Razor Labs is looking for a talented hands-on team leader with a strong background in Algorithmics.

Job qualifications

At least 3years of hands-on experience in Computer vision / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Strong mathematical skills, deep understanding of linear algebra, deep learning, signal processing or image processing

Previous experience in leading teams

Proactive, can-do attitude

M.Sc. /Ph.D. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Physics / Mathematic.

Data Engineer

We’re looking for a talented Data Engineer, with exceptional skill for solving problems and creating amazing data systems.
Our DB’s contain tens of billions of varied events, hiding the secrets for creating the perfect user experience.
We re-invent ourselves and our products on a daily basis, and we’re looking for someone who can keep pace and make our fast growth possible.
In this role, you will be responsible for the data processes, DB’s and Algorithms, and will have the opportunity to take these products to the next level.

Skills & Experience

  1. 2+ years of coding in Python
  2. Experience working with Big Data technologies and strong SQL skills
  3. B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science or elite military programming course
  4. Experience in ML technologies – advantage
  5. Creative, enthusiastic and self-motivated

Imubit is looking for a top-notch research engineer to help disrupt the manufacturing world with breakthrough deep learning algorithms!

About us:

Imubit is revolutionizing manufacturing paradigms with specialized deep learning algorithms developed by world-class machine learning scientists. At this very moment, facilities of multiple Fortune-500 customers across the world are being optimized by Imubit. The company was founded by award-winning scientists, elite IDF tech unit graduates, and serial entrepreneurs. It is backed by top Silicon Valley investors.

Our R&D center is located near Modi'in, easily accessible from a variety of locations (Gush Dan to Jerusalem).

We are looking for:

You, a top-notch research engineer, to join our core R&D team, and develop deep learning algorithms unlike anything that exists today. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to be on-board an extremely successful and fast growing startup at an early stage, get exposed to various technological and scientific disciplines, and work with world-renowned experts in machine learning. As part of our core team, you will have the opportunity to develop to executive positions.


  • BSc in CS/EE/Math/Physics from well-known university, with GPA > 90/100
  • Hands-on SW development experience, strong Python background
  • Education in machine learning at least at the level of advanced academic courses
  • Practical experience with deep learning on TensorFlow/PyTorch


  • MSc in machine learning or related area
  • Experience with deep learning on time series data (RNN/LSTM)
  • Experience with training neural networks in cloud environments (GCP/AWS) and distributed systems
  • Experience/education in signal processing

Pioneering and leading research, design and development of uncharted domain of AI / computer vision and robotic vision for medical laser applications.


MSc in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or similar, preferably in the field of machine learning/computer vision

3+ years of hands on development of complex computer vision, robotics vision machine learning and/or algorithms, using modern frameworks and tools (ideally python based)

1+ year of hands on experience with Deep Learning using common open source frameworks and tools (Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe etc.)

1+ years hands on experience in software development and/or as an algorithm engineer with strong coding skills

Team leader capabilities in machine vision, looking to grow.

Entrepreneurship capabilities. Ability to whiteboard some theory while at the same time rolling up your sleeves and get coding

Ability to carry out independent research as well as the ability to work well in a team, and lead the research of machine vision concepts

Data oriented i.e. be able to set up experiments to measure things that will in turn drive decisions

Excellent interpersonal skills, team player

An advantage:

Proven experience in medical imaging and medical product development – strong advantage

Experience in high performance computing

Proficient in C++, C#, Python, Matlab, or equivalent languages

Experience in collaboration with Academy and companies

PhD in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or similar from a known university

We are looking for an Algorithm Developer to join our efforts. As an Algorithm Developer you will work tightly with the CTO to invent new approaches and technologies.

You will develop algorithms in the following areas:

  • Super high resolution beamforming schemes
  • Audio DSP
  • Acoustical array calibration
  • Acoustic propagation simulation


  • M.Sc / PhD in CS, EE, or similar
  • Mathematical skills – Linear Algebra, DSP and statistical analysis
  • Experience with data acquisition, analysis, and statistical methods
  • 2+ years of experience with algorithms development in Python, Matlab, R or similar.
  • Familiarity with C or C++
  • AI ,  Machine Learning – advantage

Working with InSoundz

The group handles multidisciplinary tasks starting from real time processing, algorithms development and all the way to providing backend infrastructure for integration with the customer. Each R&D team member is responsible for inventing, building, implementing and supporting InSoundz products for a diverse set of customers.

Our vision is to build innovative products that inspire and enable our customers to bring content never heard before.

AI Lead Enginner

Seamless Vision

As our AI lead engineer you will research, design, implement, test, optimize and deploy state-of-the-art AI technologies from the field of computer perception, machine learning, computer-vision, path planning, and other relevant tasks to solve real-world complexed problems.



