processing using Deep Learning, specifically with GANs.
  • Ability to quickly implement POCs of your ideas while also considering real-world factors.
  • Comfortable diving into challenging, often open-ended problems.
  • Strong programming skills in python. Extensive experience with Tensorflow / PyTorch.

Bonus points

  • Experience in the R&D of algorithms related to style transfer, image inpainting, pose estimation, facial expression, 3D facial/body reconstruction or other face-related work.

Company in the field of agricultural robotics is looking for an experienced, real time image
processing developer.

In this role you will implement and optimize core algorithms supporting robotic automation,
including drive and motion control, object detection, recognition, and avoidance, and path
planning / trajectories.

In addition to classical algorithms, you will support machine learned approaches by providing
optimized implementations of on-device inference algorithms as well as training tools for machine
learned models.

Position requirements:
o SW Eng. / CS / mathematics or relevant engineering degree – Must
o At least 3-5 years' experience in the field computer vision – Must
o Experience with 3D sensors – Stereo TOF Lidar etc. – advantage
o Experience in detection and tracking algorithms – advantage.
o Background in robotics – huge advantage
o C++, Python, C#

both ‘hands on’ approach and the ability to lead a team of AI developers. The team is responsible for the utilization of data originated from radar satellites imageries to solve complicated issues in a variety of industries.

The candidate should also have practical experience in designing and implementing machine and deep learning systems.


BSc or MSc graduates in Computer science/Electrical engineering/Math or similar

High proficiency of TensorFlow, Python and SQL

Experience of at least 2 years as a team leader, preferably in data science/deep learning projects

Experienced in PyTorch, Keras. C, c++

Experience with remote sensing, geospatial analytics, and GIS development.

Experience working with signal & image processing.

Strong background in statistics and statistical programming skills.

Experience with AWS environment.

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