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Research Scientist

Verizon Media

The Yahoo! Research Native Ads science team in Haifa is looking for applied scientists who are passionate about making a significant business impact that can be measured in dollars and cents. Our mission is growing one of Yahoo’s biggest products dramatically and consistently every year. We consider the fact that such a key team is based in Israel as a vote of confidence by the company and a source of pride. We are also blessed with a talented engineering team, in Tel Aviv, who propel our scientific solutions by incorporating them in a huge scale serving infrastructure.

As a scientist on this team here’s what your typical work cycle would look like. On your own accord or after being pitched by a stakeholder, you will inspect huge amounts of user, context and advertiser data from multiple sources. After scrutinizing the data enough, you will identify an inefficiency that can be exploited or otherwise spark a creative idea that may become a new feature or product. Your initiative will entail a certain amount of risk but you will pursue it nonetheless. You will gather offline evidence of the estimated impact of your initiative on the business. You will design and code a prototype and experiment with it, both offline and online, until you are satisfied with the results. Through articulate and convincing communication, you will garner the support of relevant stakeholders to sign off on your initiative. You will communicate with engineering regarding the support you need in order to launch the initiative into production. You will productize your prototype and watch as it is ramped up and used to serve content to hundreds of millions of users each day. You will perform marketplace analysis to measure your product’s actual performance and impact on the business as it ramps up. A common impact is an increase of many millions of dollars to yearly revenue. After you are done with all of this, you will do it all over again. If this sounds exciting to you, then we may be a good fit for each other. If this sounds intimidating to you, not to worry, we have some of the most talented applied scientists in the world who will guide you through the process.

As a scientist on this team, you will be encouraged to publish your applied research both internally (patents and papers) and externally at top scientific conferences. You will work on a daily basis with some of the brightest minds and hottest trends in today’s market. In addition to a competitive salary, yearly bonus, and company shares, you will enjoy many perks like daily sports classes, a generous meal budget, deluxe health insurance, extended parental leave, science and business trips abroad (when applicable), team and lab events, and more.

Basic Qualifications

  • Strong computer science foundations in algorithms and data structures and the ability to apply them to real-world problems with a keen eye for time and space efficiency
  • Strong programming/engineering proficiency. Experience in Java – a plus
  • Team player with strong communication and presentation skills

  • Graduate degree (MSc or PhD) in Computer Science or other related science field

  • Ability to publish scientific papers and perform independent and collaborative research

  • Experience with machine learning and big data analysis – a plus

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven track record of applying science to big data problems with measurable and dramatic business impact

  • Proven track record of initiating and leading the above applied-science efforts

  • 4+ years of related work experience as an MSc or 2+ years of experience as a PhD

Talented & experienced computer vision, machine learning and deep learning algorithms developer.


  • Theoretical and hands-on experience (3+ years) in computer vision and machine learning algorithms in real world applications.
  • Hands-on experience in deep learning deployment in real-world application.
  • Hands-on experience in Linux platform, CC++, Python, neural network languages & tools.
  • Problem solver, open mind thinker.
  • Able to work independently according to known methods. Able to work as part of a team.


  • Research education – MSc, PhD in computer vision and research capabilities.
  • Able to implement computer vision algorithms from articles.
  • Experienced in autonomous vehicle perception, localization, and mapping algorithms.
  • Experienced in algorithms code optimization.
  • Experienced in implementing algorithms for high performance computing.
  • Experienced in video algorithms implementation.

About the Team

Innoviz Computer Vision Algorithm team develops state-of-the-art algorithms that address the various perception tasks required for autonomous vehicles. We implement, evaluate, and improve upon cutting-edge research, using a mix of classical and machine-learning methods that work in the point-cloud domain, while working on our sensor’s unique, proprietary data.

We are looking for a talented student, to join the effort of developing, evaluating, integrating, and testing Innoviz’s computer vision stack.


  • BSc/ MSc Student of technological degree (Computer Science/ Electrical Engineering/ Applied Mathematics etc.) with at least 1 year to graduation
  • Available at least 3 days a week
  • GPA above 85
  • Hands on SW experience
  • Hands on experience in Machine Learning- advantage
  • Experience with source control- advantage
  • Motivated, eager to learn, self-learner
  • A team-player

Acumen is a start up company aiming to improve software development.

Form machine learning perspective, we conduct research in weakly supervised learning, causality, and nlp.

We work on a wide area of problem and use many methods.

The role involves end-to-end research –

identification of the business need, product definition, conducting the research, implementing the feature and delivering it to production.

The role is suitable for developers with no background that would like to enter the field.

Our goal is to transform such candidate into researchers.

