We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager to play a key role in our product guild. If you have a passion for big-data challenges and a proven track record of building high-quality products, this one’s for you!

As a Product Manager, you’ll manage the data life-cycle, responsible for driving the roadmap, planning and execution of new applications, features and data capabilities for Pipl products. You’ll interface with cross-functional teams including engineering, data science, customer support, marketing, sales and communicate with customers to define specifications and deliver new and exciting products and features.

The gist of it:

  • Lead as a senior product manager, be responsible for data collection, extraction, indexing and clustering
  • Own key metrics for new data acquisition and existing data quality
  • Deploy, constantly, on time and on budget


  • Previous ownership of a successful software product
  • 5+ years of experience as a product manager
  • Skilled at defining and prioritizing product idea
  • Experience working in an Agile development process
  • Addiction to finding the simplest most beautiful solution to a problem
  • Technically oriented. In depth understanding of functionally – understand how each piece of the product works
  • Ability to empathize and communicate with people with different points of view
  • Fluent in both speaking and writing English and Hebrew

Bonus points:

  • Being a data geek
  • Having a practical understanding of experimental design and statistical concepts in hypothesis testing
  • Experience at both enterprise and startup companies
  • Exceptional sense of humor


We are Pipl, the largest people-data-company in the world. Our search engine allows anyone to easily find people-information worldwide. We organize online identities to offer sophisticated search capabilities to help companies perform business-critical identity verification processes quickly and effectively.

Founded in 2005, we take pride in our hard-earned profitability, still, we don’t assume we have all the answers. We embrace change, challenge the status quo & make big bold leaps. We encourage radical thinking while being meticulously data-minded, and never forgetting who we ultimately answer to: People.

This is Artlist 🎵

Artlist is a fast-growing music licensing platform for filmmakers. With tens of thousands of customers and outstanding growth, Artlist is helping filmmakers around the world achieve their creative freedom.

The Opportunity 🎸

We're looking for a passionate Machine Learning Engineer to take part in designing and building our AI/ML Platform. 

If you you’re passionate about AI/ML, have a strong software engineering background with Python and experienced with bringing code to a production grade -> You’re at the right place

You’ll be a part of a new Data science team of researchers and engineers and will lead the engineering efforts in terms of tools and standards.


  • Build infrastructure for running inference and training on various data types – video, music, tabular
  • Design and build scalable data processing pipelines
  • Optimize models speed and memory consumption
  • Dockerize workloads 
  • Build tools for visualizations

In this role, you'll work closely with our Data Science and Backend Engineering teams to build our entire ML platform, from model training to production. This is a valuable opportunity to take a significant role in scaling algorithms on a popular global platform.


  • 4+ years experience in software engineering
  • BSc in Computer Science, Mathematics, or any related degree
  • All-around team player who is a self-motivated, fast learner
  • Strong programming skills in Python
  • Background working with a cloud technology stack like AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • Experience working on high-scale, production-grade projects
  • Knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with training, testing, deployment, and monitoring real-time (or near real-time) machine learning models in production is a plus

About Us

Riskified is the AI platform powering the eCommerce revolution. We use cutting-edge technology, machine-learning algorithms, and behavioral analytics to identify legitimate customers and keep them moving toward checkout. Merchants use Riskified to increase revenue, prevent fraud, and eliminate customer friction. Riskified has reviewed hundreds of millions of transactions and approved billions of dollars of revenue for merchants across virtually all industries, including Wish, Prada, Aldo, Finish Line, and many more. We're privately funded and VC backed, and our recent Series E round raised $165 million with a valuation in excess of $1 billion. Check out the Riskified Technology Blog for a deeper dive into our R&D work.

About the Role

The Research department is at the core of Riskified’s solution, responsible for our chargeback guarantee product and focused on bringing value to Riskified through the development of algorithms and analytical solutions. The department uses a wide variety of advanced techniques and algorithms to provide maximum value from data in all shapes and sizes (such as classification models, NLP, anomaly detection, graph theory, deep learning, and more).

The ML Algorithm team is responsible for the full life-cycle of model development in Riskified. This includes defining, researching and implementing our traditional machine learning process in a fully automated fashion to enable fast and effortless model training and deployment. Additionally, the team is focused on automating increasingly complex aspects of the model configuration – dynamically setting thresholds to respond to population changes and segmenting the population in a smart fashion to improve the accuracy of each model. To enable this, we harness the latest MLOps architectures and require solid statistical foundations to ensure the quality of our products. 

