Company Description
Do you care about impact on people?
Do you want to publish your work in top tier-1 conferences?
Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence in Israel is a unique place that researches and implements cutting edge technologies for Manufacturing, Automotive, Robotics, and Industrial Applications. We are looking for Computer Vision experts for various projects. If such topics interest you, then Bosch Israel is looking forward to your application!

Example Projects:

  • Rider Assistance for Motorbike
  • Developing vision systems for robotics bin picking


  • Excellent PhD or MsC in Computer Vision
  • Strong academic records and numerous tier-1 publications.
  • Strong in Python and Deep Learning frameworks.
  • Self-confident and responsible team player with excellent communication skills across all hierarchy levels
  • Initiative, highly motivated and motivating character for the team and partners.
  • Ability and willingness to define a research agenda to solve real-world problems. 
  • Like to work in an interdisciplinary as well as international team.

Job Description

  • Create something new: As a leading research scientist, you define a research agenda for an AI research field and conduct excellent research on real-world projects. The results should be published at the leading AI venues (NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, ICCV, ECCV, ICRA, IROS, RSS, CoRL, etc.) and transferred for implementation in Bosch products.
  • Take responsibility: You are responsible for your research field and represent it internally and externally. In addition, you are of Entrepreneurial character and can push projects forward.
  • Integrated implementation: Take responsibility for providing strategic and technical competence in a Computer Vision. High proficiency in Python, Deep Learning frameworks, and CV methods in general.

Algorithms Engineer

SeeTrue AI

SeeTrue is an exciting Artificial Intelligence well funded startup in the heart of Tel Aviv (a short walk away from Azrieli train station). SeeTrue is leveraging machine learning and computer vision to bring AI to optimize passenger journeys, making security screening  accurate, fast and labor free. SeeTrue is a leader in modern computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) practices.

The Algorithms team is in charge of creating cutting edge algorithmic solutions aimed to automatically detect a wide variety of threats within X-ray and CT security scans. These solutions will help the existing (manual) analysis/detection processes become faster and more accurate.
As a researcher on the team, you will get a chance to work alongside some of the best minds in the field and implement the latest ML and CV algorithms, in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment.


Research, design and develop CV, ML and DL based algorithms to detect a wide variety of threats within X-ray and CT security images

Work with a multi-disciplinary team of security experts and engineers to deliver an end-to-end product: from the idea phase, through collecting and assessing the data, exploring algorithmic approaches, developing, testing, validating and integrating the algorithm in the production environment

Read and implement algorithms publications in the field of CV, ML and DL

Contribute to the team’s methodologies, best practices and toolset, share your work and give/receive feedback from peers in the team

Showing strong understanding of software development (in Python) and using it to translate Algo ideas into bullet-proof software


B.Sc. in computer science or electrical engineering

3+ years experience in computer vision and deep learning

Great problem-solving skills, and drive for creativity and innovation

High achiever, with determination and persistence

Strong communication and collaboration skills

Team player, positive and driven, fast learner

M.Sc. – advantage

Knowledge of C++ and system-level engineering – advantage

Junior Computer Vision Researcher

DataGen Technologies

DataGen is seeking a recent graduate or current student to join our Algorithm Team on our mission to transform the space of computer vision. This is a great opportunity for someone with algorithm engineering, research, and data science skills to break into the industry!

Our company solves the largest and most challenging problem in modern computer vision — acquiring labelled data at scale — by developing proprietary state-of-the-art technologies for photorealistic simulations of the real world. We work with top-notch algorithm teams from the most substantial tech companies in the world and help them develop the visionary products of the next 3-5 years. 

What you will do:

  • Use our proprietary synthetic data generation systems to generate training data, train SOTA deep networks, and test them on real-world data.
  • Write white papers and other research findings, with the opportunity to present them at high-profile conferences.
  • Develop research strategies and insights to demonstrate the value and potential of Simulated Data. 

For this role, you must have:

  • A B.Sc and an M.Sc, both in relevant fields.
  • Hands-on experience in training and optimizing computer vision networks in a variety of projects.
  • Strong English writing skills.

Please send your resume to jobs@datagen.tech and we’ll be in touch shortly. If you are a current graduate student, this role may be available in a part-time (approx. 80%) capacity. When you send your CV, please let us know about your availability.

Msc in electrical engineering or computer science or Bsc with honors along with relevant courses for computer vision/image processing/machine learning.

1-2 years of work experience in computer vision/image processing algorithm development

Experience with python/matlab

Experience with C++ an advantage

Experience with homographies, features, image blending, energy functions, optimal path estimation algorithms a big advantage

Experience with stereo imaging in all aspects – calibration, rectification, registration, disparity map estimation etc…an advantage

Data Engineer


SeeTrue is an exciting Artificial Intelligence well funded startup in the heart of Tel Aviv (a short walk away from Azrieli train station). SeeTrue is leveraging Machine Learning and Computer Vision to bring AI to optimize passenger journeys, making security screening accurate, fast and labor free.