ML Researcher


ML Researcher

About Biotax

BiotaX is a startup that is developing cutting-edge technology focused on microbiome based disease detection and treatment. With our technology, we wish to positively impact people’s lives, by providing early diagnostics & safe treatments for cancer.

BiotaX’s patented technology is based on discoveries & research made by Professor Naama Geva-Zatorsky from the Technion Integrated Cancer Center and is supported by advanced bioinformatic and ML capabilities.

Biotax was recently selected to participate in the prestigious Illumina Accelerator, Illumina is the leading company for genomics platform and genomic services and BiotaX will be highly benefited by this strategic collaboration.


Biotax is looking for an ML Researcher to join the RnD team and take a key role in developing our Machine Learning based metagenomic diagnostic platform, together with our CTO. In this role, you will operating beyond what is known to be possible in metagenomic classification and ML modeling of the human microbiome.

Who are you

You are a talented motivated individual who is passionate about working with us to make a meaningful impact in the world of early cancer detection and prevention. You have experience in solving problems using ML and are ready to tackle ML projects that can have real impact on society. Simultaneously, you want to take your skills in ML research to the next level.

Why you should join Biotax

Biotax is a well funded comopany that aims to change the way in which cancer diagnostics and treatment development is done today. We are tapping in to the forefront of advanced solutions in ML research, ML ops and cloud based automation. Working with us, you could utilize and lead improvements in state of the art models, research flows and practices. Joining us in this stage will mean joining the core and future leadership of the company. Your work at Biotax could help save lives while improving your ability and productivity as an ML researcher.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead design and develop the genomics ML model working on state-of-the-art algorithms and data sources to develop breakthrough diagnostic solutions.
  • Prototype and optimize novel variations of SOTA NN models for detecting disease state based on microbial data.
  • Participate in the invention and development of new algorithms architectures and tools.
  • Be at the core of the RnD team, taking charge of the full ML RnD cycle, together with our CTO.
  • Use open-source implementations and augment them with your own original ideas.

  • Support the implementation and integration of automation frameworks for training, testing and deployment of new models.
  • Participate in writing patents and other documentation on the underlying IP.

Technical Requirements

  • At least 3 years of industry experience in an ML research position.
  • Experience with programming in popular ML (sklearn etc) and DL (PyTorch/TensorFlow) frameworks in python.
  • Experience in Unix environments.
  • Experience with a high-level model APIs (ignite/lightning etc) – advantage
  • Experience with automated ML ops solutions – advantage
  • Experience with biological/medical/genomic domains – advantage

Personal Requirements

  • Can deliver rapid POCs from scratch/ from papers.
  • Quick learner, highly adaptable to new stacks.

  • Ability to work well in teams and with external consultants/personnel.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Desire to grow together with and within the company.

Data Science


Medorion is an impact startup company which helps healthcare organizations to keep their patients healthy, by understanding their decision process with regards to health behaviors. Our decision process has a huge impact on our health as all of us avoid important procedures such as vaccines, cancer screening, diabetes monitoring and dozens of other procedures, which are imperative for our health. 

Medorion develops a software AI product which sheds light, for the first time, on the patient's decision process with regards to their health. By combining theoretical behavioral science models with state of the art machine learning, the product strives to understand the patient’s main barriers and motivation towards specific health behaviors. Following a deeper understanding on the patient’s state of mind, the way to behavior change and health impact is much easier!

We are looking for an excellent Data Scientist to join our R&D team!

What you’ll do: 

On our day to day the data science team uses clinical data in order to model the decision factors which drive individuals to specific health behaviors.

Our team is still very small and experienced, so you’ll have a crucial part in all the development process and a close connection to create impact on our customers.

What you should bring with you:

  • At least 3 years of data science experience
  • Bsc. in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, related quantitative discipline
  • Knowledge of statistical theory fundamentals such as hypothesis testing and power analysis
  • Experience with statistical analysis using R , Python or Julia
  • Knowledge in a variety of machine learning algorithms
  • Experience with exploratory data analysis and detect actionable insights
  • Knowledge with modern machine learning metrics such as: precision- recall, 
  • Experience with workflow
  • Experience with Data Warehouse inquiries using query languages such as SQL
  • Passion for working on solutions that have a positive impact on society. 

It would be nice if you:

  • M.Sc  in Statistics, Mathematics,Computer Science, Engineering, related quantitative discipline
  • Ability to communicate and visualise data analysis results using tools such as Shiny, Dash, Plotly, and Tableau
  • Knowledge of explainable-ai techniques.
  • Knowledge in deriving causal effects from data such as medical data and marketing data (such as A/B design, uplift modeling)

Noogata is industrializing enterprise AI, enabling enterprises to easily and scalably infuse AI into key processes at a fraction of the cost and complexity of current generation solutions. Our mission is to empower enterprise data consumers across all business functions to leverage AI-powered features, seamlessly plugged into their system of choice. Noogata’s technology allows companies to deploy our prefabricated, modular AI Boards for common industry use-cases, customize, and scale them in production without requiring custom development or data-science capabilities.

