Data science

Our team’s mission statement:

We plan, design and perform unique research that brings our product to life.

The AI team at SparkBeyond is responsible for building and enhancing the core research engine powering the SparkBeyond AI-powered Research platform.

We continuously strive for making significant breakthroughs, providing our clients with a best-performing, one of a kind, product and solving fundamental, real-world problems, across countless industries and domains.

What will you do?

  • Perform cutting-edge research on various NLP tasks such as fact extraction, information retrieval, logical inference, ontology building, disambiguation and more.
  • Be part of Building a strategic technological frontier in a game-changing product.
  • Develop NLP based solutions from ideation to full production code, building software that implements AI algorithms while being robust, scalable and delivering high performance.
  • Work with various interfaces – Product, Full Stack Developers, Researchers, Data Scientists, UX and many more.
  • Develop and implement state-of-the-art natural language processing pipelines.What will you need?
    • M.Sc. / Ph.D. in NLP / Machine Learning / equivalent practical experience.
    • 3+ years more hands on experience in NLP.
    • 3+ hands on Java / C# / Scala / Python programming experience.
    • Experience in building production quality deployment of applications related to natural language processing – Advantage.
    • Knowledge of machine learning techniques and algorithms and be able to apply them in data driven natural language processing techniques.
    • Ability to rapidly prototype ideas / solutions, perform critical analysis and use creative approaches for solving complex algorithmic problems.

Our Team’s mission statement:

You are our product’s global ambassadors. Working across countless industries and domains, SparkBeyond’s data scientists train our clients to create business impact, using our cutting-edge AI technological platform.

What will you do?

  • Solve various problems and make a genuine true impact across a range of diverse unlimited domains and industries (Financial Risk, Health, E-commerce, Marketing, Oil & Gas Exploration and more.).
  • Deliver business value by translating complex data into meaningful insights.
  • Work directly with our in-house team comprised of the brightest minds in technology, research, and mathematics, as well as senior interfaces from leading companies across the globe (Fortune 500 companies among and many others).
  • Use your analytical skills and deep product understanding to consult our partners and provide them with advice and input of the highest quality.
  • Our Data Scientists engage directly with our clients around the world.


What will you need?

  • 2+ years of relevant experience in Data Science
  • B.Sc. (M.Sc/Ph.D – an advantage) in Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Bioinformatics or another quantitative field
  • Machine Learning and Data Science experience (supervised learning, feature selection, EDA, etc.) using R/Python
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills – customer- facing experience – an advantage
  • Proven experience in translating business challenges into data pipelines & model framework
  • Willingness to travel to client's site (20% of the time)

AI Research Engineer


Our team’s mission statement:

We are the essence of SparkBeyond’s AI research engine. We plan, design and perform research that brings our product to life. We continuously develop and improve our engine by creating and implementing cutting edge breakthroughs and providing our clients with the best-performing, one of a kind product.

What will you do?

  • Build the next generation AI-for-Data-Science technology using cutting edge software, algorithms, methods, and practices.
  • Bring your novel ideas from the drawing boards all the way to production at scale, creating the optimal experience for our users and enabling them to make revolutionizing breakthroughs and discoveries.
  • Use your analytical skills and curiosity for researching NLP, Data mining, Machine & Deep learning
  • Working with endless kinds from data from various industries such as: medical, energy, commerce etc. using it to solve some of the world's toughest problems.
  • Work with various interfaces – infrastructure and full stack developers, QA, data scientists, UX and many others.

What will you need?

  • 3+ years of hands-on, software development experience in Scala, Java, or C#.
  • MSc or higher academic education in computer science or related fields (applied mathematics etc.).
  • Strong analytical and research skills.
  • Advantage: experience with Hadoop / Spark / Storm.

Data Scientist

Micro Focus


  • Work with the team to define machine learning strategy and direction
  • Research, choose and tune Machine Learning models and algorithms to meet the given project goals
  • Lead the design, implementation and research for various machine learning aspects
  • Work with the engineering teams to drive research into production
  • Work together with the different stakeholders on data gathering – Data format, data manipulation etc.


