Data Science Student

XACT Robotics

About Us

XACT Robotics® is a privately held, early-stage company focused on the advancing the field of radiology by developing the world’s first and only hands-free robotic solutions that can significantly improve targeting accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in percutaneous radiology procedures.

At XACT, we embrace the philosophy of collaboration, tenacity, and extreme ownership. Our family culture empowers and inspires as we partner, develop, and execute meaningful technologies to make a difference in the lives of patients.  A career at XACT Robotics is more than a job, it’s personal.  Employees have passion, drive, and a winning spirit that allows for a fast-paced environment that is effective, empowering and fun.

Main Responsibilities

  • Research, design, and implementation of Machine/Deep Learning models for Computer-Vision, Image-Processing, Time-Series and Medical data analysis.
  • Design and implementation of data engineering pipelines and tools.
  • Taking a leading part in deployment and integration of complex algorithms into working products.
  • Become an active member of a multi-disciplinary R&D team and participate in cross-teams projects and activities.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • BSc or MSc student in Exact Sciences (Focusing on Machine/Deep Learning)
  • Hands-On experience with Python and its popular libraries (NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib)
  • Familiarity with ML/DL frameworks (Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch)
  • Collaborative and a Team player
  • Willingness to improve peoples’ lives


  • Experience with working on end-to-end DS projects
  • Experience in Deep Learning
  • Experience in Computer Vision / Image Processing
  • Experience with working in the cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP)

About The Position

DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a global leader in wireless communications and voice processing chipsets and algorithms for a wide range of smart-enabled devices. We seek to consistently deliver next-generation solutions in the areas of voice, audio, video, and data connectivity. We are looking for a talented and experienced person to join our challenging and revolutionary journey.

You are:

  • People person with Good interpersonal skills.
  • Methodological & Organized with strong self-learning ability
  • Desire to explore and reach new territories and goals

You will:

  • Work in a team that seeks, studies, and develops state-of-the-art DL algorithms oriented mainly on voice and sound, but not limited to that.
  • Rely on classical signal processing algorithms where needed.
  • Escort the developed algorithms for their implementation in software.
  • Assist in defining the implementation of generic or dedicated hardware solutions, from an algorithmic point of view.


  • You hold a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or similar
  • You hold knowledge in Deep Learning.
  • You hold knowledge in signal processing (e.g., audio/speech, vision, sensor arrays, etc.).
  • You are familiar with Python.

It will also be nice if:

  • You have experience in the development of deep learning models.
  • You hold a Ph.D. degree.
  • You have general knowledge of Machine Learning.
  • You are experienced with a deep learning framework such as TensorFlow / PyTorch / Keras.
  • You hold knowledge in audio/speech signal processing.
  • You hold strong object-oriented design and coding skills.
  • You are experienced in the development of Android.
  • You are familiar with Unix / Linux systems.

Data Scientist


Job Overview

Supersmart is a company developing smart solutions for the retail industry.

We are looking for a Data Scientist who will join our data science team and help us develop advanced data driven solutions for our products. The team also supports our product, sales, leadership, and marketing teams with insights gained from analyzing company data. The ideal candidate is a Junior – Mid level Data Scientist with 1-3 years of experience building and working with ML models. They would have experience using a variety of machine learning methods, using a variety of data tools, building and implementing models, using/creating algorithms and creating/running simulations. The right candidate will have a passion for discovering solutions hidden in large data sets and working with stakeholders to improve business outcomes.

Responsibilities for Data Scientist

  • Discover & suggest and asses new data sources and data gathering techniques.
  • Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of data sources and data based algorithms.
  • Develop custom data driven models and algorithms based on custom datasets.
  • Use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experiences and other business outcomes.
  • Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy.

Qualifications for Data Scientist

  • Strong problem solving skills with an emphasis on product development.
  • Experience working with and creating data architectures.
  • Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques and their real-world advantages/drawbacks.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and concepts and experience with their applications.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams.
  • A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques.
  • We’re looking for someone with 1-3 years of experience manipulating data sets and building models, has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical engineering or another quantitative field, and is familiar with the following software/tools:
    • Good Python coding skills, Experienced in development in Python.
    • Knowledge and experience in statistical and data mining techniques: GLM/Regression, Random Forest, Boosting, Trees, text mining, social network analysis, etc.
    • Experience querying databases
    • Experience creating and using advanced machine learning algorithms and statistics.
    • Experience visualizing/presenting data for stakeholders using existing tools.

We are looking for a junior data scientist to develop engagement and classification models that explain and generate insights about user behaviours and activity. The ideal candidate will feel very comfortable with ML and DL in areas of behaviour analytics, NLP, and anomaly detection, as well as with linear algebra and advanced probability methods on academic research level.

