Are you a Computer Vision and Deep Learning expert with a passion for tackling hard research problems and publishing their innovative solutions at top quality conferences? Are you a visionary that loves to come up with bright new ideas, search and lead them all the way to successful academic and business results? If this describes you, then the AI Multimedia department at the IBM Haifa Research Labs is the right place for you.

Our AI Multimedia team focuses on Artificial Intelligence that specializes in deep learning, computer vision, augmented reality, video analytics and 3D vision to innovate and grow new Research AI assets.
Join us to become an AI Researcher – to be given the freedom to create and embrace cutting edge AI challenges, publish papers in top-tier academic conferences and journals, while helping transforming and solving customer's technological, business and functional requirements.

Major responsibilities
Research, design, implement and evaluate novel computer vision and deep learning algorithms
Collaborate with research groups spread all over the world expanding IBM’s global research assets
Work closely with software engineering teams to drive scalable, real-time implementations
Author and present outstanding research academic publications in top academic venues.

Position location: Tel Aviv or Haifa site.


Required Technical and Professional Expertise

MSc or PhD in the field of Computer Vision, Machine learning or related domains
knowledge of and experience in state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning and deep learning technologies
experience in understanding and implementing computer vision algorithms using open-source and self-developed code

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience

Publications at top quality peer-reviewed conferences or journals (e.g. CVPR, NIPS, AAAI, ICCV, ECCV)
Proven track record of innovation in creating novel algorithms and advancing the state of the art
Experience working with major Deep Learning platforms (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch)

Researcher Student


Research Intern – Microsoft’s Machine Learning Recommendations Team

The recommendation team in Israel is a fast growing team responsible for designing and building recommendations algorithms for a wide array of Microsoft products such as Xbox Games, Movies, Music, Microsoft Store, and much more. We develop cutting edge machine learning algorithms that serve hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Our team is looking for research interns to join one of the best machine learning group in Israel.

Responsibilities include: Working with world class machine learning researchers and data scientists. Help developing real-world machine learning algorithms serving millions of users worldwide. Developing recommender systems for Microsoft Store, Xbox games and movies. Working with big data. Statistical analysis of data. Extracting insights from data. Data manipulations (filtering, data transformations, etc.). Writing and publish academic papers in top tier machine learning and data mining conferences.

Qualified candidates meet the following requirements:

  • MS/PhD student preferably in the fields of machine / deep learning with applications for Recommender Systems / Natural Language Processing / Speech and Audio Analysis / Computer Vision or related.
  • Hands on experience working with large data sets.
  • Good knowledge of machine learning algorithms and techniques.
  • Good knowledge of statistics.
  • Excellent coding skills. Familiarity with Pytorch / Tensorflow is a plus.
  • Ability to work at least 3 days a week (ability to work full time is a BIG plus).
  • Team player and enthusiastic.

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, protected veteran status, protected genetic information, political affiliation, or any other characteristics protected by local laws, regulations, or ordinances.

We greatly encourage and welcome qualified candidates who happen to have disabilities to apply for jobs in our company

All Intern positions will be required to pass the Microsoft background check upon hire

Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role in sales organizations of all sizes. Enterprises communicate with customers over phone, on email, in chats. Salespeople rely on AI to analyze the growing data and provide actionable insights. For example: which deal could be at risk? what challenges my competition? Which email is more important to read first? What do I need to know before my meeting? And many other scenarios that we can’t yet make public!

Dynamics for Sales is a huge and healthy business already, and we are building a big team which centralizes its AI capabilities, and take them to the next level. We analyze a variety of data types: text, speech (voice), structured data; we build models which give actionable and timely insights; and work on advanced personalization and customization to empower sales people to excel.


Work and Responsibilities

As a scientist you will be a member in a team of scientists. You will:

  • Work on machine learning models in one or more of the following areas: natural language processing, personalization and recommendations, models on structured data, time series analysis.
  • Develop new methods and use existing methods to create useful product features.
  • Engage with product managers and with customers, to thoroughly understand business problems and design AI solutions accordingly.
  • Collaborate with researchers and practitioners around the company.
  • Represent the team in external and internal forums.