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • At least 2 years working experience as a data scientist, specializing in Computer Vision models.
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques (artificial neural networks, Computer Vision, NLP etc.)
  • Hands-on experience in detection, classification and pattern recognition algorithms
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks

Team player, with good written and verbal communication skills

Data Scientist


We are a start-up company specializing in image processing, developing two lines of products for the civil engineering market and Israeli Defense industries.

We are looking for a Data Scientist with several years of experience in Deep learning (CNN).

The successful applicant:
– Will be able to design and implement architectural CNN models based on the learning tasks in question.
– Will be training and analyzing CNNs using GPU based system,
– Will be building complex datasets, and managing annotations work.

– Master's degree in Computer science / Physics or similar field.
– 1/2 years experience in training and analyzing CNNs using GPU based systems
– Attention to details, strong analytical skills, responsible and independent

Framework: Keras, caffe, tensorflow,

Operating systems:Windows, Linux

Programming language (must): C ++, C #

 (Advantage)   Python, client-server models, angular, SQL

Arctop is building a multidisciplinary technical team in Tel Aviv to create neural interface software. The team of engineers and scientists will integrate and communicate tightly to evolve closed-loop algorithms for comprehending brain activity, along with viable strategies for deploying systems in the real-world.


  • 2+ years of industry or academic experience in machine-learning, algorithmic design or quantitative modeling.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills; familiarity with data-driven clustering, hypothesis testing, classification, personalization, and forecasting techniques.
  • Experience with a framework, such as TensorFlow, MLlib, Caffe, Torch, or Theano, and hands-on coding competence in at least on modern programming language.
  • Experience writing and managing code according to best practices.
  • Basic  understanding of  how to solve real world data science problems in speech recognition, computer vision, biomedical signal analysis, and time-series analysis.
  • A positive, can-do attitude always, even in the face of challenging, complex and ambiguous problems, and an eagerness to learn, grow, and make meaningful contributions.
  • Professional fluency in English, both spoken and written.


  • PhD/MSc in computer science/physics/mathematics/engineering/neuroscience or any other relevant field.
  • Experience with transfer learning, deep learning, autoencoders, reinforcement learning, time-frequency analysis, wavelet analysis, adaptive filtering, and classifier ensembles.
  • Knowledge of brain activity measurement technologies (EEG, ECoG, Single-unit, NIRS, fMRI, etc.) and computational neuroscience.

MIGAL is an independent research organization whose mission is to promote and conduct applied research to benefit private and public enterprise. Our team of qualified researchers includes 80 PhDs and a total of 260 researchers distributed into 53 labs that are managed by seasoned senior group leaders. Located in a unique countryside area in Northern Israel, MIGAL is internationally recognized as a hub of agro-innovation. Our scientists hold unique expertise in plant-based platforms to produce therapeutic molecules, metabolic engineering, chemical extractions, vaccines technologies and computational chemistry.


  • Experience in Deep Learning, and specifically DL for computer Vision problems.
  • 3+ years of hands on experience with developing machine learning/statistical modeling-based solutions.
  • strong coding skills
  • A Doer, a winner, a savvy hands-on data scientist, highly analytical and a team player.
  • Great people skills
  • Avid learner who enjoys learning exploring new territories
  • Motivation to work on a product that makes a real positive impact.

We are looking for a brilliant and experienced Data Scientist to join our precision-agriculture development.


  • Sc. or M.Sc. in a relevant technical field
  • Extensive experience solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches
  • Experience working on product development teams
  • Comfortable manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high dimensionality data from multiple sources
  • A passion for empirical research and for answering hard questions with data
  • Ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner
  • Familiarity with relational databases and SQL
  • Expert knowledge of analysis tools like R, Matlab, SAS, Octave or python-Pandas
  • Experience working with large data sets, experience working with distributed computing tools a plus (Map/Reduce, Spark, Hive, etc.)

