Meet Rupert.

We’re a group of engineers and data fanatics, with a combined experience of close to 30 years working for world’s top institutes and organizations. We are building a product that will change the way businesses utilize and consume data.

In order to do that, we’re developing new ways for data teams to work with the organization’s data assets (datasets, reports, etc) and deliver insights and analyses to business users. We’re working on cutting-edge technology like semantic parsing of text-to-sql for our product.

The ML team is based in Tel Aviv and led by Ben Bogin, with the help of our advisors, leading researchers and academics. We’re looking for a key hire to join the team, who will work on actively-researched NLP problems such as semantic parsing, intent-recognition, semantic textual similarity and more. We expect you to lead end-to-end research and development on big bets we’re making in order to deliver a unique platform that can capture a big piece within a massive market. 

What we need.

  • M.Sc. / Ph.D. in CS / NLP / Machine Learning / equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience with NLP methods using Deep Learning. Good understanding of current work in this field (Language Models, Seq2Seq models, transformer models etc.) and experience with pytorch/tensorflow is a must.
  • 3+ years hands on experience in developing NLP based products.
  • 3+ years of hands-on programming experience.
  • Experience with building production quality deployment of applications related to natural language processing – Advantage.
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques and algorithms and the ability to apply them in data driven natural language processing techniques.
  • Startup attitude. A person who understands the limits and opportunities of working lean, while moving fast and keeping it cool in an environment with different opinions and diverse characteristics. 
  • A creative mind, a problem solver, who doesn’t fear trying out new approaches, methods, tools, and technologies in order to achieve results.


Imubit is looking for a top-notch research engineer to help disrupt the manufacturing world with breakthrough deep learning algorithms!

About us:

Imubit is revolutionizing manufacturing paradigms with specialized deep learning algorithms developed by world-class machine learning scientists. At this very moment, facilities of multiple Fortune-500 customers across the world are being optimized by Imubit, enjoying hundreds of millions of dollars per year in total incremental value. The company was founded by award-winning scientists, elite IDF tech unit graduates, and serial entrepreneurs. It is backed by Silicon Valley VCs and already has very significant revenue.

Our R&D center is located at the new Imubit building near Modi'in train station, easily accessible from a variety of locations (Gush Dan to Jerusalem).

We are looking for:

You, a top-notch research engineer, to join our core algorithms team, and develop deep learning algorithms unlike anything the world has ever seen. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to be on-board an extremely successful and fast growing startup at an early stage, get exposed to various technological and scientific disciplines, and work with world-renowned experts in machine learning. As part of our core team, you will have the opportunity to develop to executive positions.


BSc in CS/EE/Math/Physics from well-known university, with GPA > 90/100

Hands-on SW development experience, strong Python background

Education in machine learning at least at the level of advanced academic courses

Practical experience with deep learning on TensorFlow/PyTorch


MSc in machine learning or related area

Experience with deep learning for time series data (e.g. RNN/LSTM) and reinforcement learning

Experience with training neural networks in cloud environments (GCP/AWS) and distributed systems

Experience/education in signal processing and/or control theory

Axon Vision is a world leader in Computer Vision based Deep Learning. Our main mission is to use AI to help save soldiers' lives and assist them in the field.

Axon Vision's product, called Edge 360, runs in real time on edge sensors and platforms, such as drones and armed vehicles, and enables autonomously of mission-critical tasks and abilities.
Edge 360 maps, analyze and predict the surrounding environment using state of the art Deep Neural Networks.

Axon Vision is working side by side with the most elite research groups in the industry and the military.
An Edge360 deployment example is the national Carmel project.

We are looking to expand our family of experienced researchers and engineers.
Our core research team is looking for Seniors Deep Learning Engineers that are knowledgeable in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and experienced in research and programming.
The research topics the team works on include:

  • State of the art Computer Vision models
  • Deep RL for autonomous machines (from small to very large ones)
  • Domain Adaptation and transfer learning between camera modalities (IR and Color)
  • Knowledge distillation and NN compression


  • MSc. / PhD in Computer Science or related discipline with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Strong and proven experience in research and developing deep learning solutions in the computer vision domain.
  • Background in reinforcement learning (RL) – big advantage
  • Strong programming skills and experience in Python and C++
  • Ability to quickly analyze complex systems and solve problems
  • Experience in experiment design and data analysis to test hypotheses and validate models
  • Proactive, can-do attitude.

Our HQ is located at the We TLV Tower, 5 min walk from Savidor train station.

Company overview:

Shopic is a revolutionary VC-backed startup, with offices in Tel-Aviv and New-York, disrupting the way people shop in retail stores. By leveraging technologies like Mobile, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and IOT, we’ve revolutionized the shopping experience in some of the largest retailers in the world. We offer advanced AI-supported mobile self-checkout, along with a clear roadmap to a full frictionless Amazon-Go-like experience, with a very unique approach and numerous tier-1 retailers around the world already signed up as customers!