Job Requirements

  • Review academic papers relevant to our areas, explain them, implement and test them using our data.
  • Learn a business problem and design research plan and objectives.
  • Prototype and test ML models according to project requirements (at the moment the main project involves fraud detection/anomaly detection and user profiling).
  • Support deployment and production implementation of ML processes.

Personal Attributes

  • Ideal candidate holds an Msc in either computer science, electrical engineering, or statistics.
  • Solid understanding of applied math and statistics
  • At least 2 years of experience with ML and algorithm development (including academic experience), mostly in the areas mentioned above (anomaly detection is an advantage)
  • Be able to independently carry on a research and learn new topics and problems
  • Candidates should be able to read an academic paper and implement the algorithm in the paper.
  • Familiarity with dominant libraries and frameworks in Python.
  • Experienced working with Python and the relevant ML libraries, as well as with SQL and big data technology and terminology.

At Cellwize, we are on a mission to connect the world with the networks of tomorrow, through our industry-leading, advanced, cloudified, AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration platform.

We are growing fast! And we’re looking for exceptional people to become part of our team as we move ahead rapidly in establishing dominance in the mobile market If you live and breathe innovation, are passionate about building things that change the world, and will settle for nothing less than amazing, then we want you to join our Israel-based team as our newest Junior ML & AI Engineer.

In a nutshell

State-of-the-art 4G and 5G cellular networks produce huge amounts of data per day, and are highly complex to design, monitor, control and optimize. Consequently, the world is trending towards ML/AI for these tasks, leading to many challenging ML/AI problems. Cellwize is regarded a global leader in this domain and we are expanding our ML/AI team. You have a unique opportunity to join our experts and help us strengthen our global lead in this domain.

We are looking for a junior machine learning engineer to help us extract more value from our data. You will own the development processes from data collection, cleaning, and preprocessing, to developing, training and testing, the right models and eventually deploying them to production.

The ideal candidate will have good theoretical background in machine learning from university courses, will have some programming experience and will be passionate about ML/AI.

What you’ll be doing

  • Understanding business objectives and developing models that help to achieve them, along with metrics to track their progress
  • Developing and tailoring the right algorithmic solutions for a given ML/AI problem, and taking these all the way from an idea to a mature module in production. This will include:
    • Defining the right features and engineering them to maximize performance.
    • Defining and developing the ML/AI approach for the problem at hand, training, testing and optimizing Hyperparameters.
    • Defining validation strategies before and after deployment.
    • Analyzing errors and fine-tuning to improve performance.

What you’ll bring with you

  • A must:
    • Bs. C. degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mathematics  (from  University only), with specialization in Machine Learning and a GPA of 85 or above.
    • Some experience in programming, preferably in Python.
  • An advantage:
    • Ms. C degree in ML/AI.
    • Past experience in ML/AI.
    • Vast programming experience.
    • Proficiency with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
    • Proficiency with Python and basic libraries for machine learning such as scikit-learn and pandas.
    • Familiarity with Linux.

Why you’ll love it here

  • You want flexibility, you got it. We get the ‘new normal’ and what it means to work from home, office, car, or a park bench.
  • What about your needs? We’ve got your back – with the right working environment and equipment, and perks that will brighten your every day.
  • We make products that are shaking up the mobile world. Do you want to do big things? Cellwize is where you will do them.
  • Blue chip, world-class investors love us and are investing in our fast track to the future.
  • Our people are rock stars, our culture is not only what makes coming to work every day so much fun, it’s also what’s driving us to spectacular new heights of success.

Cellwize is a champion of inclusion and opportunity. We don’t discriminate based on race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

About the Team

Innoviz Computer Vision Algorithm team develops state-of-the-art algorithms that address the various perception tasks required for autonomous vehicles. We implement, evaluate, and improve upon cutting-edge research, using a mix of classical and machine-learning methods that work in the point-cloud domain, while working on our sensor’s unique, proprietary data.

We are looking for a talented student, to join the effort of developing, evaluating, integrating, and testing Innoviz’s computer vision stack.


  • BSc/ MSc Student of technological degree (Computer Science/ Electrical Engineering/ Applied Mathematics etc.) with at least 1 year to graduation
  • Available at least 3 days a week
  • GPA above 85
  • Hands on SW experience
  • Hands on experience in Machine Learning- advantage
  • Experience with source control- advantage
  • Motivated, eager to learn, self-learner
  • A team-player

WINT – an Israeli startup that offers real-time IoT hardware and software water-management solutions for the residential and commercial real estate sectors. Wint's system is installed on pipes at substantial construction sites. The system knows how to identify water leakage sources through artificial intelligence and prevent them by closing the water sources. In this way, the waste of water is avoided, and many financial costs are saved.

