Deep Learning Engineer

Algolight ltd.

About us

We are an elite multidisciplinary research and engineering team, with backgrounds in Physics, Optics, Algorithms, as well as Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering.

We work mainly IMOD’s CTO office, which means the most interesting problems and cutting-edge technologies you can imagine!

We do everything from basic R&D to deployment of innovative solutions on novel problems and sensors.

What to expect

Lots of fun and interesting problems to tackle!

The tools and resources you need with zero bureaucracy and 80/20 mindset.

A lot to learn, people to learn from, and an opportunity to grow and evolve professionally.

Fast-paced startup like environment with a strong get-it-done attitude

What we are looking for in a candidate

  • Talented Junior to Talented Senior
  • “Get it done” attitude
  • Ability to quickly use open source repositories and networks
  • Ability and willingness to learn
  • Experience in: Deep Learning and Computer Vision 
  • Experience with some or all of the following: object classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, tracking, object counting, few shot classification, pose estimation, facial landmarks, video analytics, LPR, OCR, 3D object detection, point cloud handling, action recognition 


Work model

  • Flexible Hours and work model.
  • Our offices are in Tel-Aviv near a train station.
  • We are open to hiring part-time / full time / independent consultants / Masters students – if you’re good, we’ll find a way to work with you!


Special candidate for a special place:

We are extremely multi-disciplinary and each worker needs to be connected with the vision of all the projects.

The projects are very innovative and a lot of times you need to decide for yourself how to advance and explore different paths.

You also need to be very open minded, be able to read papers and other works to be able to advance.

OriginAI, is a new innovative AI-research-center established to address challenges at the forefront of AI research at national scale.
Our research is focused mainly (but not only) in the areas of Audio, NLP and Vision.
Collaborating with leading Universities in Israel we develop SOTA models in the various fields.

Job Description:

We are looking for experience applied researcher to join our Audio & NLP group. The role involves the entire applied research flow, starting from literature surveys, innovation, AI development and solution deliveries for various real-life challenges in Speech, Acoustic-Scene-Analysis and Machine Learning.

We provide a unique opportunity to work independently within a growing top talented team, stay up to date with the latest academy papers/conferences, and work on solutions for extreme challenges.
Our new unique AI research center will allow you to expand your comfortable zone and work on multi- modalities problems together with NLP and Vision groups.


  • Ph.D. (or during the last year of the Ph.D. studies) in Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Computer Science. M.Sc. with former research position with at least 5 years of research experience can also apply for the job.
  • Experience in Speech & Audio domain (expertise in at least one of the following, Enhancement/De-reverberation/ separation/ diarization / speech mocking/ speaker identification etc.) – MUST
  • Strong programming skills.
  • Cum laude from top universities – advantage
  • Team leaders / Technical leaders experience – advantage

Computer Vision Research Team Leader

OriginAI, is a large AI research center that was established to address challenges at the forefront of AI research at national scale. The research is focused in the areas of Vision, Speech and NLP with the aim of producing world-class groundbreaking capabilities in these areas.
We work in hybrid mode and our new offices located near Tel-Aviv’s Savidor train station.

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced Computer Vision applied researcher with proven leading skills to join our Vision Research group. The role involves leading a small team of researchers through the entire applied research flow, starting from literature surveys, innovation, and ending with delivery to development for various real-life challenges in the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

We provide a unique opportunity to work independently and within a growing top talented team, stay up to date with the latest academy papers/conferences, work on state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of computer vision topics involving high challenges, and publish your work at top AI venues. Our unique AI center will allow you to join forces with our other domain experts in Audio and NLP to face the most challenging multimodal tasks, while enjoying one of the most powerful private compute resources in Israel.


  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Computer Science.
  • Deep understanding of ML fundamentals and SOTA Deep Learning approaches.
  • Publications at top Computer Vision conferences.
  • Experience in mentoring / tech leading junior researchers.

Senior computer vision applied researcher

ISI - Imagesat International

ISI is a world leader in space-based intelligence solutions. Serving for more than 20 years as a trusted partner of some of the worlds most demanding defense and intelligence organizations. Providing high quality mission capabilities specifically tailored to deal with their most strategic and sensitive intelligence needs and challenges.


  • ISI is looking for a talented computer vision applied researcher to join our Computer Vision team.
  • The team is responsible for the research, implementation and design of training and inference pipelines in ISI's revolutionized AutoML platform, which aspires to automate and generalize different computer-vision tasks with different sensors and objectives.
  • The team collaborates with Product Managers, MLOps and Data engineers.