We strongly believe that building a great product starts with building a great team of people who are smart, fun to work with, and are happy to share their knowledge with their colleagues. Teamwork is essential, egos are left at the door. We believe in work-life balance, and the challenging work that we do and the people that we do it alongside with, make our “work” an amazing part of our lives.

If you are eager to improve, learn and get plenty of responsibility, working at Shopic is a great opportunity to grow alongside a small yet fast-growing startup. You will have a chance to work with a great team of developers and entrepreneurs.

Job Description:

We are looking for an senior applied deep learning researcher/developer with strong and proven capabilities of building and deploying deep learning solutions in the computer vision domain.


Own the full development cycle – from researching a problem, defining the required dataset, implementing an efficient model, deploying it to production, and improving it upon the real-world results.

You will work on computer-vision problems such as object-detection, fine-grained classification, change-detection and more.

Use state-of-the-art open-source implementations and adapt/improve them to the project needs.


2+ years of industry experience in deep learning for computer vision, on multiple projects.

5+ years of industry experience in ML/DL/CV development, beyond the academy degree (for PhD 3+ years are enough)

Expert knowledge of at least one DL framework , such as TensorFlow / PyTorch / MXNet , and good coding ability in python.

MSc / PhD in Computer-Science, EE, Physics, Mathematics (or similar).

Data Scientist

Anthem Inc

Anthem Israel is Hiring!

One of the largest healthcare insurance companies in the US has opened an R&D center in Israel and is looking for data scientists.

We are developing models that predict diseases years before they occur, using massive amounts of data from more than 80m people who are insured by us. If problems such as predicting benefit of chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer patients, rehospitalization risk after myocardial infarctions (heart attack) and more excite you, join us!


  • Solid understanding of statistics
  • Machine learning research experience (academica/insdustry)
  • Good coding capabilities and experience with DS python libraries (scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, scipy, impala/hadoop – a plus)
  • SQL
  • Background/education in biomedicine / healthcare – a plus

The Israeli R&D center is a small team with a startup mindset on one hand and the support and resources of a fortune 150 company on the other hand.

At Globality, we’re proud to embody the core values of innovation, collaboration, and trust in both our culture and product.

We’re creating ground-breaking technology utilizing a world-class, AI-powered Platform that revolutionizes how businesses buy and sell services. We are an open, inclusive, and diverse organization and our employees are at the heart of the great products we create.

We’ve raised over $172M an are supported by an impressive group of prominent investors, including Al Gore and SoftBank Vision Fund. Our co-founders, Joel Hyatt and Lior Delgo, are seasoned entrepreneurs who bring an extensive business-building experience to our organization. Our impressive board includes Dennis Nally (former Global Chairman of PwC), and Ron Johnson (former SVP of Apple).

We’re excited to deliver the best in both innovative technologies and customer-focused experiences to realize our mission of creating a more inclusive global economy. Come help us build something great!

Role Summary:

We are looking for a top NLP research scientist, who is seeking to innovate, exhibit strong ownership and accountability, and work with colleagues in Israel and abroad, as we continue to improve our ground breaking platform. Your role will be that of the applied researcher, but also that of the hands on innovator and the product and business facilitator. You’ll be leading projects from ideation, through solutioning using AI techniques, to deployment.

We're looking for a self-learner and a team player to help us set up and grow the new Tel-Aviv office! If you have extensive experience dealing with real world NLP problems, are well versed with deep networks and ML core – we want you!

What you will be doing:

Researching: take on a problem area, ingest and evaluate state of the art solution approaches, become the in-house expert on the subject and how to utilize it for our needs

Innovating: solve tough NLP problems, work with big data, small data and common sense to create out of the box solutions.

Collaborating: be a primary contributor to the design and implementation of our core NLP-powered products. Work with other data scientists, as well as with engineers, product and sales to drive products from ideation to deployment.

Learning: our offices span the globe, and you’ll be learning from, and also teaching, other veteran data scientists and engineers.

 What we're looking for:

PHD/ M.Sc. in Computer Science/Mathematics/Physics/Engineering or equivalent relevant field

At least 2+ years of hands on experience working as an NLP Data Scientist.

Diverse experience with ML, having worked with deep networks, model development, statistics, data visualization, optimization, and software development.

Proficiency with Python data stack: Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch or Tensorflow.

Familiarity with modern NLP techniques (BERT, GPT-2 etc.), and modern NLP libraries e.g spaCy, torchtext, (pytorch)-transformers (GPT II, XLNet, BERT)

Experience collaborating cross functionally in the development of machine learning products (e.g. FE and BE Engineering, Product, Sales, etc.)

