AR-51 develops state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms with the ambitious goal of improving the AR experience by blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds.  We develop, evaluate, and improve today’s cutting-edge research. We use a mixture of classical computer vision techniques and deep/machine-learning methods in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the real world. 

We are expanding the team and looking for top-notch Computer-Vision Researchers to join our team. The professional we are looking for should be experienced in Computer Vision, a team player, should provide innovative solutions and deliver state-of-the-art results, and who takes great pleasure in solving hard problems.   


  • Conducting applied research.
  • Actively participating in tech transfer of new research into products.
  • Exploring new research developments in the field.


  • M.Sc or Ph.D. degree in a technical field from a top tier university or equivalent experience with Solid software skills
  • Demonstrated ability to generate new ideas and innovate.
  • Solid background in Computer Vision: 3+ years of experience developing Computer Vision Algorithms
  • Experience with Python and OpenCV
  • Experience with Deep learning
  • Experience with data-driven solutions
  • Experience with Object-Oriented practices and C/C++ – an advantage 
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Passion for cutting-edge technologies and product delivery
  • Experience with 3D transformations – an advantage 
  • Experience with augmented reality – an advantage


  • Track record of excellence and drive for results
  • Organized, detail-oriented
  • Very curious and fast learner, hands-on approach
  • Independent, communicative – able to articulate findings and insights clearly, both verbally and in writing

Job Description:

Intel Wireless Communication Solutions (WCS), is a world-class leader in wireless connectivity and the industry's #1 provider of PC Wi-Fi/BT solutions. WCS powers ultra-fast, low latency, low power and ultra-reliable wireless connectivity for 100's of million people worldwide, enhancing experiences that range from businesses, education and health to gaming and industrial services.
Latest developments open up novel emerging applications for wireless radios that enhance their capabilities beyond communications, including novel user interfaces changing the way we interact with our devices, advanced environment scenario detection and enhanced networking capabilities. Those applications require novel and enhanced signal processing that combines traditional algorithms with AI and Neural Networks that are integrated directly with the radio device.
You will be joining a team of advanced wireless research in charge of developing next generation radio systems and supporting algorithms.
You are expected to lead a research activity around usage models of AI/DSP in conjunction with modern radios including above applications.


Above 5 years of experience in AI/DSP.
M.Sc./Ph.D. and academic research experience in AI/DSP (an advantage).
Experience in wireless systems (an advantage)
Curiosity/Open mind and endless desire to learn and improve.
Ability to work independently and with Global Engineering teams.
Proven experience in Python and Matlab.

What you’ll be doing:

As part of the Customer Engagement Analytics research team you will deal with a diverse range of problems such as text and meta-data based prediction, natural language processing, speech analytics, sentiment, clustering, word embedding, etc.

As part of your role you will have a chance to work with the latest technologies such Transformers and wav2vec.

You will be expected to provide insights to millions of users from real-life of customer interactions.

The work is both analytical and experimental in nature and includes prototyping of new algorithms, investigating data, and evaluating algorithm performance.

In this role you will work together with other researchers and product in identifying needs, defining the research topics and the desired outcomes as well as collaborate with and coach other researchers in the lab.

Come and be a part of our passionate, talented, and data-driven team.

* Our working model combines remote work and office time

What you’ll need:

  • Advanced degree in computer science or related fields doing research in the fields of Machine Learning
  • 5+ years’ hands-on experience in researching and implementing classic, deep learning and preferably also transformer-based algorithms
  • High proficiency in Python
  • Practical experience with machine learning and deep learning packages, such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow/Keras, Spacy, Hugging Face etc.
  • Experience working with real-life data and performing exploratory analysis
  • Ability to effectively communicate in English complex concepts in a clear and professional manner
  • Good knowledge of the field, being up to date on the state of the art
  • Good analytical skills and original thinking
  • Independent and innovative with the ability to lead an applied research task from problem definition to delivery
  • Team player
  • Fluent in English

Extra points for

  • Experience with visualization
  • Linguistic background

Would be very NICE to see:

If you have any of the below, we highly recommend adding them to your CV. We'd love to learn about what you've done so far

  • A link to a post you wrote or an interesting presentation you’ve given
  • Open source projects you’ve created or contributed to
  • Interesting, non-trivial problems you’ve dealt with

NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leading provider of software solutions that enable organizations to take the next best action in order to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets. NICE solutions are used by over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.