  • 5+ years of industry experience writing image processing or computer vision algorithms
  • MSc/PhD in engineering or exact sciences from leading university.
  • Python proficiency
  • Substantial familiarity with recent STOA work with at least one of the following:
  • Object detection/classification
  • Segmentation
  • Self-Supervised representation learning
  • Weak/semi supervised learning
  • Synthetic data
  • Transformers Or Vision Transformers


  • Self-Supervised representation learning, weak/semi-supervised learning
  • GIS / Remote sensing / Satellites domain
  • Distributed computing, DASK, Spark, Kubernetes, Airflow, Prefect, AWS step function
  • Satellite/Drones images, processing of large images, SAR, GIS, intelligence systems, synthetic virtual data
  • AWS
  • C/C++/Julia

CYE is building a data-driven cybersecurity optimization SaaS platform that allows organizations to continually improve their cyber resilience. Using our platform, organizations can find, evaluate and fix the weakest links in their networks.

 At CYE we understand that the best results are achieved by combining the power of AI with human expertise. This is why we’ve built a world-class team of Cybersecurity experts that works with our engineers and customers to augment the power of our platform.

CYE has raised $120M from 83North and EQT and has 100s of customers from various industries that rely on our platform. We’re in our hyper-growth stage and we’re looking for bright and ambitious people to join us.

We’re growing our Data Science team and looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Data Scientist to join us.

You’ll work on:

  • Creating recommender systems for suggesting most-probable attack routes in pen-testing scenarios

  • Evaluating organization’s gathered external reconnaissance data for assessing overall security, pin-pointing weak spots and extracting actionable intelligence

  • Leveraging network and endpoint collected data towards asset and vulnerability discovery and exploitation

  • Explore open research questions, read papers, design algorithms, create prototypes

  • End-to-end implementation of research results in Hyver – CYE's flagship product

You'll be a good fit for this role if you:

  • Are a self-learner, passionate about tackling open research questions

  • Have a hands-on & “hacky” attitude towards problem solving (and/or life)

  • Hold a BSc or MSc in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or similar

  • Have 3+ years of relevant hands-on experience as a Data Scientist

  • [Bonus] Have cybersecurity background

  • [Bonus] Are experienced with one or more of the following methods, tools or frameworks:

    • Anomaly detection, Clustering, Recommender Systems, NLP, RL

    • Scrapy, Pandas, Numpy, Spacy, Matplotlib, Scikit, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Django

    • Hadoop, Spark, BigQuery

Data Scientist

Israeli Ministry Of Defense


Classified, more details will be given upon request.


We’re looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our DS and ML team and play a major role in solving challenging intelligence problems. The ideal candidate is a true data science passionate, with a strong background and excellent capabilities in the full machine learning spectrum: business understanding, research, data discovery and exploration, feature engineering, modeling, testing, deployment, and monitoring and maintenance. This person will have access to enormous amounts of classified data and will be responsible for researching and developing the next generation technologies. This person will try to solve some the most challenging problems for the intelligence community, and if succeeded – will make an unforgettable impact.


  • 3+ years experience working as a Data Scientist
  • BSc in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent quantitative field
  • Hands-on experience in model development, production-grade implementation, and performance monitoring.
  • Data analysis background
  • Excellent Python and SQL skills
  • The ability to understand, utilize and innovate on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling
  • Experienced with evaluating, testing, and implementing internal and external data sources
  • Engineering background and ability to deploy ML solutions in production
  • Advantage- MSc/PhD in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent quantitative field
  • Advantage- Experience in solving classification tasks using ML/DL
  • Advantage- Tier 2 security clearance

Job description

The Land division of Elbit Systems provides integrated solutions to the defense sector, and is a major part in ensuring the safety of Israeli citizens and defense forces. At the AI and Algorithms Group we develop cutting edge algorithms for a wide range of systems, from autonomous vehicles to drones and more. We tackle problems in the areas of 3D-perception, computer-vision and decision making, using Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning methods.

We are looking for an experienced algorithm developer to conduct research and development of computer vision algorithms for various projects such as autonomous ground and aerial vehicles, active defense of armored vehicles and situational awareness.


  • Develop computer vision algorithms for autonomous vehicles using Deep Learning and classical methods
  • Initiate research projects for novel methods and applications
  • Participate in development efforts from concept to integration and deployment on real platforms


  • MScPhD in CSEERelated field
  • 3 years of experience developing computer-vision algorithms
  • Knowledge in Deep Learning and ML frameworks (PyTorchTF)
  • Highly proficient in Python or C++
  • Strong knowledge in 3D computer-vision – Advantage

The job is located in Yoqne'am, north of Israel. Contact:

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