Self-starter, independent and innovative

Great English communication skills, both written and verbal.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We believe diversity makes teams better and that discrimination based on race, gender, or anything else is self-defeating.

Common Ground is an early stage startup providing software solutions for an unprecedented level of human interaction over digital, by fusing together cutting edge technologies: geometry processing, computer vision, deep learning and innovative real time 3D video compression.

Needless to say, this is a very hot field in these crazy days of working from home.

The startup was founded by two very talented and experienced serial entrepreneurs: 
Amir Bassan-Eskenazi  is the CEO.
Ran Oz is the CTO. Ran has founded 6 companies. So far, 3 IPOs, 2 M&As, 2 Tech Emmy Awards.
We are well funded and are planning to grow fast.
It's a good opportunity for people that would like to be first employers of an early stage startup with seasoned founders that aims high.  
We are building a very strong technical team of deep learning, computer vision and computer graphics developers.
We are now hiring for the following position:
Computer Vision and Deep Learning research engineer

Desired skills:

  1. Experience in computer vision (3D reconstruction, Tracking, Inverse Modeling etc.).
  2. Experience in deep learning and relevant environments (Python, Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc).

At least 2 of the following:

  1. Expertise in 3D reconstruction or multiview geometry.
  2. Experience with video processing (motion tracking, stitching, stabilization).
  3. Experience with generative models (GANs, VAEs).
  4. Experience in C++.
  5. Strong theoretical background in AI/Machine Learning/Statistics.

Here at the CV team at Innoviz, we develop state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms that address the various perception tasks required for autonomous vehicles. We implement, evaluate and improve upon cutting-edge research, using a mix of classical and machine-learning methods that work in the point-cloud domain, while working on our sensor’s unique, proprietary data.

These days, the team is expanding, and looking for top-notch Computer Vision Researcher to join our team.

The professional we are looking for should be an experienced Computer Vision engineer, a team player provide innovative solutions and deliver state of the art results.


·      Solid background in Computer Vision: 3+ years of experience developing Computer Vision Algorithms

·      Solid software skills

·      Experience with data driven solutions

·      Experience with 3D Geometry and Data – an advantage

·      Experience with Python and Object Oriented practices. OpenCV, C/C++ – an advantage

·      Experience in optimized implementation and/or algorithm design for Embedded platforms is an advantage

·      Excellent communication and teamwork skills

·      Passion for cutting-edge technologies and product delivery

Research Engineer


HyperCube is pioneering a deep learning platform for information retrieval. We provide customers with deep learning search, recommendation, and personalization capabilities that until now have been in the hands of a few large tech giants. By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, HyperCube transforms datasets and models into a powerful serving engine that is delightful to use at any scale.

If you’re excited about hard problems at the intersection of AI, machine learning, search engines, and databases, we would love to meet you! We are looking for talented and friendly developers who dare to make an impact. Our team includes founders of multiple startups, CS professors, and world-class scientists and engineers. 

As a Software Engineer, you will architect, build and maintain large scale distributed systems, manage cloud based services, tackle challenging algorithmic problems, experiment with and benchmark various solutions, and present results at technical conferences.

Our current tech stack includes AWS, Kubernetes, Python, C++.

You should have:

  • At least three years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • Proficiency in at least one scripting language, such as Python, Scala
  • Proficiency in at least one compiled language, such as C++, Go, Java

And you should have experience in at least two of the following:

  • At least one deep learning framework, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet
  • Building web-scale services and distributed systems
  • Productionizing machine learning models and applications
  • Embeddings and nearest-neighbor search algorithms
  • Information retrieval (Lucene, ElasticSearch, database internals, etc)
  • Hardware acceleration (CPU, GPU, TPU, FPGA, etc)

Applied Scientist


HyperCube is pioneering a deep learning platform for information retrieval. We provide customers with deep learning search, recommendation, and personalization capabilities that until now have been in the hands of a few large tech giants. By pushing the boundaries of science and technology, HyperCube transforms collections and models into a powerful serving engine that is delightful to use, at any scale.

If you’re excited about hard problems at the intersection of AI, machine learning, search engines, and databases, we would love to meet you! We are looking for collaborative scientists who move nimbly between research and production and dare to make an impact. Our team includes founders of multiple startups, CS professors, and world-class scientists and engineers.

As an Applied Scientist, you will design, benchmark and implement high-performance algorithms and data structures. You will train models, generate insights from data, produce state of the art deep learning research, publish at academic and technical conferences, and communicate with tech leads and customers.

You will have:

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or Statistics
  • Proven research track record: publication of peer-reviewed results in AI/ML
  • Proven applied science track record: creation of production facing technologies
  • Proven expertise in AI, machine learning, algorithms, and/or data structures

You should have experience in:

  • At least one deep learning framework, such as Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet
  • Knowledge in information retrieval models and metrics
  • Collaboration experience with scientists and developers

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