The NLP team is working with Customer Success (CS) Speech & Text, to bring the voice of the customer to decision-makers, by listening to the Customer calls in order to identify what actions are needed to help our customers, and how to better run our business.

We are helping CS experts and experts’ managers by automating the call summarization process, as well as providing expert metrics and coaching insights to improve our CS service.

Our projects:

  1. Using NLP to categorize the content of the customer interactions, in order to understand which parts we can change and improve in our UI, documentation or more, in order to improve the customer experience
  2. Automatically summarize the contents of each customer interaction, in order to optimize note-taking by reps
  3. Developing models that grade different angles of rep customer interactions (professionalism, empathy levels), in order to enable better "Coaching" for their managers

What you'll bring

  • NLP Knowledge is an advantage, or affinity to textual data
  • Deep interest in cutting-edge innovative technologies in NLP, AI, ML or DL
  • Deep technical understanding of underlying DS concepts (not just training models)
  • Collaboration with partners across the globe, to deliver complex projects
  • Maturity
  • Quick learner, adaptable, with the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to conduct meetings and make professional presentations, and to explain complex concepts and technical material to non-technical users
  • Strong project management and stakeholder management skills
  • Advantages:
    • We welcome people who can deliver E2E AI projects (inception to production). We primarily use Python in all stages of development
    • Fluent in SQL enough to get the data you need from a warehouse (Vertica, Hive, SparkSQL)
    • Comfortable working in a Linux environment
    • Experience with building end-to-end reusable pipelines from data acquisition to model output delivery

How you will lead

Leading the first project which is the flagship of the team. It has the highest data volume (100K calls/day, about 400GB). The project is in production.

The next stages in the roadmap:

  • Explainable AI
  • Trend Identification that goes uncategorized (e.g. COVID19)

How you’ll succeed

  • Own your projects. Lead ideas from conception to production
  • Bring both new features to production by the course of the first 12 months
  • Apply research to create high impact solutions
  • Publish papers and/or patents of your work
  • Represent your team’s innovation to the wider organization

Come join Intuit’s Smart Products and Insights data science team as a Staff Data Scientist. The team is a data science team in a growing domain, focusing on one of Intuit’s strategic goals, designing and building a new and exciting customer-facing, data science-based AI+ML features to help small businesses to thrive.

For this growing domain within Intuit, we are looking for a fully hands-on Data Scientist; a true entrepreneurial spirit, and a team player; an individual with great business acumen and passion to explore, define, and solve important customer problems.

What you'll bring

  • Deep connection to the product and the customers
  • Deep interest in cutting-edge innovative technologies in NLP, AI, ML, or DL
  • Deep technical understanding of underlying DS concepts (not just training models)
  • Collaboration with partners across the globe, to deliver complex projects
  • Maturity
  • Quick learner, adaptable, with the ability to work independently or as part of a team in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to conduct meetings and make professional presentations, and to explain complex concepts and technical material to non-technical users
  • Advantages:
    • Economics and Behavioural Economics background
    • Experience with time series analysis, causal inference analysis, NLP, XAI
    • We welcome people who can deliver E2E AI projects (inception to production). We primarily use Python in all stages of development
    • Fluent in SQL enough to get the data you need from a warehouse (Vertica, Hive, SparkSQL)
    • Comfortable working in a Linux environment
    • Experience with building end-to-end reusable pipelines from data acquisition to model output delivery

How you will lead

  • Be an active partner of the full cycle of iterative data-driven feature exploration, including hypothesis formulation, algorithm development, data cleansing, testing, insight generation, and visualization
  • Writing and implementing efficient code
  • Interact with a variety of data sources, working closely with peers and partners to refine the product needs, using the underlying data
  • Work and collaborate with other teams across intuit in Israel and abroad
  • Design and build systems that improve machine learning scalability, usability, and performance
  • Work cross-functionally with product managers, data scientists, and engineers to understand, implement, refine, and design machine learning and other algorithms
  • Effectively communicate results to peers and leaders
  • Down the road – Explore the state-of-the-art technologies and apply them to deliver customer benefits

How you’ll succeed

  • Own your projects. Lead ideas from conception to production
  • Work with product managers to accurately define the product features, and build it accordingly
  • Bring both new features to production by the course of the first 12 months
  • Apply research to create high impact solutions
  • Publish papers and/or patents of your work
  • Represent your team’s innovation to the wider organization
Looking for data science and machine learning expert freelancer.
Background and overview:
We have an early-stage system consisting of a mobile app for collecting voice samples and an algorithm for analyzing these samples for various indicators of the subject's underlying mental state. The algorithm was hand-crafted using general purpose tools and implemented in python.
These days we have completed a stage where we have collected recordings and analyzed them using our algorithm.
The need:
We now wish to validate the algorithm and assess its output and prediction capabilities.