We provide the scientist with top-notch opportunities to work, grow, learn, as well as engage in academic activities such as publications and conferences, patenting, giving talks, traveling to customers and collaborators.


  • PhD/MSc in computer science, electrical engineering, information systems, mathematics or physics, with 1+ year of meaningful experience.
  • Interest in product, customers, the business behind the product and how they influence the algorithm.
  • Passion to solve problems in the field of large-scale data analytics.
  • Ability to balance creativity and execution.
  • Ability to code in high level languages (e.g., C#, Java), as well as scripting (e.g., SQL, Python).
  • Experience in AI projects that reached maturity – a strong plus.
  • Team player, communicative, highly motivated, innovation-oriented, can-do attitude.

We are seeking an excellent candidate for a postdoctoral fellowship position. The research is interested in assessing new biomarkers elaborated from physiological time series and demographic information for assessing the causal link between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the development of cardiovascular conditions (CVD). Better phenotyping of individuals that may develop CVD as a result of OSA will support clinical decision making for diagnosis and treatments routes. The work will involve working with large datasets (6000+ patients) of polysomnography data (overnight recordings) provided by different partnering medical institutions. The AIMLab. is computationally oriented and therefore candidates are required to have good computational abilities and programing skills. A typical candidate for this position is a PhD in machine learning with an interest in applying his/her skills to the medical field. The candidate will obtain a full stipend and travel to present his/her work at international conferences.

Research Title

Biomarkers for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Phenotyping.

Application Deadline

Open Until Filled.


Candidates are required to have good computational abilities and programing skills.

Main Disciplines

Biomedical Engineering.


Sleep Medicine, Machine Learning, Big Data.

At Mobileye we know that the idea of a fully autonomous car is no longer science fiction, but a reality that we can make happen! We have spent more than 15 years developing the world's most advanced driver assistance systems and becoming a global leader in computer vision and machine learning.
Be part of the driving revolution!

What will YOU do?

Our company has an amazing algorithms department, where you can develop yourself and interact with top experts.

The position offers an opportunity to develop and lead solutions of challenging algorithmic problems in the field of computer vision and machine learning.

A Deep Learning Researcher & Engineer in the algorithms department will be involved in some or all of the following tasks:

  • Prototyping a solution for a complex computer vision problem.
  • Modeling, training and deploying Deep Neural Networks.
  • Efficiently implementing a module in C++ / Python.
  • Analyzing massive amounts of data to identify a problem root cause.

Desired Background

  • Excellent BSc & MSc graduates in Computer Science or related fields from leading institutions.
  • Experience in developing DNN for Computer Vision tasks.
  • Experience in developing Data Science algorithms.
  • Python hands-on experience with deep-learning frameworks.
  • Experience with C++.
  • Experience with Pandas, Numpy, etc. – Advantage.
  • Experience with data pipelines – Advantage.
  • Experience working on a cloud environment – Advantage.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies.
  • Proven ability to own and execute complex tasks, under tight schedules and dynamic conditions.

ML Researcher



Looking for your next deep learning challenge? Have a passion for speech-to-text technology? Want to work with the best voice-tech talents in Israel? We’re your next career stop!

LogMeIn simplifies how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships, and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. LMI is one of the world’s top 10 public SaaS companies – and launching a new AI Center of Excellence in Herzliya that will conduct research and development for the entire LogMeIn portfolio of products – Speech-to-text, NLP, NLU and more.  You’ll join a world-class team that keeps pushing the limits as we work to establish the finest AI teams in Israel!

What’s it like to work for us?  Imagine a small and cozy startup, backed by a global tech leader. We offer competitive compensation, office perks, ability to participate in global hackathons, happy hours, work-life balance, personal growth plans, volunteer work and more!


-> Your research and outcomes will help millions to become more effective in their everyday work and communication.

-> You would be part in solving big-world problems


-> A curious sort, always embracing learning in a fast-paced and demanding environment.

-> You want to invest in personal development and be all you can be.


-> Report to the head of research in Herzliya.

