Who we are?

BrainQ, a well-funded start-up located in Jerusalem, develops a therapeutic medical device to help paralyzed patients following neuro-disorders, like spinal cord injury or stroke, ‘back on their feet’ using Data Science tools.

The technology is now being tested in clinical trials across the globe, with promising results. We were selected by Google as 1 of 4 companies expected to transform healthcare using AI, and recently named by Calcalist & Microsoft Israel as Israel’s 2nd most promising startup in the field of AI & Big data.

What are we looking for?

Data Science Lead

As a team lead, you'll be responsible for managing the research and development of the company's core technology

Full time position in the High-Tech Village, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem.

MSc/PhD in a related field (math/CS/physics/EE)

4+ years of hands-on experience with data analysis / signal processing / machine learning

2+ years experience as a team leader

Python and Linux knowledge

EEG / neuroscience experience – advantage

Biology background – advantage

Dynamic Yield is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join our Predictors team.

We are an Israeli company, and were recently purchased by McDonald's(!). We develop a personalization engine, which basically allows a website to adapt and change itself to fit the person who views it. To do that, we use different ML solutions on a very large scale (hundreds of models, real time serving), and we need more engineers to help us grow.

Necessary skills:

  • Degree in Computer Science or a related discipline from a top university, or relevant army experience. Self-taught hackers are also welcome
  • A passion for clean, robust code and performance tuning
  • At least three years of professional software development experience
  • Excellent knowledge of an OO language
  • Being a Team player, and fun to work with!
  • Experience with BigData / NoSQL / Stream processing technologies (e.g Spark,Flink, Redis, Kafka)
  • Experience with building machine learning pipelines – a plus
  • Familiarity with and passion for machine learning algorithms – a plus.

Agromind is an Ag-tech startup, disrupting the way pests, diseases and nutrients deficiencies are being detected, analyzed and treated using advanced AI methodologies.

We are looking for a strong candidate who can join us and lead our technology.


The successful candidate must have:

* strong coding skills

* experience in Deep Learning and computer Vision.

* Great people skills

* Hands-on capabilities and mind set.

Core Data Science is a research and development team, working to improve Facebook’s products, infrastructure, and processes. We generate real-world impact through a combination of scientific rigor and methodological innovation. We are an interdisciplinary team, with expertise in computer science, statistics, machine learning, economics, political science, operations research, and sociology, among many other fields. This diversity of perspectives enriches our research and expands the scope and scale of projects we can address.

We are looking for researchers and data scientists to join the team in Tel Aviv. We work closely with various product groups throughout Facebook, bringing expertise in modeling, machine learning, statistics, statistical computing, data analysis, algorithms, and social network analysis. By applying your knowledge of such topics you will be empowered to drive impact across all manner of strategic decisions, product, infrastructure and operational use cases at Facebook.

  • Build pragmatic, scalable, and statistically rigorous solutions to mission critical inferential and decision problems by leveraging or developing state of the art statistical and machine learning methodologies on top of Facebook's unparalleled data infrastructure.
  • Apply excellent communication skills in order to develop cross-functional partnerships throughout the company and spread scientific best practices.
  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively with other scientists, engineers, designers, UX researchers, and product managers to accomplish complex tasks that deliver demonstrable value to Facebook's community of over 2 billion users.
  • Think creatively, proactively, and futuristically to identify new opportunities within Facebook's long term roadmap for data-scientific contributions.
  • Ph.D. degree in computer science, statistics, economics, sociology and related fields or MS degree with 4+ years of relevant experience.
  • Experience in machine learning, statistical analysis or social network analysis.
  • Experience with data analysis using tools such as R or Python, with packages such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas, scikit-learn, tidyverse (dplyr, ggplot2, etc.).
  • Ability to initiate and drive research projects to completion with minimal guidance.
  • The ability to communicate scientific work in a clear and effective manner.
  • Experience in lower level languages such as C++, Java.
  • Experience in scalable dataset assembly / data wrangling, such as Presto, Hive or Spark.

About Emza

Emza Visual Sense develops sub-milliwatt, trainable, low-cost, autonomous, computer-vision IoT sensors for automatic scene interpretation of the visual world around us. The low cost, ultra low power consumption, and high intelligence make systems applicable and affordable for a wide range of markets and applications – from accurate counting and tracking of people in smart buildings to human detection for virtual personal assistants.  Emza’s visual sensors are smaller than a coin, consume less than 1 mW and reduce cost by an order of magnitude.  Our proprietary algorithms are embedded at the edge and are specially designed for extremely thin computing cores and a unique ultra low power CMOS image sensor. Emza explores the limits of what can be achieved with minimal resolution, frame rate, processing power, memory size, power consumption, and cost.

Computer Vision Algorithm Team Leader

Basic qualifications

  • MSc or higher in computer science, mathematics, exact sciences, or engineering.
  • 4+ years professional experience in development of computer vision algorithms.
  • Proficiency and experience in C/C++.
  • Proficiency and experience in MATLAB and/or Python
  • Familiarity with OpenCV.

Non-formal qualifications

  • Ability to lead a small group (1 – 3 people) of algorithm developers.
  • Ability to implement academic papers in the fields of computer vision and machine learning.
  • Algorithmic versatility, i.e., ability to develop and implement low-, mid-, and high-level computer vision algorithms.
  • Ability to take a task and “deliver”.
  • Creativity, independence, and initiative are a must.
  • Enthusiasm for algorithmic problems.
  • Friendly, supportive, and communicative team player.

