Data science

Data Scientist

Utilis Corp.

Utilis is a young, dynamic and successful startup company specializing in SAR infrastructure analytics. Utilis has developed a unique technological solution for detecting potable water leaks in urban distribution systems using satellites. Utilis R&D department seeks for a highly motivated, responsible, curious individual who is willing to solve complex problem for the Data Scientist position.  The selected applicant will be a part of Utilis innovation team leading the company data flows and analysis.


  • Manage the company’s data flow.
  • Perform ongoing data analytics and statistical studies.
  • Develop complex computer vision algorithms to be applied on satellite imagery and geospatial datasets.
  • Responsible for R&D machine learning algorithm development.
  • DB design, management & maintenance.


Minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a scientific relevant field is required (Computer Science, Engineering, Bioinformatics, Geoinformation or Geo sciences); MS/PhD is preferred.
  • Strong background in statistics and statistical programming skills.
  • Background in machine learning and computer vision, including familiarity with deep learning frameworks (e.g. Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras).
  • Experience in SQL DB design, management and maintenance (POSTGRESSQL),
  • High English proficiency (writing, speaking & reading)
  • Strong communication skills & a tech friendly approach
  • Programming: Python (high proficiency).

Preferred qualifications

  • Programming: R, Java, MATLAB.
  • Experience with computer vision and image processing.
  • Experience with geospatial & numerical python packages (e.g. Numpy, GDAL, Geopandas, Rasterio).
  • Experience with remote sensing, geospatial analytics and GIS development.
  • Experience in Geospatial DB (PostGIS).
  • Experience with AWS environment.

Start date: Immediate (July-August 2019).

Do you want to do something truly meaningful? Do you want to be able to affect people’s lives, across the world? Join us on our journey to connect the world and serve the unserved, bringing your data science skills to the maximum.

ViaSat’s Israel Data Science center works on improving our broadband services and focuses on gaining the understanding of end customers behaviors for all businesses including residential services, community networks, small & medium business and mobile services. The team engages in statistical analysis to gain insight into what drives customer satisfaction, dive into the specifics of our network and its utilization, and find ways to continuously impprove customer experience. By designing experiments, building advanced models and testing different hypothesis in the field, the team is able to make recommendations spanning across multiple departments to improve our business processes and add value.

The Role

We employ the latest technologies to analyze the Petabytes of data our operational systems produce. We employ developers, data scientists, and engineers to gain insight; solving both business and technical problems. Our innovative solutions are a result of the diversity of our team.

As a team member, you'll build a breadth of knowledge including distributed systems, predictive analytics and machine learning. You will design, develop, and deploy analytic pipelines to answer questions across multiple business areas and disciplines.

We encourage learning through immersion, collaboration and action. We value adaptability and curiosity. Our ideal candidate is someone focused on solving tough problems using data and loves doing so.


  • Excellent understanding of statistical and machine learning models: Predictive modeling, clustering, multivariate regression, time series analysis and other statistical analysis techniques.
  • Extensive experience with data analysis tools (background in Python, R or Matlab)
  • Familiarity with Big Data technologies such as Spark, Impala, Hadoop
  • BSc in a data related field such as mathematics, computer science, physics, EE or similar
  • Significant industry experience – a must
  • Fluent in English
  • Team player

You'll Be Especially Competitive If You Have Any Of

  • MSc/PhD in a data related field and academic background in research
  • Exemplary oral and writing communication skills with a demonstrated track record of effectively presenting to technical & non-technical audiences in English.
  • Ability to work independently given abstract tasks, understand business relevance and produce actionable insights
  • Experience with Scala or Java

Algorithm Researcher

Jether Energy Research

Love solving complex problems and extract insights from data? Jether Energy is looking for an Algorithm Researcher to join our team.