Job Description 

We are looking for a highly motivated and creative data engineer to join our growing team. We're looking for someone who can initiate, create, and optimize our technologies releases

The successful candidate will turn data into information, information into technology insight that will promote us in the product and business levels.

The main role is to interpret data and analyze results using statistical techniques and tools for providing ongoing reports. 

The Individual chosen for this position will have the opportunity to promote unique ideas, data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality.

This position allows great exposure and growth opportunities in the company.


  • Data sets and subsets generation. Mapping business requirements to a well defined set of benchmarks and tests (building the data infrastructure to be used for the models)
  • Running tests, analyzing issues and high levels detailed analysis
  • Working closely with the Algorithms, Software and Product teams in order to deliver the most accurate and highest-quality data and reports
  • Monitor performance and quality control plans to identify improvements
  • Define and implement automatic processes 
  • Dive into new and state of the art technologies 

Qualifications & skills

  • B.Sc in Information Systems or Industrial Engineering
  • At least 1 year of work experience in the industry in a relevant position

Multitasked, independent, with excellent organizational skills that can provide support of multiple projects in various stages

Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively in a team environment

Attention to details and constant curiosity to learn and solve problems

Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

Experience in python or other scripting languages 

Knowledge in SQL and Excel 

Experience or Knowledge in Machine Learning or AI environments – advantage

About us:

Intel Labs is Intel’s world-class, industry leading research organization, responsible for driving Intel's technology pipeline and creating new opportunities. The AI Lab develops breakthrough technologies that will lead the next evolution of compute by offering end-to-end AI solutions that broadly span from the data center to the edge. Our team is focusing on Deep-Learning software and hardware technologies dedicated for state-of-the-art inference and training techniques. We have open sourced NLP Architect, are avid open source supporters and actively publish papers at leading conferences.

About You

We are looking for a talented research student to help our efforts in the field of neural network algorithmic optimizations (e.g. compression, neural architecture search, computation optimization) for existing and next generation hardware products in areas such as natural language processing, speech, and vision.

The job responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Working with leading architects on analysis of large-scale deep learning topologies and map the bottlenecks
  • Research and implement innovative neural networks optimization ideas to optimize neural networks
  • Publish papers in top tier deep learning conferences
  • Contribute to Intel’s open source deep learning projects


What are we looking for?

  • BSc/MSc/Phd student in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related fields
  • Strong software engineering background
  • Familiarity with DL theory and algorithms
  • Proven experience in Python and in one of the popular DL frameworks such as PyTorch or TensorFlow
  • Track record of creativity and innovation
  • Understanding of system architecture and hardware design
  • Good written and verbal communication skills for expressing technical ideas and initiatives

Nice To Have

  • Familiarity with state-of-art NLP and DL models
  • Experience working with NLP models and developing NLP algorithms and pipelines
  • Experience in maintaining or contributing to open source projects
  • Familiarity with data analysis tools

Inside this Business Group

Intel Labs is the company's world-class, industry leading research organization, responsible for driving Intel's technology pipeline and creating new opportunities. The mission of Intel Labs is to deliver breakthrough technologies to fuel Intel's growth. This includes identifying and exploring compelling new technologies and high risk opportunities ahead of business unit investment and demonstrating first-to-market technologies and innovative new usages for computing technology. Intel Labs engages the leading thinkers in academia and industry in addition to partnering closely with Intel business units.

Data Scientist

Anthem Inc

Anthem Israel is Hiring!

One of the largest healthcare insurance companies in the US has opened an R&D center in Israel and is looking for data scientists.

We are developing models that predict diseases years before they occur, using massive amounts of data from more than 80m people who are insured by us. If problems such as predicting benefit of chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer patients, rehospitalization risk after myocardial infarctions (heart attack) and more excite you, join us!


  • Solid understanding of statistics
  • Machine learning research experience (academica/insdustry)
  • Good coding capabilities and experience with DS python libraries (scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, scipy, impala/hadoop – a plus)
  • SQL
  • Background/education in biomedicine / healthcare – a plus

The Israeli R&D center is a small team with a startup mindset on one hand and the support and resources of a fortune 150 company on the other hand.

Data scientist student


Part-time opportunity for M.Sc /Ph.D students.

For a short-term research-based project (paper + code) centered around growing synthetic Tumors using Differential Rendering, I am looking for a student with these qualifications:

1. Perfect command of English (no exceptions whatsoever), you have to provide your own piece of work, preferably in Medical AI
2. Excellent command of Python + PyTorch
3. Can read C++11/14/17 and compile using CMake on a Linux machine
4. Can build/run a Docker on a GPU farm and train on multiple GPU’s
5. Can build and run https://github.com/mitsuba-renderer/mitsuba2

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