Our vision is to automate much of our internal data science and analytics work through advanced algorithm and machine learning engineering, pushing Riskified’s world-class solutions to the next stage.

We are looking for a full-stack Data Scientist / ML Engineer, with a strong background both in statistical modelling and writing production code. Experience with MLOps methodologies is a big advantage.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Design, optimize and automate the full life-cycle of models in Riskified – Training, Deployment, Monitoring 
  • Collaborate with various teams within Riskified to enhance processes and expedite model development life-cycles
  • Design algorithms to optimize models’ configurations for multiple merchants and under several various constraints including dynamic population changes
  • Optimize, automate and monitor the whole model training and deployment process


  • At least 2 years of experience as a Data Scientist/ML engineer in the industry
  • M.Sc/Ph.D. in exact sciences/engineering disciplines
  • Ability to write clean and concise code, ideally in R or Python
  • Experienced with data science best-practices
  • Solid understanding of statistics and applied mathematics
  • Creative thinker with a proven ability to innovate through data exploration and application of advanced solutions
  • Dedication and persistence when it comes to monitoring and improving performance after deployment
  • Good communication skills, ability to clearly explain complex concepts
  • Experience writing production code – Advantage
  • Experience using Spark/Docker/Kubernetes and CI/CD – Advantage
  • Experience with Bayesian Optimization / Control systems – Advantage

Life at Riskified

We are a fast-growing and dynamic startup with 500+ team members between our offices in Tel Aviv, New York City, and Shanghai. We value collaboration and innovative thinking. We’re looking for bright, driven, and passionate people to grow with us.

Some Tel Aviv Benefits & Perks:

  • Stock options for all employees
  • Keren Hishtalmut and pension
  • Extra time off for parents and caregivers
  • Commuter and parking benefits
  • Team events, fully-stocked kitchen, lunch stipend, yoga, pilates, basketball, soccer, and more

Razor Labs is the largest AI company in Israel seeking to revolutionize the processing and manufacturing industry with state of the art solutions. We are both product oriented and project oriented with an emphasis on the mining, manufacturing, retail and medical sectors. We have a HQ at Israel (Tel Aviv) and another office at Australia (Perth).

Our bread and butter are AI and machine learning algorithms, focusing on data, vision, video analytics, 3D, resource allocation and reinforcement learning. We build a powerful ecosystem of engineers, working collaboratively, creating creative and efficient solutions, fast, in a family oriented environment. Working in either fast paced POC’s or long term productization.

Some of our expertise include

* Anomaly detection & malfunction prediction

* Process optimization (offlineonline)

* Explainability modules

* Point cloud detection, classification and measurements

* Medical and biological imaging

* Vision Thermal video detection, classification and tracking.

* Non linear optimisation and Q learning

* Medical: Computer Aided Diagnosis

* Signal Processing and DSP algorithms

What will you do:

  • Turn in-house developed algorithms and neural networks into real products.
  • Work with the latest and greatest technology stacks in the worlds of AI.
  • Work as a part of the team in hands-on development of cutting-edge technologies using NVIDIA’s technology stack – from GPU architecture through CUDA, inferencing packages such as TensorRT, and high-level abstractions such as Keras.
  • Work closely and collaborate with stakeholders outside the team, including project managers, deep learning team leaders, presale engineers, and customers’ technical contacts – to promote the success of our products and solutions.
  • Actively research best practices and new technologies to allow Razor Labs to maintain its technological edge

What you must have:

  • Strong experience and exceptional coding skills in Python
  • Experience with NVIDIA TensorRT or other deep learning inference optimization libraries- Advantage
  • Problems solving and out of the box thinking abilities
  • Excellent team work
  • Deep interest in the AI world and the opportunities it holds

What would be an advantage to have:

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or another relevant scientific degree
  • Experience with deploying deep learning solutions
  • Experience with video streaming protocols
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks
  • Experience with different cloud providers (AWS, gcloud, Azure)
  • Experience working with diverse technologies and frameworks
  • Linux proficiency


Specialist SA, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Are you passionate about Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Are you excited by the challenge of driving production usage of ML and AI? Come join us!