NICE’s solutions empower organizations to capture, analyze, and apply, in real time, insights from both structured and unstructured data. This data comes from multiple sources, including phone calls, mobile apps, emails, chat, social media, video, and transactions.

If you are looking to be part of a dynamic team working in an exciting environment with global challenges, this is the job you’ve been looking for!

Our algorithms team is responsible for all of the computer vision challenges the company is facing, tackling complex real-world indoor localization problems that directly affect the company’s success. You’d be joining a team of experienced researchers leading the research and implementation of our algorithmic engine analysing large streams of visual data from construction sites, together with 3D models.

What you'll do:

  • Face challenges in areas of SLAM/SFM and localization for indoor environments,using 3D computer-vision algorithms to meet unmatched accuracy and reliability demands.
  • Own the complete research cycle,from requirements to design, implementation and benchmarking, producing innovative solutions for core company problems.
  • Be part of a vibrant team of bright and experienced engineers bringing the construction industry into the digital age.


  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced startup working environment.
  • 3+ years of experience researching computer-vision problems.
  • MSc. in CS/EE/Similar departments.
  • Proficiency in python.
  • Experience working with 3D data, including SLAM/SFM, localization or 3D-Reconstruction.
  • Deep theoretical and hands-on knowledge in the fields of deep learning for computer vision problems – advantage.
  • Experience with deep learning libraries (TensorFlow/PyTorch) – advantage.
  • Good vibes and a sense of humor – must.

Come [legally] hack with us the data on the largest exchange that’s running our world. Not NASDAQ; the one with way more events – the Global Ads Exchanges, where millions of ads are born and clicked every second.

Step behind the curtain of algorithms and competitors that move $1T of annual budgets. Plunge into a world of ISP-volumes of traffic, sub-second predictions and TBs of live, real-world data. Use cutting-edge analysis, ML and engineering or just plain hacker-like thinking to out-perform the market.

Arpeely is a Data-Science startup, leveraging data analysis, ML, engineering, multi-disciplinary thinking to gain a market edge and exploit hidden opportunities in real-time advertising. Processing over 0.5m requests per second and serving over 20B sub-second predictions daily, we build and operate Machine Learning algorithms running on the world’s largest Real-time-bidding (RTB) Ad-Exchanges. Arpeely is a Google AdX vendor and serves clients spanning from startups to Fortune-50 companies.

As an Applied Research Scientist, you will solve company-strategic challenges by coming up with novel algorithms and super-charge existing ones while working in a fast-paced, quick-feedback rewarding environment. You’ll see your breakthroughs proliferate across cross-company challenges having an immediate impact in the company’s bottom-line success.

What You’ll Do:

Solve complex and strategic data challenges and proliferate knowledge and breakthroughs cross-company

Own the process end-to-end from research, theorization, strategy development to deployment, outcome analysis and refinement

Merge theory with practice by designing strategies and algorithms within the company’s core acquisition engine, deploy them end-to-end and see their success in production

Become the focal point of the Machine and Deep Learning areas of expertise within the company and guide fellow data scientists, researchers and analysts

Enjoy a high level of autonomy in a fast-paced business and work environment within a small and growing organization

Collaborate with a team of A-player researchers and engineers to solve complex data and market problems

Who we are looking for:

5+ years of experience working as a Data Scientist in an innovative environment

MSc/ PhD in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Physics, Statistics, Applied Math, or relevant qualifications

Proven experience building ML/DL solutions in production (using TensorFlow/Pytorch)

Proven ability of leading and delivering complex research projects.

Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms.