Noogata is looking for world-class data fanatics to join us, build our product and grow our vision. We’re looking for customer-focused, self-driven individuals that want to solve big, complex problems with a huge impact. Our team of Software Engineers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers and Customer Success Managers is passionate about delivering the promise of AI in the business world. So if you’re all that and looking to lead, invent and grow professionally -join us on our journey!

Wanted:  A Machine Learning Engineer to join our team and help us create advanced ML driven products

  • BSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field; Master’s degree is a plus.
  • 3-5 years of experience in the industry as a Machine Learning/ Data Engineer or similar role.
  • Highly skilled with SQL and Python – must
  • Understanding of data structures, data algorithms and software architecture.
  • Experience with big data technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, PIG etc.
  • Experience with Building API integrations with 3rd party vendors
  • Capable of working autonomously and within a team as necessary.
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to advise and collaborate with researchers on software engineering tools and practices.
  • Excellent communication skills.


  • Experience in delivering insights using visualization tools (such as Tableau, Looker, Qlik, etc).
  • Experience with streaming services and databases
  • Experience with GCP cloud services.
  • Experience with ML cloud products (AutoML, speech-to-text, etc.)


Ibex Medical Analytics

About us:

IBEX is a well-funded Israeli start-up developing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence applications for cancer diagnostics. Our cutting-edge technology is transforming the diagnosis of cancer, leading to rapid and accurate decision making and providing new diagnostic insight to enable precision medicine.

Our world class team of researchers, engineers and medical experts is growing. If you are an outstanding professional, passionate about your work, a team player and want to make a difference in the lives of millions of people – come join us. You’ll get the opportunity to work on novel and challenging problems and help us fight cancer while doing it!

What you will be doing

  • Lead a team of algorithm developers and data scientists.
  • Create state of the art production level AI for Ibex’s core cancer diagnostic product.
  • Work on unique datasets of high-resolution pathology images and clinical records from leading institutes around the world.
  • Work closely with our multi-disciplinary team of deep learning /machine learning experts, experienced software developers and medical professionals.
  • Integrate your algorithms into our products and receive feedback from clinicians using them in live clinical settings

We would like to see the following

  • PhD or MSc in Computer science or relevant discipline
  • Deep knowledge of algorithms, statistics and Machine Learning
  • Proven industry experience, working on large-scale projects
  • Ability to design and develop production-level code
  • Experience with at least one of Python, Java, C++
  • Experience in leading algorithm engineers while remaining highly hands on
  • Experience in a company within the medical field – an advantage
  • Experience with Deep Learning and/or Computer Vision – a huge advantage

At DeePathology Ltd., we are developing next generation tools for AI in Pathology, that unleash massive AI creation, and radically optimize accuracy and time utilization in pharma and diagnostics.

Our STUDIO platform lets Pathologists create AI solutions by themselves, leveraging Active Learning, Interactive/Online Learning and more.

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will work on our STUDIO platform and other large scale systems we are building for training and deployment of weakly supervised algorithms in digital pathology.

This role will be heavy in backend/deployment work on one hand, but will also involve research and development of cutting edge new algorithms.

Minimum Qualifications:
 – "Let's make this happen!" attitude
– Very good knowledge of Python
– Good control of bash, Unix, CMD
– Experience with high-level languages(Java, C#, etc.), OOP, and design patterns
– Basic knowledge in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. You will also learn a lot on the job

Preferred Skills:
 – Msc in Computer Science, EE or similar
– Proficiency in C#
– Knowledge in Web Development

PostPro is an AI-powered photography platform built to revolutionize how we create, experience, and share our memories. Building a new toolset for photographers to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and to create a new kind of images with, PostPro makes it easier for photographers to manage their workflow, and boost creativity, productivity, and profit.
We are looking for an AI Developer & Co-Founder to join our team.


  • Developing and maintaining Machine Learning algorithms
  • Set up and manage our Machine Learning production infrastructure.
  • Be part of the management team, designing and leading the product's technological roadmap & vision.
  • Drive growth and company value


  • Wide knowledge and experience in developing Machine Learning algorithms
  • Proficient in Python and ML frameworks (like Keras or PyTorch) and libraries (like scikit-learn)
  • Experience in Computer vision and Image processing
  • Familiarity with Python web frameworks (Flask, uWSGI) – a major advantage

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