About the company

Manto AI is a young, Tel-Aviv based startup in the field of People Analytics, founded in 2018. Manto's aim is to help companies understand their employees and actively improve the employee's experience at the company. Using a unique blend of sophisticated technology, unique data and domain knowledge, Manto is creating highly valuable insights, predictions and recommendations for its clients.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced data scientist that will lead the conceptualization and development of our data-science operation from the bottom up.

Your job will be very diverse and include domain research, analysis of complex people-related problems, directing data engineering processes, building predictive classification models, statistical analysis and data visualization.

You will work within a small team comprised of senior software developers in an innovative, dynamic and growing company and have an enormous influence on the product.


  • BSc in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or equivalent theoretical background.
  • 2 or more years of professional experience as a data scientist in the industry.
  • Proficiency with Python, or another interpreted programming language (e.g. R, Matlab).
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of statistics and classification algorithms (decision trees, Gradient Boosting).
  • Embracing challenges and responsibility.
  • Can-do attitude, teamwork, willingness to collaborate and communicate with others to solve problems.

An advantage

  • S. in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or other quantitative fields
  • Experience with using time series analysis techniques for forecasting and analyzing time series data at a large scale.
  • A background in social sciences, or in people-related modelling.

Razor Labs is looking for a talented hands-on team leader with a strong background in Algorithmics.

Razor Labs is leading a number of national projects while also having an extensive activity in international projects. Razor Labs specializes in computer vision, deep learning and machine learning, developing Razor Labs technological infrastructures in real-time video analysis and prediction / recommendations as a result of learning historical information. Razor Labs goal is to bridge the gap between companies and large organizations in the AI world.

At Razor Labs you will have the opportunity to integrate into a company that is at the forefront of technology with a young, pleasant atmosphere and people who are like family!

Job qualifications

At least 3 years of hands-on experience in #Computer_vision / #Machine_Learning / #Deep_Learning

M.Sc. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Physics / Mathematic.

Strong mathematical skills, deep understanding of linear algebra, deep learning, signal processing or image processing

Proactive, can-do attitude

Previous experience in leading teams

Data Engineer

We’re looking for a talented Data Engineer, with exceptional skill for solving problems and creating amazing data systems.
Our DB’s contain tens of billions of varied events, hiding the secrets for creating the perfect user experience.
We re-invent ourselves and our products on a daily basis, and we’re looking for someone who can keep pace and make our fast growth possible.
In this role, you will be responsible for the data processes, DB’s and Algorithms, and will have the opportunity to take these products to the next level.

Skills & Experience

  1. 2+ years of coding in Python
  2. Experience working with Big Data technologies and strong SQL skills
  3. B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science or elite military programming course
  4. Experience in ML technologies – advantage
  5. Creative, enthusiastic and self-motivated

Imubit is looking for a top-notch research engineer to help disrupt the manufacturing world with breakthrough deep learning algorithms!

About us:

Imubit is revolutionizing manufacturing paradigms with specialized deep learning algorithms developed by world-class machine learning scientists. At this very moment, facilities of multiple Fortune-500 customers across the world are being optimized by Imubit. The company was founded by award-winning scientists, elite IDF tech unit graduates, and serial entrepreneurs. It is backed by top Silicon Valley investors.

Our R&D center is located near Modi'in, easily accessible from a variety of locations (Gush Dan to Jerusalem).

We are looking for:

You, a top-notch research engineer, to join our core R&D team, and develop deep learning algorithms unlike anything that exists today. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to be on-board an extremely successful and fast growing startup at an early stage, get exposed to various technological and scientific disciplines, and work with world-renowned experts in machine learning. As part of our core team, you will have the opportunity to develop to executive positions.


  • BSc in CS/EE/Math/Physics from well-known university, with GPA > 90/100
  • Hands-on SW development experience, strong Python background
  • Education in machine learning at least at the level of advanced academic courses
  • Practical experience with deep learning on TensorFlow/PyTorch


  • MSc in machine learning or related area
  • Experience with deep learning on time series data (RNN/LSTM)
  • Experience with training neural networks in cloud environments (GCP/AWS) and distributed systems
  • Experience/education in signal processing

Pioneering and leading research, design and development of uncharted domain of AI / computer vision and robotic vision for medical laser applications.


MSc in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or similar, preferably in the field of machine learning/computer vision

3+ years of hands on development of complex computer vision, robotics vision machine learning and/or algorithms, using modern frameworks and tools (ideally python based)

1+ year of hands on experience with Deep Learning using common open source frameworks and tools (Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe etc.)

1+ years hands on experience in software development and/or as an algorithm engineer with strong coding skills

Team leader capabilities in machine vision, looking to grow.

Entrepreneurship capabilities. Ability to whiteboard some theory while at the same time rolling up your sleeves and get coding

Ability to carry out independent research as well as the ability to work well in a team, and lead the research of machine vision concepts

Data oriented i.e. be able to set up experiments to measure things that will in turn drive decisions

Excellent interpersonal skills, team player

An advantage:

Proven experience in medical imaging and medical product development – strong advantage

Experience in high performance computing

Proficient in C++, C#, Python, Matlab, or equivalent languages

Experience in collaboration with Academy and companies

PhD in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or similar from a known university

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