Experience in RTB, AdTech, FinTech – Bonus

Prior experience in startup environments – Bonus

Data Scientist


We are seeking a researcher for a key position in our data science and algorithms team, with a significant opportunity to drive the next-generation technology of our company. Activities include rapid prototyping of solutions to data-driven problems using the most advanced deep learning techniques in both the domains of images and text and transferring the work to our live cloud-compute system. We have a direct-to-deploy mindset and the CI backend to support it and also publish articles and patents. Join our fast-paced team, including established research scientists, to build the next revolution in computational document processing.


  • in Computer Science, Math, related fields, or relevant coursework – Must.
  • A least 2 years of experience in a similar role – Must.
  • Programming: Python – Must, C++ – nice to have.
  • Experience with Deep Learning, NLP, or Computer Vision – Must.
  •  Linux fluency (scripting, command line), containerized deployment, AWS – preferred.
  • Experience with collaborative coding, source control techniques, software project management – required. Git, CI/CD – preferred.
  • Datastore and management: SQL – nice to have.

Clinical Data Scientist

Anthem Innovation Israel

A leading innovative US healthcare company (F50) is looking for a Data Scientist with Clinical/Healthcare experience for its new Israeli Innovation Center in Tel Aviv.

Interested in making an impact and helping make healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible? Then read on…

If you feel that you have the energy, passion and the skills to develop models that predict diseases years before they occur, and using massive amounts of data from more than 40M people excites you, come join us!


  • Ph.D./MSc in Data Science field, such as Biostatistics / Bioinformatics / Biomedical Engineering or similar
  • Background in population health / clinical informatics, with an excellent understanding of statistics.
  • 4+ years of Data Science/Machine Learning research experience in the healthcare industry
  • Solid understanding of statistics and machine learning algorithms
  • Excellent programming capabilities with python and experience with DS tools such as sci-kit-learn, pandas, NumPy, scipy, impala/Hadoop
  • SQL – a must
  • Big data experience (at a scales of >Million records) – an advantage
  • Experience working with clinical data / EMR – a major plus
  • Ability to communicate scientific data and analysis to non-scientists
  • A quick, flexible curious mind, able to rapidly learn new fields and use data science and machine learning to improve decision making and workflows.
  • Can-do attitude, problem solver, and team player


  1. Working with us is more than a job. It’s a calling to create a healthier society through meaningful work, focused on improving 80 million lives a year by delivering innovative solutions across the health continuum.
  2. This is an exceptional opportunity to do innovative at one of America's leading health benefits companies and a Fortune Top 50 company.
  3. You will work in an innovative startup environment with the support and resources of a Fortune 50 company.
  4. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an inspiring healthcare company that prioritizes data and to work with one of the biggest unique databases in the world.
  5. We offer you the opportunity to advance your career in an environment that supports work-life balance and continuous learning. Making a difference begins right here, where you come first.


We are committed to a short and effective recruiting process. We do not ask for CV. To jump-start the process, please send us a link to your social networking profile and a short intro with a few words about why you are qualified for this position. This helps speed up the process and lets us get to know you better.

After you apply you will hear back from us, even if we don't see a fit.

About our company

By 2025, we want to provide 10,000,000+ people, working for the world's leading organizations, with cutting-edge skills and create a nimble workforce ready to compete in the 21st century. We at, see a world where people can work alongside machines, and not be displaced by them, where automation and AI help create and identify the jobs of the future.

What role are we seeking?

Data Scientist NLP expert


Our team is looking for a brilliant and experienced data scientist to join our top talent team of and data scientists and leverage skills such as automatic knowledge-based understanding, entity recognition, and graph representations to the edge, by using NLP models such as state-of-the-art transformers to integrate diverse data sources, and ambitiously generating the world’s first multi-dimensional people-skills-jobs space. Lead and conduct research and production-grade implementation of novel technologies working alongside a multi-disciplinary team of software engineers and product specialists, Ph.D. and M.Sc. backgrounds, and many years of domain experience.