ML and AI are rapidly growing in importance. We’re seeing more and more amazing AI/ML work being done in a variety of domains from home automation & mobile apps to financial trading & shipping logistics. Given the scale often required, the cloud is an ideal place both for delivering AI services and to train, manage and deploy your own models. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in the deployment of AI/ML and we’re looking for someone passionate and deeply excited about this space. Someone devoted to helping customers understand how AI can make a big difference to their business and realise that impact.

We are looking for Solutions Architects that blend great communication skills with deep technical prowess giving them the ability to impress AWS customers at any level, from executive to developer. Previous experience with AWS is desired but not required, provided you have experience building large scale solutions.

If you are someone who enjoys innovating, likes solving hard problems and working on the cutting edge of technology, we would love to have you on the team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

· Be a technical trusted advisor for influential technical decision makers for the successful adoption and deployment of AWS AI/ML services and technologies
· Architect solutions leveraging AWS machine learning and AI specific services, working with our customers to deeply understand their business needs and to design a technical solution that takes best advantage of the AWS Cloud platform and Machine Learning Services.
· Create empathetic relationships with customers that allows you to understand and articulate customer needs and opportunities. Work with the AWS AI/ML Service teams to define, design and drive new features and capabilities for AI/ML services.
· Thought Leadership – Craft & develop compelling audience-specific messages and tools (product videos, customer success stories, demos, white-papers, presentations, how to guides etc.) Present AWS services and technologies through forums such as AWS Blogs, White-papers, Reference architectures and Public-Speaking events such as AWS Summit and User-Group events. Capture and share best practices and insights internally and with partners and customers.
· Develop and nurture an AWS internal community of AI/ML related Subject Matter Experts
· Collaborate with AWS business development, professional services, training and support teams to help partners and customers learn and effectively use AWS services.
· Serve as a key member of the business development and account management team helping to ensure customer success on the AWS platform. Act as a technical liaison between customers, service engineering teams and support. Provide updates on customer progress and ensure plan execution by partners


· Solid fundamentals in the field of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and related technologies.
· Comfortable with software development with relevant experience developing production-grade code. Experience working with RESTful API and general service oriented architectures.
· Experience influencing and building mindshare convincingly with any audience. Confident and experienced in speaking to large audiences.


· Academic background in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or equivalent professional experience
· Experience communicating effectively across internal and external organizations, for complex mission-critical solutions
· Experience with predictive analytics, semi- and unstructured data
· Experience deploying production-grade machine learning solutions on public cloud platforms
· Data science background and experience manipulating/transforming data, model selection, model training, cross-validation and deployment at scale.
· Experience with Machine and Deep Learning toolkits such as PyTorch, Scikit-learn, XGBoost, MXNet & TensorFlow
· Experience with AWS (or comparable) services adjacent to AI/ML, particularly Amazon EMR, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, AWS IoT Core & Greengrass, Amazon DynamoDB, Kubernetes, Amazon EC2 Container Service, AWS IoT Greengrass etc.

צוות האקדמיה, המוקמת בשיתוף רשות החדשנות, מחפש מוביל טכנולוגי מנוסה בעולמות ה AI  לתפקיד ייחודי, שיסודו ניהול והקמת תכנית הכשרות ייחודית שמטרתה לייצר ידע וניסיון בקרב צוותי פיתוח, והצעדתם אל הדור הבא של הטכנולוגיה.

תיאור התפקיד:

  • הגדרה של תכני ההכשרות ואחריות על רמת התוכן המקצועית
  • להוות הסמכות המקצועית שמובילה את ההכשרות, מקדמת נושאים חדשניים, ומתאמת בין מומחי התוכן של החברות בתאגיד.
  • עדכון שוטף של הטרנדים והנושאים העדכניים ביותר בתחום ה AI .
  • איתור מרצים, בחינתם ואישורם, והכוונתם להשגת יעדי ההדרכה בתכנית
  • הגדרת מבחני הכניסה למועמדים לתכנית וכן את מבחני ההסמכה לבוגרי התכנית
  • קיום קשר שוטף עם החברות השותפות באיגוד לאיתור צרכים והפצת מידע ועדכונים.
  • הובלת תהליכי הפקת לקחים ואישור שינויים ועדכונים בתוכנית ההכשרה.
  • ניהול מקצועי של קהילת ה- AI כולל תכנון וקיום פעילויות כגון פורומים, וובינרים, כנסים ואירועים מקצועיים לאומיים ובינלאומיים.


