Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. Our products empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.

Snapchat is the camera used by millions of people every day to Snap with family, watch Stories from friends, see events from around the world, and explore expertly-curated content from top publishers. In short, we are a passionate team working hard to build the best platform in the world for communication and storytelling.

We’re looking for an exceptional Deep Learning (DL) Intern to join our Augmented Reality team in Tel-Aviv and help us improve our core camera technology using state-of-the-art Computer-Vision (CV) techniques – This includes building deep learning models that will be used by millions of users throughout the world, from literature research to implementation, under the guidance of some of the top talents in the field, and with access to huge gpu and compute resources. Applicants need to demonstrate exceptional skills in research and implementation of algorithms in DL, ML, and CV.

Deep Learning Engineer

Algolight ltd.

About us

We are an elite multidisciplinary research and engineering team, with backgrounds in Physics, Optics, Algorithms, as well as Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering.

We work mainly IMOD’s CTO office, which means the most interesting problems and cutting-edge technologies you can imagine!

We do everything from basic R&D to deployment of innovative solutions on novel problems and sensors.

What to expect

Lots of fun and interesting problems to tackle!

The tools and resources you need with zero bureaucracy and 80/20 mindset.

A lot to learn, people to learn from, and an opportunity to grow and evolve professionally.

Fast-paced startup like environment with a strong get-it-done attitude

What we are looking for in a candidate

  • Talented Junior to Talented Senior
  • “Get it done” attitude
  • Ability to quickly use open source repositories and networks
  • Ability and willingness to learn
  • Experience in: Deep Learning and Computer Vision 
  • Experience with some or all of the following: object classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, tracking, object counting, few shot classification, pose estimation, facial landmarks, video analytics, LPR, OCR, 3D object detection, point cloud handling, action recognition 


Work model

  • Flexible Hours and work model.
  • Our offices are in Tel-Aviv near a train station.
  • We are open to hiring part-time / full time / independent consultants / Masters students – if you’re good, we’ll find a way to work with you!


Special candidate for a special place:

We are extremely multi-disciplinary and each worker needs to be connected with the vision of all the projects.

The projects are very innovative and a lot of times you need to decide for yourself how to advance and explore different paths.

You also need to be very open minded, be able to read papers and other works to be able to advance.

Deep Learning Applied Researcher

at Brodmann17, Sarona, Tel Aviv

Brodmann17 is developing game-changing Deep Learning and Computer Vision  algorithms for ADAS and Automated Driving. We’re pioneering state of the art software products that achieve the best performance and accuracy, making it an ideal solution for the most demanding challenges of the fast growing automotive market. Come and join us in one of the most interesting AI companies, contributing to a life-saving product!


About the Job:

We are looking for a Deep Learning applied researcher to join our algorithms team. In this position, you will develop best in class algorithms for ADAS and Autonomous Driving products. You’ll be a key member of designing, implementing and extending our algorithm solution that enables fast, continuous and flexible Deep Learning algorithms development. You will work closely with other excellent researchers to understand the needs and requirements of the research as well as keep up to date with latest developments in the field.

Main responsibilities:

  • Extend, optimize and invent new algorithms as part of Brodmann17’s core technology
  • Develop novel Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms in fields such as object detection, multi-class classification models, semantic segmentation, object recognition, object tracking, depth sensing, and more, for ADAS solutions
  • Investigate, identify, and implement research ideas published in leading scientific publications
  • Provide input for future planning based on area of expertise and target devices.


  • MSc (with thesis in Machine Learning / Deep Learning) or above in Computer Science or a related field
  • 2+ years of excellence in Python coding capabilities
  • Ability to understand and implement complex algorithms
  • Strong execution and ownership orientation, through design, development, and deployment 
  • A team player with good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to work as a strong contributing member of a small R&D team.


  • Knowledge of Computer Vision, Object Detection
  • Familiarity with toolkits for Deep Learning such as TensorFlow/PyTorch.

SuperSmart is a growing company in the field of retail with a clients all around the world.

