Come and join us to lead the fight against cancer by discovering the next generation of cancer treatments, novel biomarkers and drug targets, and helping tailoring treatments for the individual patient while using cutting edge technologies of computer vision, deep learning and spatial biology.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the establishment of innovative spatial biology platforms, integrated to a multi-dimensional single-cell-omics data generation pipeline.
  • Design, develop and perform experiments to generate spatial datasets, including multiplex imaging and spatial transcriptomics.
  • Lead research projects with a multidisciplinary team including data scientist and software engineers
  • Optimize and troubleshoot experimental conditions to ensure high quality and high reproducibility of the data.
  • Collaborate closely with colleagues in the functional genomics team, computational biology / software engineering teams and provide support for application development.
  • Maintain extensive knowledge of the literature and best practices in spatial biology, in particular related to the immune system
  • Work with and present to key opinion leaders in the scientific community and Pharma industry


  • MD/PhD or PhD degree in Immunology or Cancer Biology.
  • Experience in designing and executing research projects in the field of cancer and immunology.
  • Experience in analyzing and interpreting clinical data.
  • Experience working with Python / MATLAB / R.
  • Knowledge in machine learning and/or deep learning algorithms
  • Interpersonal skills, collaboration, teamwork.


  • Previous work experience in the biotech industry.
  • Experience in spatial biology analysis and interpretation of high-plex images (e.g. MIBI, IMC, CODEX or comparable platforms).
  • Research in cancer biomarkers and/or immunotherapy target discovery.

We are looking for an experienced deep-learning/machine-learning/computer-vision researcher to join our algorithms team.

Our algorithms team is responsible for developing algorithmic data-driven solutions, using ML/DL/statistical-analysis, to be applied in clinical trials, drug research and clinical practice.

Why join us? 

There are plenty of reasons:

  • Your job matters, use your experience and skills to implement solutions that save lives.
  • Come as you are, Do what you love: We are a diverse team who are inspired to let our people bring their real self to work by providing an inclusive respectful work environment, and openness to feedback and ideas.
  • Work with amazing people that share a passion for using technology as a tool to achieve great things.
  • Work with a top notch team on complex vision and prediction problems.
  • Be a part of a fast growing startup backed by top VCs.


  • participate in research and development of state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms to find novel digital biomarkers that predict patients’ response to new treatments.
  • You will be working with clinical trial data as well as real world evidence, curated from leading medical institutions.
  • You’ll be dealing with multiple data modalities such as: tissue sample (WSI), genomics, clinical data, and more.


  • At least 2 years developing machine learning algorithms
  • At least 3 years of hands-on software/algorithms development experience
  • Deep learning and/or computer vision background – Advantage
  • Solid knowledge of statistical analysis methods – Advantage

A cancer patient wants to know that their diagnosis and treatment are determined with the greatest precision, and preferably using the most advanced technology. At Nucleai, we bring cancer patients cutting edge AI-based technology, by improving biopsy interpretation with machine learning and by creating novel precision medicine technology. Come and join our team of experienced AI engineers and world-renowned clinicians, and help us make a difference.

At NUCLEAI we believe that talents are our most valued asset and as such, hiring the right people is one of our most strategic missions.

As a Team Lead you will be responsible:

A cancer patient wants to know that their diagnosis and treatment are determined with the greatest precision, and preferably using the most advanced technology. At Nucleai, we bring cancer patients cutting edge AI-based technology, by improving biopsy interpretation with machine learning and by creating novel precision medicine technology. Come and join our team of experienced AI engineers and world-renowned clinicians, and help us make a difference.

At NUCLEAI we believe that talents are our most valued asset and as such, hiring the right people is one of our most strategic missions.

As a Team Lead you will be responsible:

  • Managing and leading a team of senior researchers and engineers.
  • Leading the algorithmic research & development efforts to build a scalable and reliable platform.
  • Work with clinical trial data as well as real world evidence, curated from leading medical institutions. You’ll be dealing with multiple data modalities such as: pathology images, genomics, clinical data, and more
  • Develop various SOTA deep learning algorithms that accurately analyze pathology images, as well as machine learning models that use that structured image data to predict response to drugs.