  • At least MSc in Computer Science or equivalent
  • At least three years of experience as a researcher
  • Experience in deep neural networks, especially in transformer architecture and graph embeddings
  • Full working Proficiency with open source ML frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Python Master with a hands-on attitude
  • Good interpersonal, problem-solving & logical reasoning skills

NICE Realtime Authentication (RTA) is looking for an experienced Expert Researcher to join our team for a full-time position.
As a researcher in our team, you will take part in advanced exploratory research.

If you are looking to be part of a dynamic team working on exciting and industry leader products, this is the job you’ve been looking for!

What you’ll be doing:

  • The ranges of problems you will deal with include machine learning, deep-learning, clustering, speech/signal processing, diarization, speaker verification/recognition, fraud detection.
  • The work is both analytical and experimental in nature and includes development and prototyping of new algorithms, fine-tuning state of the art models and evaluating their performance on extensive data sets.
  • In this role you will cooperate with junior/senior researchers in identifying needs, defining the research topics and the desired outcomes as well as collaborating with researchers in the lab on joint tasks.

What you’ll need:

  • MSc/PhD graduate in EE/computer science or related fields doing research in the fields of machine learning, clustering algorithms, deep learning, NLP, speech, dynamic programing.
  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Experience in implementing algorithms using Python
  • Experience in deep learning frameworks such as Keras, TF, CNTK or similar
  • Good analytical skills and creative thinking
  • Good system-level understanding of problems
  • Independent and innovative with the ability to lead problem definition and goal definition processes
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluent in English

Would be very NICE if you have:

  • Experience working with GPU-enhanced Amazon instances, EC2, S3.
  • Knowledgeable regarding GPU hardware and drivers installation
  • Experience working with ONNX

Would be very NICE to see:

  • “Out of the box” thinker who is not afraid to “step out of your comfort zone” regarding research approaches.

If you have any of the below, we highly recommend adding them to your CV. We'd love to learn about what you've done so far

  • A link to a post you wrote or an interesting presentation you’ve given
  • Open source projects you’ve created or contributed to
  • Interesting, non-trivial problems you’ve dealt with

The IBM Language and Conversation research team is looking for  an enthusiastic AI researcher who majored in Deep Learning NLP to help us craft the future of IBM products and services, and push the boundaries on the state-of-the-art in language understanding, conversational systems and language generation.

Working as part of our team means you can bring your ideas to life through the full cycle of defining the research challenge, working with real data, performing the research, and innovating to solve and implement it. You will publish your research in top conferences, deliver it, and watch it come to life in the field.
If you love to create innovative algorithms, are passionate about applying technology to real-life problems, think out-of-the-box, and are interested in joining a group of top researchers solving challenging problems – your place is with us!

Job responsibilities

  • Conducting research in the area of language and conversation, advancing the state of the art, and publishing in top AI conferences
  • Initiating and leading new strategic research directions through a full lifecycle of inception, validation, experiments and implementation.
  • Efficiently implementing algorithms, defining data sets and benchmarks and running experiments on real data
  • Constantly reviewing relevant literature to identify emerging methods or technologies and current best practices
  • Following the market, products and understanding customer needs, to find innovative solutions to real customer problems.
  • Developing algorithms as software components and supporting their integration into IBM products

Why join us now?
Now is your chance to influence the next generation of conversational systems and language research.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • PhD or MSc in computer science or related fields
  • Excellent academic record in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning, Machine Learning, or Reinforcement Learning
  • Work experience in the above fields is an advantage
  • Deep and broad understanding of foundations up to state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning techniques, including hands-on experience with deep learning frameworks. Experience in designing deep learning architectures, as well as implementing in a real-world setting.
  • Familiarity with NLP concepts and related tasks, such as language modeling, machine translation, summarization.
  • Hands on experience in writing code in Java and Python
  • Innovative thinking, creativity, and self-learning

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience

Extra points for

  • Excellent programming and engineering skills
  • Expertise in Knowledge Representation (semantic models, knowledge graphs, etc.) and reasoning

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