WINT Named to Fast Company's Annual List of the World's Most Innovative Companies for 2020 .

We are looking for Junior Data Scientist for analyzing IoT sensor data with Anomaly Detection experience.

Student position (50%).

The main tasks include:

Preparing data for analysis by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicated, or improperly formatted.

Draw insights from large sensor data sets.

Develop and assess the performance of anomaly detection algorithms.

The company is located in Park Afek, Rosh HaAyin (we are open to working from home part of the time)

Data Scientist


With the amount of data growing at an exponential rate, AI is one of the hottest fields of this century. Do you want to be part of this exciting field and start your career as a Data Scientist or Data Engineer? Find out what MIcompany has to offer and become a leader in AI!

Everybody is talking about Big Data & AI. The overwhelming quantity and complexity of data offers a huge challenge for Data Scientists and Data Engineers. But how can you really create tangible business impact with data?

To do that, a new kind of leader is needed. A leader who is on top of the newest technologies and knows how to manage complex datasets. Who can create insights from huge amounts of data using advanced analytical techniques. A leader who can define growth opportunities and has a vision on Data and AI. A leader who builds relationships and combines these skills to create impact at scale.

Who are we?

MIcompany is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with offices in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. From these offices, we drive AI transformations by building AI solutions and skills. Our team of more than 70 data scientists, AI engineers & software engineers serves industry-leading companies such as Nike, eBay, Booking.com, Heineken, KPN, Lease Plan, Aegon and Shufersal. In more than 25 countries.

We shape and drive AI transformations by building AI solutions. We develop the most promising AI use cases while also building the required technology capabilities. We build AI production platforms to operationalize and manage algorithms at scale. And we ensure business adoption of algorithmic decision making by implementing applications and process change.

We are AI innovators. We implement the newest modeling techniques, create state-of-the-art technology solutions and unlock new data sources using advanced data capturing techniques. To ensure these innovations contribute to sustainable value creation, we combine them with our expert business knowledge and cross-industry experience.

Why work for MIcompany?


Learn to create lasting breakthroughs at international scale

Create LASTING IMPACT with AI at the strategic core of industry leaders

At MIcompany you work at the strategic core of our clients. You contribute to the development of algorithmic applications that transform high impact business processes.

Work all over the world in a multidisciplinary and AMBITIOUS TEAM of analytical talents

At MIcompany you will work in an environment where you can develop yourself optimally due to a multidisciplinary team of ambitious analytical talent, focus on personal development and lots of international opportunities.

Help build our new Tel-Aviv office and become an integral part of the team

You will join a young, positive an ambitious team in our journey to bring AI transformation to leading IL companies. Take part in quarterly team building events, monthly delicious team dinners and weekly happy hours!

Learn how to change organizations using AI models in our CERTIFIED EDUCATION PROGRAM

You are offered to join a 3-year AI & Data Talentship Program, in which you learn about the newest AI techniques and how to implement them in practice. And you learn how to change organizations using AI. Our education is certified by GAIn (Global Artificial Intelligence network).

Become part of a company investing in PURPOSEFUL BREAKTHROUGHS

At MIcompany we invest in diversity & doing good. We believe that our experience and skills can contribute in fields like DNA, cultural sector and charities.

What is the position about?

As a Data Scientist, you will be working in a team with other Data Scientists and AI engineers. From the start you will contribute to challenging projects for leading companies from various industries. You will build meaningful, innovative and impactful models using advanced analytical techniques. Your work is very diverse, on a strategic, analytical and technical level. Step-by-step you will develop all skills to become an AI leader.

ML CV developer


For a new startup in the field of computer vision and deep learning, a ML computer-vision developer is needed to own the development of a robust end-to-end deep learning computer vision product.

Availability is required for about 50% capacity in the next 3-6 months.

We are looking for a person experienced with SOTA computer vision deep-learning architectures, who will implement the network architecture, training and evaluation. You will be expected to participate in research and design of all stages of development, including dataset creation and up to convergence, integrating hand-crafted features, overcoming domain-specific caveats on the way until successful delivery to production.


  • Experience with deep learning frameworks in Python.
  • Experience with computer vision objectives and related deep-learning architectures.
  • Advantage – experience in dataset generation and augmentation.
  • Advantage – experience with delivering deep learning products to successful production level.
  • Advantage – experience in working against the cloud (e.g. AWS, GCP).
  • Advantage – familiarity with classical image processing techniques.
  • Advantage – BSc or higher degree in computer science / math / related subject.
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