  • 3+ years of experience managing and inspiring ML teams.
  • 7+ years of experience in various software / algorithms development positions.
  • 3+ years of experience in machine learning / deep learning algorithms development.
  • Startup experience is an advantage.
  • PhD/MSc in relevant field – Must.

Why Vayyar?

Vayyar’s sensors create 4D images based on advanced RF technology. Our devices, either stand alone or integrated, are opening new capabilities, in a wide range of markets including automotive, smart home, medical, homeland security, retail and more.

As a machine learning researcher, you’ll be part of our machine learning team, responsible for designing and running experiments for versatile projects which bring the latest deep learning advances from theory to our products.

Vayyar has it all – all the technological domains, plethora of business verticals and lots of creative freedom!

Job requirements:

Passion is a must!

M.Sc/Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences or Physics

Solid (3+ years) ML experience as a Machine Learning Researcher, Data Scientist in perception/vision/3D products or a similar role with proven record in delivering ML models

Experience in Python with at least one of the following frameworks: Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow

At least 3 years of signals / sensors / communication algo experience – Strong Advantage

Experience in neural networks optimization for embedded environments – Advantage

Matlab knowledge – Advantage

INCRMNTAL is searching for the best Data Scientist out there!

We are a new startup founded by successful serial entrepreneurs with the vision to evolve digital marketing from the measurement of traffic to measuring VALUE.

Advertising for the past 100+ years has faced a strange dilemma: “Half the budget I spend on Advertising is wasted. The problem is – I don’t know which half” (John Wanamaker, 1838-1922)

We are a deep machine learning and AI company, using the latest technologies, to solve a really simple question – “which half is wasted?”

We are a new startup, launched in summer of 2020, backed by strategic investors from around the world who believe in what we’re doing.

We have customers and a constant flow of interest from the press, investors and more large companies who want to join us.

Role Description:

  • As a Data Scientist your role will be to:
  • Use analytical, statistical and technical skills to understand large, complex datasets with the aim to eliminate waste and measure incrementality for advertisers.
  • Lead, Develop & improve algorithms for automated decision making around lifetime value, causality, multi-touch attribution, and media mix optimization
  • Determine, analyze, maintain, and report on core marketing metrics to identify causal relationships between marketing actions and outcomes.
  • Translate data into actions and recommendations – appropriately interpreting and building on findings, and fully exploiting insights

You will also participate in important decisions around the product, our strategy as well as have the opportunity to choose the areas you work on based on what you want or like to do the most. We believe in helping each other get most of ourselves rather than do what we’re not interested in doing.

Key Requirements:

  • Min. 3 years of work experience in a commercial data science environment that requires the combined application of statistical & engineering skills
  • Strong statistical and research skills with a track record of using a variety of math and statistical methods (especially Causal Inference, Prediction models, Bayesian Method)
  • Excellent development skills (Python required, R or Scala a plus)
  • Experience in working on big data with distributed computing (Spark, Airflow, Kubernetes)
  • Familiarity with digital marketing, advertising or analytics is a plus
  • Extensive experience in the Time Series domain, working with small and large time series frames
  • Theoretical background knowledge like from a relevant BSc, MSc or PHD is a big advantage
    (e.g. in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics)

Benefits of Joining INCRMNTAL:

  • We are a new startup with a LOT of supporters and positive attention from investors, press and customers. Joining early means that you could be part of our success.
  • We have no set policies for time off or working hours. We respect one another to deliver the product, while treating each other as adults.
  • Excellent and committed employees will be granted share options.
  • We are passionate, solution-oriented people who are accountable to our actions.
  • We place our customers first and aspire to build a valuable solution to measuring value.
  • At INCRMNTAL, you should be ready to make decisions yourself. We say: “Don’t ask for permission – beg for forgiveness ”.
  • We care and respect one another, as we are ALL people – our titles define our roles and responsibilities, they do not differentiate us.