– Take ownership of the AI domain of a multi-sensor mobile autonomous platform.

– Drive the following responsibilities:

   *Define and optimize the AI architecture for solving real-world (perception, navigation, path planning) problems of the autonomous platform

  *Implement and test state of the art algorithms from the fields of computer vision, sensor fusion and path planning

  *Design, develop and optimize low-level and high-level real-time autonomous platform functions for CPU / GPU and discrete HW accelerators (such as Intel Movidius)

   *Autonomous workloads analysis, bottle necks recognition and performance optimization

– Close collaboration with other teams, (data-science, platform, simulation)

– Full development process from requirements to production

As a machine learning scientist you will research, design, implement, optimize and deploy models and state-of-the-art algorithms in autonomous platforms.

A strong candidate will ideally possess at least one strong expertise in the following areas and at least a basic familiarity in others.



– Train machine learning and deep learning models on a computing cluster to perform visual recognition tasks, such as segmentation and detection

– Develop state-of-the-art algorithms in one or all of the following areas: deep learning (convolutional neural networks), object detection/classification, tracking, multi-task learning large-scale distributed training, multi-sensor fusion, etc.

– Optimize deep neural networks and the associated pre-processing/postprocessing code to run efficiently on an embedded device

EyeClick is the maker of BEAM – an award-winning product that turns any physical space into an immersive, active and highly addictive gaming experience for kids aged 2 and up. With thousands of global installations, millions of kids playing and clients like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Wimpy, IKEA, Virgin and others, BEAM is an effective tool for businesses attracting kids and families worldwide, and great gaming experience for everyone.

We are looking for a Computer Vision Developer who will handle the computer vision algorithm of the product. In this position, the developer will create algorithms in the most efficient and optimal way for our devices. The tasks are varied, from identifying motion to identifying objects, in all kinds of challenging angles and speed.


Working with depth cameras

2-3 years of experience

Academic degree in science or engineering

Knowledge in Computer vision algorithms such as neural networks and background subtraction

Knowledge in Python


Military background in the field of computer vision

Arm + Linux

Working with OpenNi/OpenCV/Numpy

Critical needs:




We are

Theator is an early stage deep-tech company leveraging computer vision and AI to tackle variability and disparity in surgical care.

We’re looking for

A top-notch computer vision researcher to join our founding team to play a key role in designing and implementing our ambitious project.

If you’re a super quick study who loves to solve complex problems no one’s ever tackled before, highly motivated, passionate, with a sense of humor, fun to work with and enjoys the occasional poyke – you’re on our wish list!

You’ll be a part of our founding team, one of the first to help create an environment of like-minded professionals tackling a significant unmet need in healthcare. You can expect a high sense of ownership, a lot of responsibility and endless room for growth.

You’ll be responsible for

Implementing algorithmic modules that will be at the heart of our products

Constantly dealing with huge unsolved CV/ML challenges, continuously pushing the envelope

Keeping up-to-date on the most contemporary academic research, making sure that we’re defining the cutting edge in CV/ML in the field of surgery

Collaboration with world-renowned researchers that will provide guidance and support

The entire tech lifecycle: from proof of concept to deployment in the hands of users

Aiding in task prioritization, working with leading medical research teams to quickly execute objectives

Working with fellow CV researchers, software engineers, and our clinical team to design and implement a scalable algorithmic pipeline

Your background should include

At least 5 years in software development [or Industry research position]

At least 3 years in computer vision research or engineering

High level competency in python development

Experience with software design concepts

High familiarity with theoretical concepts of computer vision and deep learning.

Experience with at least one deep learning framework (e.g., tf, caffe, pytorch)

You’ll get some bonus points if you have experience with

Team management

Medical data, imaging, videos, etc.

FDA regulated computer vision solutions

Computer vision for video systems

Video action detection/segmentation

Production-ready computer vision solutions


Data Science Team Leader

Legal Automation
Legal Automation is an exciting, startup that helps legal firms and insurance companies to automate and leverage their data in innovative ways. We are recently locked our fund round and already working with a few big clients.
This is a unique opportunity to jump into an exciting and promising early-stage startup.  
We’re looking for experienced top-notch Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts to help us build our core algorithms and to develop state of the art NLP engines. In this role, you’ll work on huge, unique and not publicly available text corpus, develop AI-based solutions for complex problems and integrate your algorithms into our products.
What You’ll Do?

* Build NLP/ML models at the heart of our products
* Build infrastructure to support NLP/ML modeling, experimentation, and deployment
* Take ownership of NLP/ML trainer tools and data processing pipelines
* Brainstorm and prototype algorithmic improvements


* M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field.
* Academic background in deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning
* 4+ years’ experience in Deep Learning algorithms
* 4+ years’ experience with DL frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, Mxnet, Caffe, etc.)
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