דרישות התפקיד:

  • תואר שני במקצועות ההנדסה.
  • ניסיון Hands-on של 5  שנים כ-Data Scientists  בפיתוח אלגוריתמי ML לסוגיהם.
  • ניסיון משמעותי בפיתוח אלגוריתמי Deep Learning והכרות עמוקה עם התחום . הכרות רחבה עם מגוון של אפליקציות ושיטות – יתרון משמעותי.
  • ניסיון בניהול אלגוריתמאים , גיוס אלגוריתמאים והכשרתם, או בהגדרה של תוכניות הכשרה לאלגוריתמאים.
  • ניסיון בעבודה מול מספר רב של גורמים בריבוי ממשקים.
  • ניסיון ב Python ו- MATLAB

Team Lead Support Engineer

Solutions and technical support engineers, is looking for you.
Do you want to build the future of data science? is transforming AI and data science with a code-first platform helping the world’s largest companies scale their machine learning with an unparalleled end-to-end solution.

We’re a well funded, fast growing start up transforming AI and data science with a code-first platform helping the world’s largest companies scale their machine learning with an unparalleled end-to-end solution. We need hands-on technical Solutions Engineers to join our team.

We are looking for people who are:

Very technical and great at solving tech issues
Have excellent English
Can offer high quality customer service
Are available full time
Linux/Unix OS skills – A must (including installation, design, troubleshooting etc)
Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes and knowledge of GitHub and Jira
Understanding of Cloud technologies (AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) and Open-Source systems like docker and Kubernetes

Come and change the future of data science with us.

Bigabid is a data science company bent on revolutionizing the app marketing industry.
It is a 2nd-generation user acquisition and re-engagement DSP optimized for app developers.

We use a wide range of state-of-the-art ML techniques to analyze TBs of data and profile hundreds of millions of users through multiple proprietary data sources.

We process TBs of new data every day (PBs overall).
This data is used to power our Machine Learning predictions, business critical metrics and analytics used to power our decision making.

Bigabid is a fast-growing startup founded in 2015 by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs and backed by some of the most prominent angel investors in Israel.

We are looking for a talented leader that can help us design the next generation data architecture and tools for the data powering our company.
We are looking for individuals who can bring software engineering best practices into building both business and technical critical data pipelines.
Having excellent reliability for such a large and distributed cloud infrastructure is paramount to a data-driven company like Bigabid.

Your team's goal is to create amazing ground breaking tools to make the data scientists more productive and agile.

If you love working on complicated network pipelines, you understand the importance of reliable data and have felt the pain of big data inconsistencies, and you're the type who thinks of great solutions and want to bring them to life, BigaBid is your best challenge.


  • Evangelize operational best practices and continuously look for opportunities to automate and build tools to lower operational barriers, improve clarity on problematic areas, and improve reliability.
  • Lead and grow a team of top-talent senior data engineers.
  • Transform our data architecture for massive scale and high performance.
  • Develop and automate large scale, high-performance data processing systems to drive Bigabid business growth and improve the product experience.
  • Design the architecture and schemas for the tables and be the technical lead for architecting it to be extendable, testable, maintainable and debuggable.
  • Design data models for optimal storage and retrieval, and optimize the data architecture to meet critical product and business requirements.
  • Understand logging and how it impacts the rest of our data flow, architect logging best practices where needed.
  • Develop research tools for our researchers from the Data Science and Data Analysis teams.
  • Preserve quality over the research teams’ code.


  • 8+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • People leader and a technical leader.
  • Passion for building and motivating teams to reach their potential.
  • You are a strong partner and can drive cross-functional projects forward.
  • Experience building internal infrastructure that is shared across teams.
  • Working with data on the TBs scale.
  • Experience designing, building and operating robust distributed systems.
  • Strong skills of relational databases and query authoring (SQL).
  • Experience with Python is preferred, deep knowledge of PySpark – a plus.
  • Experience designing and deploying high performance systems with reliable monitoring and logging practices – a plus
  • Experience with Machine Learning – a plus
פרסם משרה