BriefCam® is the industry’s leading provider of Video Synopsis® solutions for rapid video review and search, real-time alerting, and quantitative research insights.

We’re growing and looking for a talented and versatile Senior Algorithm Developer to join our Algorithm Researchers Team, the driving force behind our Deep Learning based AI.


  • We are looking for talented people with lots of experience, strong technical and innovative skills, who can learn quickly, solve complex problems and introduce new capabilities.
  • Developing Deep Neural Networks and Computer Vision algorithms to address video understanding and summarization.
  • Researching and implementing state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms
  • Leading projects and feature development
  • Working closely with the data and infrastructure team and the performance and optimization team
  • Acting as a leading member of the algorithm development team and as a source of knowledge, while reporting to the team leader


  • Ph.D. /M.Sc. in Computer Science or similar
  • At least 8 years of professional experience in the fields of Machine and Deep Learning
  • Vast theoretical knowledge in the above fields
  • Solid Python programming skills
  • Ability to lead projects and develop features from research to implementation
  • Very good interpersonal skills combined with an ability and will to mentor and guide other team members
  • Experience in Computer Vision – advantage.
  • Experience in C/C++ – advantage

From the official site:

Jungo is growing our in-cabin AI software team

At Jungo we provide leading edge software for driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing solution, all AI/Deep based – enabling auto makers to create safer cars today, and transition into autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.  Signed way too many customers, so we are growing.

  • Designing and testing of complex computer vision algorithm for state-of-the-art driver monitoring application
  • Maintaining, testing and analyzing existing components
  • Hands on development in C++ & Python

On a personal level:

Jungo is a growing startup in the area of DMS – Driver Monitoring Systems. (TL;DR like Mobileye, but for the driver and the passengers). If you're a student, recent graduate, or a "senior" with knowledge in machine learning and computer vision, and you're looking for a challenging and meaningful position, we can have a match.

What do we aim to achieve?

Insights on the driver and the passengers.

What if we could prevent car accidents which are caused by distracted drivers? What if we could assist new drivers gain safer driving habits? What if we could save lives by preventing kids being left behind in vehicles, or tell you that you forgot your phone/bag/etc' in the car. What if we could make the transition from autonomous-driving to manual-driving safer? and the list goes on…

Which team will you join?

R&D team.

How will you help?

General tasks:

– Develop new models

– Improve existing models

– Create and manipulate large and accurate data sets

– Create and improve the code that uses the model's prediction

– Participate in team and company meetings (Technical and non-technical nature).

Relevant skills:

Languages, tools, frameworks, etc':

Python, C++, OpenCv, Tensorflow, Linux, SQL, etc'….

The IQVIA Translation Services Head of Technology & Product Development leads all executive decisions with regards to the technological interests of the IQVIA Localization business. They are responsible for outlining the technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company's business needs. This role will be responsible for stimulating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

You will:

  • Hold the ownership and ultimate responsibility from a Technology and product development perspective on ITS software suite
  • Identify, lead, and manage innovative approaches to business challenges and work with teams inside and outside IQVIA organization to deliver customer centric solutions and services
  • Have a disruptive and innovative mind set with forward thinking vision to nurture new ideas from concept, through pilot and into production
  • Develop & execute the strategy for IQVIA Translations
  • Evaluate and implement new systems and infrastructure
  • Understand the suite of technology applications & key business drivers of our clients, ensuring that our solutions meet with customer requirements
  • Responsible for developing relationships with customers and developing unique solutions tailored to customer need
  • Partner with IQVIA innovation team to continuously explore innovation and benefit from IQVIA innovation and incubation network

We are looking for a Head of Technology & Product Development to provide sound technical leadership & vision in all aspects of our Localization business. You will communicate with employees, stakeholders and clients, ensuring IQVIA differentiates ourselves in the market through our advanced technology solutions & ease of doing business with.

Strategic thinking and strong business acumen are essential in this role. We expect you to be well-versed in current technological trends, with experience within the language industry, AI/ML & having worked in a regulated field, where healthcare or life sciences would be preferential.