We are accepting applications regardless of any external factors. Everyone is welcome to apply.

Sayata is the leading marketplace for brokers to obtain insurance for their SMB clients. It is upending a massive industry (over $100B in the US alone) by creating a product with a superior user experience, leading to explosive growth. Sayata is well-funded, already working with the largest names in insurance, and as a result of the hyper-growth the company is expanding in both product capabilities and headcount.

We are looking for the first Algorithm Developer for a new and ambitious optimization product.

The ideal candidate is:

  • A communicative team player, still the one that everybody approaches when technical things need to be done.
  • Someone that is rightfully self-confident with the ability to take a central role in designing the entire process of a new price/risk modeling engine; and act as the lead technical authority in the design process.
  • With a passion for hands-on data-modeling phenomenological challenges
  • Nerdy native speaker and fluent in product speaking.


  • BSc. / EE graduate with excellence from a leading university
  • At least five years of experience in algorithm development or holds a Ph.D.
  • Excellent abilities in hands-on analyzing and solving problems
  • Highly motivated to work in a small and exceptional group and be part of the group building process.


  • Experience working in the fields of Algo-trading, or price optimization
  • Experience in machine-learning / data-mining / statistics
  • Experience with cyber and/or insurance
  • Experience with python

Come [legally] hack with us the data on the largest exchange that’s running our world. Not NASDAQ; the one with way more events – the Global Ads Exchanges, where millions of ads are born and clicked every second.

Step behind the curtain of algorithms and competitors that move $1T of annual budgets. Plunge into a world of ISP-volumes of traffic, sub-second predictions and TBs of live, real-world data. Use cutting-edge analysis, ML and engineering or just plain hacker-like thinking to out-perform the market.

Arpeely is a Data-Science startup, leveraging, data analysis, ML, engineering, multi-disciplinary thinking to gain a market edge and exploit hidden opportunities in real-time advertising. Processing over 350k requests per second and serving over 20B sub-second predictions daily, we build and operate Machine Learning algorithms running on the world’s largest Real-time-bidding (RTB) Ad-Exchanges. Arpeely is a Google AdX vendor and serves clients spanning from startups to Fortune-50 companies.

As our Senior Data Engineer, you will become the owner and gatekeeper of all data and data flows within the company. Bring data ingenuity and technological excellence while gaining deep business understanding.

This is an amazing opportunity to join a small and multi-disciplinary A-team while working in a fast-paced, modern cloud, data-oriented environment.

If you are experienced and still hungry to learn and impact – we’d love to have you on our team!

What You’ll Do:

  • Own and develop Arpeely DWH (Petabytes of data!)
  • Own the entire data development process, including business knowledge, methodology, quality assurance, and monitoring
  • Work on a high scale, real-time, real-world business-critical data stores and data endpoints
  • Design and implement efficient data solutions and architecture to support company growth
  • Design data profiling to identify anomalies and maintain data integrity
  • Identify opportunities to improve processes and strategies with technology solutions
  • Work in a results-driven, high paced, rewarding environment


  • Passionate for data
  • 4+ years experience as a Data Engineer or a similar role
  • Strong experience in SQL and Python
  • Good working knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Experience with high volume ETL/ELTs tools and methodologies – both batch and real-time processing
  • Hands-on experience in writing complex queries and optimizing them for performance
  • Able to understand complex data and data flows
  • Have a strong analytical mind with proven problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and drive them to completion
  • Independent and proactive
  • Fun to work with & a team player 🙂

Senior NLP Researcher


Our mission at SparkBeyond is harnessing humanity’s collective intelligence to solve the most important and impactful problems out there. After building a first-of-its-kind technology capable of automatically combining algorithms and structured datasets, and enabling deep discoveries, we’re now building the next pillar of SparkBeyond, written intelligence. We continuously strive for making significant breakthroughs, providing our clients with a best-performing, one of a kind, product and solving fundamental, real-world problems, across countless industries and domains.

What will you do?