We are looking for a curious and responsible person with good sense of humour.

You will be working in a small and family-like team that will help you to integrate your skills and talants into real solutions.

You will be responsible for one of the projects from next fields: data, hardware, algorithms, architecture, solution, analytics and tests.

You will be working with current pipelines, maintain, upgrade them and propose new ones.

We are looking for Full-time or Internship to further Full Time.

Flexible hours. Possibility for remote.

Our stack:

Linux, Python, Pytorch, GCP, AWS

Problems we are trying to solve:

DL: Object Detection, Instance Segmentation, Object recognition

Other: Active Learning, Unsupervised Hierarchy Clustering, Products Similiarity


Proved experience with python

Proved experience with deep learning (project, competition, previous position)

Data Analyst




Nexar-powered dash cams enable new vision-based applications for safer driving. When drivers pair the dash-cam with the Nexar app, they join a network that powers new applications for driving and seeing the world. Using anonymous, aggregated data captured from this network, Nexar has developed a portfolio of vision-based data services for public and private sector partners to make roadways safer and more efficient. For automotive companies, Nexar’s network and crowd-sourced vision technology are a gateway to a new era of connected services and new killer apps for drivers, from real-time mapping applications for automated driving to 3D scenario reconstruction of corner-cases for autonomous vehicles simulation and validation.


That’s where you get into the picture. We are looking for smart, passionate, and mission-driven people to bring into our growing AI Automotive team, and help us meet the scale and opportunity in front of us.


We’re looking for a Data/BI Analyst to help us shape the future of mobility. The Data/BI Analyst will work on various analytics projects, oriented around product and customer needs, related to all of Nexar’s lines of business and data products 



  • Analyze large datasets across multiple internal sources using varying tools (SQL, Python, scikit-learn, MS Excel, and manual analysis)
  • Manage and define tagging and annotation processes of videos, images and localization datasets
  • Build reports and dashboards to monitor product performance and key business metrics
  • Support data requests from multiple internal stakeholders: Business / Marketing / R&D teams
  • Extract insights from data that will help to make informed decisions and lead business growth


  • B.Sc in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics or equivalent
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience
  • Knowledge of SQL and Excel  – a must 
  • Great programming skills in Python
  • Experience working with data analysts tools 
  • Strong modeling, analytical, data visualization and problem solving skills
  • Curious, independent, rigorous and proactive kind of a person
  • Strong team player and self-learner with excellent communication skills 


Student Machine Learning Engineer

National Instruments

About the job

NI Israel looking for a Machine Learning Engineer Student to join her awesome DS team!

If challenges motivate you and want to experience and learn as much as possible backed by a team of champions – this team is the right place for you.

Job Description:

  • As leaders in the Big Data analytics in Industrial IoT, our goal is to provide various solutions for the industry of semiconductors and electronics on production process as part of the AI ​​revolution for industrial IoT.
  • The role will include working in both tabular data and computer vision domains.
  • You’ll Contribute to explore usages of machine learning in the Semiconductor & Automotive/Electronics manufacturing industries through hands-on involvement on the entire ML pipeline, from data preparation through model building and evaluation.
  • You’ll help design and implement infrastructures for robust and scalable machine learning life cycle support.
  • You’ll design and implement automated classification and prediction solutions using big data analytics and machine learning techniques.


  • Strong “Can do” attitude and real passion for technology and data science
  • Studying towards M.Sc, Computer Science or related technical discipline.
  • BSc in Computer Science or related technical discipline.
  • Fluent in python.
  • Experience in machine learning in either of tabular data/computer vision domains (either academical or independently).
  • Experience/knowledge working with common deep learning frameworks (Pytorch, TensorFlow)
  • Availability for 2-3 working days a week.
  • Please attach grade sheet to the CV.


  • Work Experience as a software engineer or machine learning engineer.
  • Experience in the semiconductor or electronics industry.
  • Experience in Image Processing/Computer Vision & optimizations.
  • Experience in development and deployment in Big Data systems.