Your Responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborate with business leaders & customers to develop & manage the long-term strategic roadmap, ensuring alignment to the overall business objectives
  • Conduct research to improve the technological assets of the service
  • Stay current with emerging technical innovations & application development technologies & solutions with the Localization industry. Discover and evaluate new technologies that yield competitive advantage
  • Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with our business goals
  • Works with marketing & product managers to define new products
  • Help departments use technology profitably & support with adoption
  • Undertakes customer needs analysis; designs solutions and recommends products to meet those needs; and conducts customer product demonstrations and presentations where required
  • Supervise system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency
  • Build quality assurance and data protection processes, ensuring adherence to IT standards & procedures, that all work meets computer systems validation requirements & software delivery process adheres to regulated SDLC as applicable. Ensure that any issues identified in QA or customer audits are appropriately addressed
  • Ensure all technology activities conform to IQVIA IT security standards & all data & systems are properly protected. Ensure proactive monitoring exists to detect intrusions, violations, or other unauthorized access
  • Develop & test the IT disaster recovery plan in conjunction with the business continuity plan
  • Create supporting business cases, including financial impact & benefits statements to support technical solutions
  • Monitor KPIs and budgets to assess technological performance. Consistently evaluate technical efficiency and makes changes as necessary
  • Use stakeholders’ feedback to inform necessary improvements and adjustments to technology
  • Communicate technology strategy to partners and customers
  • Lead a team of solution architects who will be responsible for the development & maintenance of new IQVIA technologies & business essential services
  • Manage staff in accordance with the organization’s policies & applicable legislation. Responsibilities include planning, assigning & directing work; appraising performance & guiding professional development; rewarding & disciplining employees; addressing employee relations issues & resolving problems

Hippo is a hyper-growth Unicorn startup that is taking the market by storm. Our technology-first approach modernizes the homeownership and insurance industry, from IoT monitoring devices to proactive home protection and our industry-leading cloud software.
We opened a new, cutting edge technology innovation center in TLV. Our small, elite, and rapidly growing team is responsible for tackling Hippo’s core business challenges. These include a diverse range of data science challenges around the entire customer's life-cycle, from marketing through risk, smart home (IoT), customer support, and fraud detection.

The Role:
As a senior data scientist, your responsibilities will include:
Take on projects end-to-end from business questions all the way to production.
Creative and curious thinking about core problems in the company.
Research and experimentation with state-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization and statistics algorithms to solve business problems, both current and beyond-the-horizon.
Improving and innovating on our data science practices, methodology, and projects.
Embedding deep learning and online optimization algorithms into our production systems.
Lead and design data science, and data collection process and practices throughout Hippo.


Ph.D./Msc in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Operations Research/Statistics/Mathematics/Physics, or equivalent, preferably focusing on machine learning / AI
Proficiency in Deep learning
Minimum 4 years of relevant work experience
Curious, creative, and hungry for impact
Expertise in machine learning algorithms and tools such as Tensorflow, Keras, and Pytorch
Strong coding skills in Python
Experience with SQL
Experience in deploying machine learning products in our live production environment – an advantage
Familiarity with MLOps methods – Docker, Kubernetes, GCP Etc – an advantage
Experience with Spark and other big data tools – an advantage
Team player, responsible, delivery-oriented
Strong communication and leadership skills
Excellent spoken and written English

Excellent conditions!!!

NVIDIA Networking BU (formerly Mellanox) AI group is growing and looking for an outstanding data scientist to join the team. If you're looking to work on something new and exciting with top Deep Learning researchers from NVIDIA or if you are passionate about solving problems with real impact on billions of users, your place is with us.

What you'll be doing:

  • Researching and implementing state-of-the-art machine and deep learning algorithms.
  • Develop, prototype, and analyze DL/ML models in the fields of Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Anomaly Detection, Clustering, Genetic Algorithms, and more.
  • Work closely with different partners to define business needs, data and model deployments.
  • You will also have the responsibility of teaching and guiding the development team in the process of algorithm implementation and production.