  • Perform cutting-edge research on various NLP tasks such as fact extraction, information retrieval, logical inference, ontology building, disambiguation, and more.
  • Build a strategic technological frontier in a game-changing product.
  • Play a key part in establishing a unique, multidisciplinary pioneering team.
  • Bring your analytical skills and curiosity to life through performing applied research in NLP.
  • Develop NLP-based solutions from ideation to full production code, building software that implements AI algorithms while being robust, scalable, and delivering high performance.
  • Run crowdsourcing tasks to get data for your NLP algorithms
  • Work with various interfaces – Product, Full Stack Developers, Researchers, Data Scientists, UX, and many more.

What will you need?

  • M.Sc. / Ph.D. in NLP / Machine Learning / equivalent practical experience.
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in NLP.
  • 5+ hands-on Java / C# / Scala / Python programming experience.
  • Experience with state of the art deep learning-based NLP technologies
  • Experience in building production quality deployment of applications related to natural language processing.
  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques and algorithms and be able to apply them in data-driven natural language processing techniques.
  • Ability to rapidly prototype ideas/solutions, perform critical analysis, and use creative approaches for solving complex algorithmic problems.

General Motors Research Labs is seeking to hire a highly skilled and motivated AI researcher.

About Us

General Motors Research Labs Israel is an applied research center focusing on creating and evaluating innovations for future vehicles. Our researchers conduct independent technical work, while initiating and leading collaborative projects with colleagues at academia and industry, both in Israel and globally.

As a member of General Motors Research Labs, the Vehicle Controls group offers exciting opportunities for motivated researchers with outstanding capabilities to conduct research in applied AI for developing cutting edge, world changing technologies for GM’s future vehicles.

What You Will Do

As a part of the GM Research team, you will lead novel applied AI research. You will develop AI/ML technologies that will change the future of mobility. You will collaborate with world-class universities / industry partners while publishing research outcomes internally and externally. Broader research areas include:

  • Explore, invent, innovate, implement, evaluate and test algorithms as an independent yet integral member of a research team
  • Identify research gaps, propose, plan and execute complex research projects
  • Maintain state-of-the-art technical expertise in AI/ML
  • Generate intellectual property, document results and publish papers
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment including cross-functional global teams and research universities
  • Develop requirements and evaluation metrics for AI/ML

Additional Job Description

A strong candidate will have

  • PhD or MSc with 3 years of experience in AI, ML, computer science, engineering, physics or relevant areas.
  • Expert-level knowledge in one or more of deep learning, autonomous agents, large-scale multiagent systems, prediction, distributed optimization, and reinforcement learning
  • Expertise in manipulating high-volume, high-dimensional data from varying sources with machine learning techniques
  • Experience in prototyping algorithms, implementing and testing software on hardware
  • Programming background: Python, AI/ML environments (PyTorch, TensorFlow, sklearn, etc.)
  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Passion for applying AI to impact the future of mobility

Senior Data Engineer

Mirovia Security

About us:

We are a very well-funded, early-stage, cybersecurity startup in the field of browser security. We are backed by top-tier cyber investors and strong design partners.

We are looking for a talented data engineer to join our journey. It's a special opportunity to be part of the core engineering team, design the technology, impact the team culture and shape the company DNA.

We are in stealth mode, so there is not much to share on the website yet. 

The Position:

Senior Data Engineer position to design, implement and manage data pipelines of a fascinating and complex product.

Adaptive to new technologies. Eager to learn and explore new methods, and data sources to increase performance. 


2+ years of hands-on experience as a data engineer.

Experience building and optimizing ‘big data’ pipelines, architectures, and data sets.

Knowledge and experience with relational databases and SQL.

Experience working with public clouds (AWS / GCP / Azure).

Organized, attentive to details and a team player capable of efficiently collaborating with the entire R&D team.


Background in cybersecurity.

Experience with graph databases.

Experience in software development.

Experience with standard python packages: Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow/PyTorch, NLTK).

Fluent in written and spoken English.

Deep understanding of machine learning models and their related statistical theory.

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