About NI:

NI’s Optimal+ platform is playing in the field of Industrial IoT and is the only Big Data analytics platform that provides an end-to-end product analytics solution for automotive, semiconductors and electronics companies.

The data science group of NI is managed from the Israel R&D site. This group is responsible for both customer engagement and company level machine learning strategy, infrastructure, and roadmap.

As leaders in the field, we have an important role in bringing the full AI potential to manufacturing, we are working closely with our customers delivering the right platform for machine learning together with the right solutions, infrastructures, and methodologies to handle the full life cycle of machine learning in production.

Why NI? 

There are many reasons to consider joining a company. Key among them are the people, the ideas, and the technology. At NI, we believe in the power and potential of connecting the three to create a path to success.

The people: We’re looking for curious and creative problem solvers who value diversity and fresh perspectives, are bold and kind, and willing to take chances.

The ideas: What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to program robots? Build flying cars? Leave the world better than you found it? At NI, we build on the big ideas of big dreamers to make their visions a reality.

The technology: With our tailored, software-connected approach, we support our customers through all phases of the product development cycle. From 5G and medical innovations to autonomous driving and the future of space travel, we help our customers Engineer Ambitiously every day.

We’ve long been globally recognized as a top employer. Our compensation and benefits are very competitive, as are our modern workspaces, career development and mobility opportunities, and a culture that fosters belonging and emphasizes community giving. We encourage our teammates to challenge the status quo and collaborate with one another to build innovative solutions.

No matter your career path, we’re here for you, for each other, and for the next generation of innovators who think bigger, aim higher, and go faster.

Are you up for the challenge of helping shape humanity for the next 100 years? If so, let’s get started, and let’s Engineer Ambitiously together.

We are changing how we work by offering more flexibility. NI has decided to take a hybrid approach (working both on- and off-site) at an aggregate level.  We know that different roles have different requirements, so we’re embracing a full range of options.

Medical data analyst

Tel Aviv University

The department of Bio-Medical engineering in Tel-Aviv University is seeking a data analyst to work on several data-science projects with students and with medical institutes. The new member of our team would participate in several research projects to push the state of the art in healthcare and the state of the art in machine learning.


  • 3 years programming experience in Python or R
  • Experience working with databases (SQL)
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Self learning and self motivated
  • Advantage: experience working with healthcare related data

Additional Skills:

A candidate with Ph.D. in Computer Science or Engineering with 5 years of more experience in machine learning will be able to take additional roles in leading research projects and teaching ML and DL classes.

AI Engineer

Indoor Robotics

About us:

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke 

At Indoor Robotics we believe in a world that operates autonomously around us to facilitate our lives and fulfil our needs. We build the next generation robots (ground and flying) for indoor usages. More specifically we design, develop and produce autonomous, aware, mobile and affordable robots that solve real world problems in indoor scenarios. We strive to create a  physical infrastructure and middleware for indoor robots that can navigate in the indoor space, understand their environment and execute real time missions.

We are currently looking for an awesome team member to join us to invent and produce best quality robotics products for consumers and professionals. 

Junior AI Engineer

You will join us developing the brain of the robot. You will work both in the cloud and on board the robot to gain insights from the robot video. You will need to train and develop unique models to improve the robot understanding of the surrounding. 

Joining a small team, you will have a broad responsibility and the ability to affect each and every aspect of the system, and many options to grow with the company.

What you will be doing:

  • Work with videos achieved from robots to gain insights about the surroundings.
  • Develop , train and adjust neural networks to achieve high performance.
  • Work both in a cloud environment and on board the robot.

We are looking for someone that has:

  1. BSc or above in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or equivalent – Must.
  2. Knowledge in machine learning, neural networks and deep learning – Must.
  3. Proven experience in PyTorch, TensorFlow or equivalent – Must.
  4. Have strong passion in unmanned system development and application.
  5. Ability to work under pressure and complete tasks on time;
  6. Team player (We are all sharing one space).
  7. Knowledge in computer vision – Advantage.
  8. Knowledge in Python – Advantage.
  9. Familiarity with C++  – Advantage.
  10. Previous experience with video and image processing for AI purposes  – Advantage.
  11. Experience in cloud environments and scaling  – Advantage.