-> Work in a research team that develops a state-of-the-art Speech Recognition Engine;

-> Implement and evaluate novel approaches and methods for enhancing the recognition accuracy and/or expedite performance;

-> Investigate adaptation techniques for various scenarios;


-> MSc in Computer Science, Mathematics or Electrical Engineering;

-> Practical experience with Machine Learning and Deep Learning;

-> Proficiency in at least one of the following languages: C/C++, Java, Python;

-> Ability to carry out research independently, or in collaboration with 1-2 other researchers.

-> Love for music


-> Knowledge and experience with Automatic Speech Recognition (toolkits like Kaldi or HTK);

-> Knowledge and experience with Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch or Keras;

-> Experience with statistical language processing.


Make sure partnering with us proves to be your best career move.

Computer Vision Scientist

Amazon AWS Rekognition

Amazon AWS Rekognition is looking for Full-Time Applied Scientists!

Join a new team of talented scientists, and research with us cutting edge computer vision and machine learning solutions.
Academic publications within the team are highly encouraged.

– M.Sc. or PhD in machine learning / computer-vision / data-science and/or related fields
– Python hands-on experience with deep-learning frameworks
– Experience with Unix environment is preferred

We have open positions both in Tel-Aviv (Sarona) and Haifa (Matam).

Data Scientist


If designing stat-of-the-art AI for chatbots, videos analysis, users behavior modeling and much much more excites you, LogMeIn is the company for you!

We are a global company that targets innovations that impacts people's lives and we are expanding our Israeli branch and building our new AI research center.
We're looking for passionate data scientists to research new ways to innovate in a variety of cutting edge technologies impacting many millions of users around the world every day.
As a LogMeIn researcher you'll be a part of a core research group working in a top-tier company with a startup-mentality that changes the way people communicate and interact – with each other and with technology.
Your responsibilities will include:
– Forming great ideas and bringing those ideas to life – researching and implementing.
– Analyzing data and defining data collection and analysis strategies.
– Playing a leading role in bringing the new generation of smart products to market and into the hands of millions of people.


* Experience in researching and solving data driven problems
* Experience in building machine learning and deep learning based solutions
* Strong knowledge in python and deep learning frameworks (e.g, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe)
* Familiarity with statistical modeling and visualization
* M.Sc/PhD in a related field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or similar) – Advantage
* Experience in NLP and/or Vision – BIG Advantage

We are a new, well funded and fast-growing startup developing an exciting deep technology using a multidisciplinary approach to unleash the potential of deep learning in real life products. We combine fundamental understanding of the way neural networks operate with our team’s expertise in SW and HW architecture, to develop a product which has the potential to be a landmark in computer technology.

The company is built from a mixture of experts from various fields, coming from the elite units of the intelligence community and the leading tech companies in Israel, with a track record of executing complex projects from the ground up.

We’re looking for talented, hard working folks who are enthusiastic about deep tech, to join our machine learning team. An ideal candidate would have an affinity for academic research, feel comfortable reading articles, implementing/modifying algorithms and fiddling with the “nuts and bolts” of neural networks. Previous experience in deep learning is an advantage but not a must. A strong background in programming is a big advantage. See job requirements below.

Opening 1: Deep Learning engineer

This opening is geared more towards research into the building blocks of neural networks. Explore basic trade-off of existing architectures to fully leverage the novelty of our product. Work in close collaboration with the SW and HW teams.

Job requirements:

  • B.Sc in CS/EE/Math/Physics
  • At least 5 years of R&D experience
  • Hard working, committed and self-reliant
  • Great interpersonal skills and a team-player
  • Fluent in English


  • An M.Sc/Ph.D in EE/CS or the exact sciences
  • 2+ years developing algorithms
  • 2+ years in computer vision applications
  • 2+ years experience developing in python/C
  • Experience with deep learning

Opening 2: Deep Learning Developer

This opening is geared towards application of product. Work with our product team to create demonstrations, adapt existing architectures to new tasks and be one of the focal points for customer interactions.

Job requirements:

  • B.Sc in CS/EE/Math/Physics
  • 2+ years experience developing in python/C.
  • Hard working, committed and self-reliant
  • Great interpersonal skills and a team-player
  • Fluent in English


  • An M.Sc/Ph.D in EE/CS or the exact sciences
  • 2+ years in computer vision or NLP applications
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks
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