What you will be doing:

  • Take end-to-end ownership of research problems from idea to production
  • Build mathematical models of physical world phenomena and analyze their impact on business decisions
  • Solve complex data science problems by developing novel algorithms
  • Use and develop state of the art machine learning models and algorithms
  • Work on compute intense projects which involve large scale distributed pipelines 
  • Work in a dynamic and diverse environment involving multiple disciplines and domains
  • Engage directly with data scientists and engineers’ teams to co-develop solutions for a variety of tasks and projects using different tools and techniques

What we need you to have:

  • MSc or a PhD in EE/CS/math/Physics/Stats
  • Solid data science research experience of at least 3 years in a data-intensive field (machine learning, NLP, computer vision, signal processing or related)- an advantage
  • Deep understanding of at least one of the following domains: machine learning, statistics, information theory, probability, optimization, or signal processing
  • Strong knowledge in programming (python, java)  
  • Track record of excellence
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team in a fast-paced environment

A can-do approach with a desire to tackle complex problems

About the Role:

We are looking for a top-notch experienced data scientist that will help us to discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data, and make smarter decisions to deliver better products. You will join a dynamic and fast-paced startup environment to design, build and roll-out prediction systems integrated with our products to deliver Curve’s vision and strategy.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Build machine learning-based processes and algorithms, such as recommendations engines and automated prediction systems
  • Automate data collection procedures, and preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
  • Analyze large amounts of data to discover trends and patterns
  • Select features and leverage them to build and optimize classifiers using machine learning algorithms
  • Apply data mining techniques, perform statistical analysis, and build high quality prediction modeling
  • Create automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of its performance
  • Meet the business vision and strategy in accordance with the product innovation backlog
  • Collaborate with the product, engineering and UX/UI teams to deliver usable and informative analytical interfaces

Basic Requirements:

  • Proven experience as a Data Scientist working with B2C / B2B2C SaaS products
  • Excellent understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms, such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Trees, etc.
  • Experience in data mining and insight drawing from large manipulated data sets
  • Experience with common data science toolkits, such as Python, R, MatLab, Weka, etc. Excellence in at least one of these is highly desirable
  • Proficiency in using query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig
  • Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, etc.
  • Excellent scripting and programming skills. Familiarity with Scala, Java or C++ is an advantage
  • Experience with data visualization / BI tools (e.g. Tableau) and data frameworks (e.g. Hadoop)
  • Data-oriented personality, analytical mind, and problem-solving aptitude
  • Team player with great communication and presentation skills to tech / non-tech people alike
  • Sc. in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or relevant field; graduate degree in Data Science or other quantitative field is preferred
  • Fluent in English, both written and verbal

About the company

Manto AI is a young, Tel-Aviv based startup in the field of People Analytics, founded in 2018. Manto's aim is to help companies understand their employees and actively improve the employee's experience at the company. Using a unique blend of sophisticated technology, unique data and domain knowledge, Manto is creating highly valuable insights, predictions and recommendations for its clients.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced data scientist that will lead the conceptualization and development of our data-science operation from the bottom up.

Your job will be very diverse and include domain research, analysis of complex people-related problems, directing data engineering processes, building predictive classification models, statistical analysis and data visualization.

You will work within a small team comprised of senior software developers in an innovative, dynamic and growing company and have an enormous influence on the product.


  • BSc in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or equivalent theoretical background.
  • 2 or more years of professional experience as a data scientist in the industry.
  • Proficiency with Python, or another interpreted programming language (e.g. R, Matlab).
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of statistics and classification algorithms (decision trees, Gradient Boosting).
  • Embracing challenges and responsibility.
  • Can-do attitude, teamwork, willingness to collaborate and communicate with others to solve problems.

An advantage

  • S. in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or other quantitative fields
  • Experience with using time series analysis techniques for forecasting and analyzing time series data at a large scale.
  • A background in social sciences, or in people-related modelling.

We are growing and looking for a data scientist to join our data science team!

As a data scientist in MDGo you will implement state-of-the-art machine and deep learning solutions as part of our production system and take part in ongoing deep learning research to widen MDGo’s line of product and capabilities.