Who are we

Our mission at Webiks is to create powerful, data-driven applications and models that help our clients innovate and grow. We build custom software and custom models for clients from multiple industries, including Defense, Security, Health, and Automotive. We think long-term. Forming long-lasting strong relationships and partnerships with our clients is at the core of our strategy.

Who you are?

As a Junior Data Scientist, you will have an important role in our Data Science and AI team. You are a Data enthusiast, with knowledge in both deep learning and classical algorithms. You are familiar with classification, regression, clustering and other common data science tasks. You understand that, sometimes, good old ML modeling is essential, and you enjoy combining them with end-to-end DL approaches.

What’s this job about?

  • Prepare and execute Kaggle-style machine learning competitions, such as the MAFAT Challenge, operated by Webiks Data Science teams.
  • Design, develop and train state-of-the-art ML models. All the way from rapid prototyping to production-ready models.
  • Collaborate with engineers in our data-science, full-stack software development and product-management teams – to implement value-adding solutions.
  • Evaluate your results and improve your solutions based on business metrics and scientific train-val-test methodologies.
  • Explore innovative techniques, such as active-learning, self-supervised learning and generative models, and evaluate their usability to our use-cases.
  • Execute data oriented projects, including understanding the requirements and goals, set the criteria, data exploration, model selection, training, and evaluation, all the way to full-scale implementation and integration.
  • Maintain a highly cross-disciplinary perspective, solving issues by applying approaches and methods from across a variety of Data Science disciplines and related fields.



  • You flourish when you are surrounded by talented, sharp-minded people.
  • You are a great communicator. You write, you talk, you appear, you communicate.
  • You are open. You understand that the only reason you have reached so far is that you were able to stand on the shoulders of giants. You truly believe the principles of the open movement – Open Source, Open Data & Open Innovation.
  • You are a (Kaggle) competitor.


  • Technical understanding of Classical Machine learning and Deep Learning.
  • B.Sc. degree graduate with relevant courses in ML, DL.
  • 0-2 years of hands-on experience in ML.
  • Proficient in Python.
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks and libraries (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras).
  • You are comfortable at reading academic papers and reproducing their results.

Please attach to your email links to at any of the followings:

  • A technical blogpost you have written (English or Hebrew).
  • A lecture/presentation you gave in a meetup/course/conference.
  • A Kaggle competition you have participated in and scored well.
  • An open-source project you have contributed to.
  • A Jupyter / Colab notebook you have published.

Spot by NetApp is one of the largest and most advanced companies for cloud workload automation. We aim to improve performance, reduce complexity and compute infrastructure costs. As a significant participant in the cloud optimization field, Spot by NetApp faces many challenges. Our research team provides solutions for core problems handling large amounts of data from thousands of customers. We work closely with the product teams to bring state-of-the-art technology to production.

What you’ll do:

  • Devise data-driven models for cloud-related topics, e.g., work-load allocation, SecOps, FinOps
  • Discover the latest architectures, and become an expert on the related literature
  • Work with our product team to design a solution that meets the needs of our customers 
  • Work closely with the R&D team to scale our solutions with the latest MLOps technologies

Required skills and experience:

  • Studying towards MSc, or Ph.D. degree in CS, EE, or a related field 
  • Proven experience in the field of machine learning and deep learning
  • Strong coding skills in Python
  • Knowledge of DS libraries  (e.g., Pandas, scikit-learn) 
  • Excellent analytical skills

Preferred skills:

  • Publication record in machine learning or related conferences (e.g., NIPS, ICML, ICLR, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ICASSP, AAAI, WACV, ACL, NAACL, EMNLP, and others)
  • Experience with frameworks for deep learning (e.g., Pytorch)
  • Theoretical knowledge in the field of time-series prediction 
  • Familiarity with cloud services (e.g., AWS)
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