BigPanda helps teams which are responsible for the health of production systems to make faster and smarter decisions when outages occur (or even before!), especially during alert storms with ten of thousands concurrent alerts. To achieve that we use ML capabilities that were researched and developed by our team in Tel Aviv. Our vision is to completely automate the way NOC and Ops teams handle their service operations by providing a fully autonomous system that can handle most issues with minimal human intervention.

We are looking for an experienced data scientist to lead BigPanda’s machine learning efforts. The role combines hands-on research & algo development with high-level strategy and product vision:

  • Mining and analyzing data to identify opportunities for ML application
  • Researching, selecting and tuning ML models and algorithms to solve real world business problems
  • Working closely with the product team to define our machine learning strategy and direction
  • Implementing and maintaining research code, and working with engineers to port and integrate research code into production pipelines

You will be part of an engineering team but you're expected to take the lead on ML or any other kind of deep algorithmic projects.

What would make you a good fit?

  • You are capable of innovative thinking within the constraints of the business and product vision
  • You are a researcher in heart with strong mathematical intuitions
  • You are happy to get your hands “dirty” with data collection and analysis
  • You are able to convey complex ideas in a concise and clear way
  • You take an active part in the ideation process, bringing to the table your deep understanding of the data
  • You are looking to grow and impact the company as much as you can; When it comes to algorithms and ML, you're looking to lead and not be led.


  • At least 4 years of experience as a data scientist
  • Advanced degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics with strong analytical skills
  • Experience with data science tools (Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, scikit-learn)
  • Experience in collaborating closely with engineering and product teams
  • Advantage: Hands-on experience integrating with data pipelines or data lakes in either Java/Scala/Python
  • Advantage: domain knowledge in IT systems

Amobee is a technology company that transforms the way brands and agencies make marketing decisions. The Amobee Marketing Platform enables marketers to plan and activate cross channel, programmatic media campaigns using real-time market research, proprietary audience data, advanced analytics, and more than 150 integrated partners, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. Amobee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel, one of the largest communications technology companies in the world which reaches over 640 million mobile subscribers. The company operates across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Required qualifications:

  • BSc in Mathematics/Physics/ Statistics /Computer Science or any relevant field.
  • At least 5+ years experience as a Data Scientist
  • At least 4+ years experience in one compiled language.
  • Solid understanding of CS basics such as algorithms and data structures
  • Managerial skills – A big plus

Preferred qualifications:

  • / Ph.D in mathematics/physics/CS/statistics or equivalent.
  • Familiarity with NLP related projects.
  • Experience with one or more deep learning framework: (TensorFlow, Keras etc.)
  • Familiarity with Clojure or other LISP languages.
  • Experience of Big Data systems.

Location: Tel-Aviv

Situated on the Sheba Medical Center campus, with its world-leading clinical sites and research facilities, the ARC Innovation Center features an advanced and sophisticated environment that allows all partners to come together under one roof. It is a place where clinicians work shoulder to shoulder with developers, identifying unmet clinical needs and then, through rapid development cycles (up to a year from idea to initial proof of concept), develop solutions and products that can be brought to market.


In this position you will be working as part of team that conducts hands-on research applying machine learning and big data analysis to medical use-cases.

The position involves core and applied machine learning research focused on both algorithm development and integration. You will be working with large medical data sets to solve real-world problems. You'll consult clinicians, design and run experiments, research new algorithms, and find new ways of solving complex problems.


Skills and qualifications

  • BSc in mathematics, computer science or related field. MSc/PHD is an advantage
  • 2+ years of hands-on experience in machine learning and big data analysis
  • Python expert
  • Experience in working with machine learning and deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTourch, Theano, Keras & SKLearn
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Communication and data presentation skills

Bonus points for

  • Good skills with SQL
  • Experience in integrating machine learning algorithms into production environments
  • Experience in clinical research
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