  • Data preparation, processing and augmentation
  • Implement machine and deep learning models and pipelines for research
  • Research analysis
  • Deploy models in a production environment

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • At least B.Sc in a relevant field: Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics,

EE or equivalent quantitative field

  • 1-2 years of professional experience using machine deep learning to solve large scale problems. Experience with time series data signal processing is a big plus
  • Exceptional candidates with M.Sc Ph.D and no work experience or candidates with proven track record (e.g. competitive Kaggler) will be also be considered
  • Good Python programming skills, including scientific packages (scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, pandas, pytorch, keras)
  • Self-motivated and capable of solving challenging real-world problems
  • Team player and a great communicator

We are a start-up at a pre-seed stage in the area of the AI for the Pharma Drug development, aiming to discover new medication opportunities. The area of AI for the Pharma industry is rapidly evolving these days with special focus and significant investments from the Pharma companies, investors and governments, and opens great opportunities to get to the most complex Data Science challenges in parallel with contributing to the well-being of the humanity.

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to lead the Data Science and Machine Learning aspects of our endeavor. The relevant person will be part of the startup core team and will be key player in shaping our solution and roadmap.


  • Team player
  • At least 5 years industry experience as DS/ML team manager
  • Master’s degree/PhD in either Data science, statistics, bio-statistics, etc.
  • Experience in unsupervised learning and NLP
  • Hands on experience as a developer in python
  • Experience in leading end-to-end Machine Learning projects
  • Understanding of the medical or biological data can be a great advantage

We’ll be glad to meet with the relevant candidates to tell more about us and our vision and discuss engagement opportunities.

Lead Data Scientist


ZipRecruiter is changing the way job seekers get hired and how small businesses manage their HR. Our R&D center in Tel Aviv offer an empowering, fun and collaborative culture where talented individuals who think like business-owners and entrepreneurs are invited to join our growing team.

We use models and algorithms of machine-learning and deep-learning to find candidates for a job, and get the job information to reach the candidate as quickly as possible to allow the employer to reach the best candidates in the least possible time.

We're seeking an outstanding lead Data Scientist with a passion for problem-solving to bring his/her own take on finding a great match between job and employee, coming up with new models, developing high quality, high-performance code and constantly improving the solution and expanding its scope.

The ideal candidate can lead the algorithmic aspects of the projects and work hands-on with rest of the team on the implementation,

This means that you need to have good development skills in addition to experience with NLP/Machine Learning algorithms/Text analytics/Recommendation Engine.


  • You'll be joining a team of data scientists which initiate and build models and logic
  • Develop production-level code that runs and trains these models
  • Deliver algorithms that constantly improve the quality of our matching


  • Master's degree or higher in Computer Science / Mathematics / Statistics
  • At least 10 years experience in programming (Java / Python)
  • NLP / Machine Learning / Deep Learning experience
  • Experience in algorithm design and implementation
  • Experience with Linux environment, AWS an advantage
  • Team player with excellent communication skills
  • Fluent in English

Benefits & Perks:

  • A fun environment where work-life balance is valued
  • Opportunities for advancement as our young startup grows
  • Very competitive salary
  • Generous bonus plan
  • Competitive benefits package
  • Healthy snacks

Razor Labs is looking for a talented hands-on team leader with a strong background in Algorithmics.

Job qualifications

At least 3years of hands-on experience in Computer vision / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Strong mathematical skills, deep understanding of linear algebra, deep learning, signal processing or image processing

Previous experience in leading teams

Proactive, can-do attitude

M.Sc. /Ph.D. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Physics / Mathematic.

Lead Data Scientist


As the lead data scientist at SecuredTouch, you’ll be working directly on our core technology. You’ll work with rich data to keep improving our products while also deriving new and innovative data-driven solutions to the problems of fraud detection and user authentication.


 – Designing and Implementing Machine Learning algorithms

 – Researching, identifying and analyzing new data sets and data sources

 – Overseeing all the data science related projects and managing the backlog

 – Working closely with the SDK developers and domain experts, improving the data collection

 – Working closely with engineers, integrating the algorithms into a real time production environment


 – Deep knowledge and experience with machine learning, algorithm development and data analysis

 – Hands on experience with Python and relevant data science packages

 – 3+ years of relevant hands on experience that includes developing and implementing machine learning algorithms

 – B.Sc degree in engineering / computer science / mathematics / statistics or other related field

 – M.Sc – Advantage


– Part time – 80%

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