What we need to see:

  • M.Sc/PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other relevant fields
  • 3+ years experience as a data scientist
  • Experience with Deep Learning frameworks (TF/Pytorch)
  • Excellent programming, debugging and code optimization skills
  • Experience delivering AI product from research to production
  • Be able to work hands-on independently and at the same time be a team player
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Background with Linux and Git

Ways to stand out from the crowd:

  • Ability to work independently with minimal direction
  • Background with working on unsupervised/semi-supervised tasks with complex structured data
  • Experience with Reinforcement learning – a big plus
  • Experience coding in C

With highly competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package, NVIDIA is widely considered to be one of the technology industry's most desirable employers. We have some of the most forward-thinking and hardworking people in the world working with us and our engineering teams are growing fast in some of the hottest state of the art fields: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. If you're a creative engineer with a real passion for robust and enjoyable user experiences, we want to hear from you.

NVIDIA is committed to encouraging a diverse work environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. As we highly value diversity in our current and future employees, we do not discriminate (including in our hiring and promotion practices) on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability status or any other characteristic protected by law.

We are looking for Senior Researcher for applied Machine Learning and Data Science in the Research & Innovation team at Our solution uses machine learning and AI to help people and companies to have better conversations. It is used by tens of thousands of people to improve their skills, help managers and team mates to coach, share information and facilitate better meetings.
As a Senior Researcher, you’ll join a team of experienced researchers, building Machine Learning features that power the Chorus platform. These include improving our in house Speech Recognition, Speaker Separation, Image Understanding and Indexing, NLP features and data science analytics.
This position is hands-on and requires programming skills (we write production grade code), ML understanding and the ability to learn new skills and frameworks (PyTorch, Kaldi, Spacy, and in general whatever works).

What You Will Do:

    • Help customer-facing positions communicate better, by turning unstructured human conversations into actionable predictions and coaching opportunities.
    • Translate business problems into Machine Learning projects, brainstorm to identify the best approach, and conduct hands-on research to weave together data, product thinking, and algorithms to generate business value.
    • Write production-grade code that serves top brands.
    • Continuously evolve and help others evolve professionally, through joint work and mentoring, staying up-to-date with the latest ML developments.
    • Use the generated data to produce impactful insights for our customers.

What You Bring To the Table:

    • Experience in ML, NLP, Vision or data science
    • Excellent business understanding and communication skills
    • Intimate familiarity with a variety of Machine Learning disciplines and algorithms
    • A PhD or Master degree in machine learning,  data analysis or statistics research
    • Experience in the industry of 3+ years
We are looking for candidates who are passionate about achieving a deep understanding of the problems domains, creating solutions that work and working with engineering to deploy them.

Machine learning engineer

Clew Medical innovative analytics solution alerts ICU teams about a patient's possible deterioration so they can provide the right treatment before their condition becomes critical.

We are looking for Machine learning engineer expert to join our team as we productize product offering and expanding predictive analytics capabilities to new clinical areas. The ideal candidate should be eager to learn and grow as well as comfortable jumping headfirst into new concepts and technologies.

What will you do?

As a Senior ML Engineer, you will be part of the Data Science and analytics team which works on the development of cutting edge analytical and AI techniques in data intensive addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare:

·  Design and develop novel algorithms and machine learning models.

· Create and automate data pipelines including data extraction, validation & anomaly

detection, indexing and other data-related tasks.

·  Quickly iterate on design approaches and POCs based on data-driven research and client


·  Push the solutions all the way to production. Understand the architectural constraints

and work with an engineering and product team to quickly transition from prototype to

a scalable implementation.

Must have skills:

·  3+ years of hands-on experience in Python/Scala/Java/etc.

·  At least 1+ years of relevant experience and track record in Data Science: Statistical Data

Analysis, Algorithms and ML development.

· B.Sc., M.Sc. in CS or Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, or

similar discipline.

·   High technical competence that includes a track record of strong coding and individual

technical contribution

·  Proven experience creating and maintaining ML solutions in production systems.

·  Collaborative team player, able to work with doctors and clinical subject matter experts.

Extra points for:

· Experience with large datasets and distributed computing (Spark, Hive/Hadoop, etc.)

· Familiarity with databases and database structures (SQL/NoSQL)

· Great presentation skills and ability to explain complex solutions to non-technical


Things we appreciate

·  Strong analytical thinking ability

· Self-motivated and strong team contributor

· Ability to work in an agile and dynamic environment.

Why join us now?

Our product is operational, and we have strong financial backing from Israel’s leading venture capital funds. We are at a critical stage in product development and all team members are encouraged to take initiative and become full partners in this lie changing mission.

We have funding, ability, a strong team, and an important mission.

Join us for a life-changing mission!

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