At Alexa Shopping, we strive to enable shopping in everyday life.

We allow customers to instantly order whatever they need, by simply interacting with their Smart Devices such as Amazon Show, Spot, Echo or Dot. Our Services allow you to shop, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can go from 'I want that' to 'that's on the way' in a matter of seconds. We are seeking the industry's best to help us create new ways to interact, search and shop. Join us, and you'll be taking part in changing the future of everyday life.

Alexa Shopping is looking for an experienced Data Scientist to be a part of a team solving complex natural language processing problems and customer demand insights (including segmentation analysis and personas building using big data, ML and potentially AI). This is a blue-sky role that gives you a chance to roll up your sleeves and dive into big data sets in order to build simulations and experimentation systems at scale, build optimization algorithms and leverage cutting-edge technologies across Amazon. This is an opportunity to think big about how to solve a challenging problem for the customers and understand their requirements for products.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in Science work, business analytics and have the aptitude to incorporate new approaches and methodologies while dealing with ambiguities in sourcing processes. Excellent business and communication skills are a must to develop and define key business questions and to build data sets that answer those questions. You should have a demonstrated ability to think strategically and analytically about business, product, and technical challenges. Further, you must have the ability to build and communicate compelling value propositions, and work across the organization to achieve consensus. This role requires a strong passion for customers, a high level of comfort navigating ambiguity, and a keen sense of ownership and drive to deliver results.

Data Scientist

Israeli Ministry Of Defense


Classified, more details will be given upon request.


We’re looking for an experienced Data Scientist to join our DS and ML team and play a major role in solving challenging intelligence problems. The ideal candidate is a true data science passionate, with a strong background and excellent capabilities in the full machine learning spectrum: business understanding, research, data discovery and exploration, feature engineering, modeling, testing, deployment, and monitoring and maintenance. This person will have access to enormous amounts of classified data and will be responsible for researching and developing the next generation technologies. This person will try to solve some the most challenging problems for the intelligence community, and if succeeded – will make an unforgettable impact.


  • 3+ years experience working as a Data Scientist
  • BSc in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent quantitative field
  • Hands-on experience in model development, production-grade implementation, and performance monitoring.
  • Data analysis background
  • Excellent Python and SQL skills
  • The ability to understand, utilize and innovate on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling
  • Experienced with evaluating, testing, and implementing internal and external data sources
  • Engineering background and ability to deploy ML solutions in production
  • Advantage- MSc/PhD in Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent quantitative field
  • Advantage- Experience in solving classification tasks using ML/DL
  • Advantage- Tier 2 security clearance

Data Science


Medorion is an impact startup company which helps healthcare organizations to keep their patients healthy, by understanding their decision process with regards to health behaviors. Our decision process has a huge impact on our health as all of us avoid important procedures such as vaccines, cancer screening, diabetes monitoring and dozens of other procedures, which are imperative for our health. 

Medorion develops a software AI product which sheds light, for the first time, on the patient's decision process with regards to their health. By combining theoretical behavioral science models with state of the art machine learning, the product strives to understand the patient’s main barriers and motivation towards specific health behaviors. Following a deeper understanding on the patient’s state of mind, the way to behavior change and health impact is much easier!

We are looking for an excellent Data Scientist to join our R&D team!

What you’ll do: 

On our day to day the data science team uses clinical data in order to model the decision factors which drive individuals to specific health behaviors.

Our team is still very small and experienced, so you’ll have a crucial part in all the development process and a close connection to create impact on our customers.

What you should bring with you:

  • At least 3 years of data science experience
  • Bsc. in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, related quantitative discipline
  • Knowledge of statistical theory fundamentals such as hypothesis testing and power analysis
  • Experience with statistical analysis using R , Python or Julia
  • Knowledge in a variety of machine learning algorithms
  • Experience with exploratory data analysis and detect actionable insights
  • Knowledge with modern machine learning metrics such as: precision- recall, 
  • Experience with workflow
  • Experience with Data Warehouse inquiries using query languages such as SQL
  • Passion for working on solutions that have a positive impact on society. 

It would be nice if you:

  • M.Sc  in Statistics, Mathematics,Computer Science, Engineering, related quantitative discipline
  • Ability to communicate and visualise data analysis results using tools such as Shiny, Dash, Plotly, and Tableau
  • Knowledge of explainable-ai techniques.
  • Knowledge in deriving causal effects from data such as medical data and marketing data (such as A/B design, uplift modeling)
Looking for data science and machine learning expert freelancer.
Background and overview:
We have an early-stage system consisting of a mobile app for collecting voice samples and an algorithm for analyzing these samples for various indicators of the subject's underlying mental state. The algorithm was hand-crafted using general purpose tools and implemented in python.
These days we have completed a stage where we have collected recordings and analyzed them using our algorithm.
The need:
We now wish to validate the algorithm and assess its output and prediction capabilities.
The Core Data Science team  at Facebook TLV is looking for a Research Scientist!

Core Data Science ( is a research and development team, working to improve Facebook’s products, infrastructure, and processes. We generate real-world impact through a combination of scientific rigor and methodological innovation. We are an interdisciplinary team, with expertise in computer science, statistics, machine learning, economics, political science, operations research, and computational social sciences, among other fields. This diversity of perspectives enriches our research and expands the scope and scale of projects we can address.

We are looking for researchers and data scientists to join the team in Tel Aviv. We work closely with various product groups throughout Facebook, bringing expertise in machine learning, statistics, causal inference, data analysis, and other quantitative methods. By applying your expertise in such topics you will be empowered to drive impact across a range of products, infrastructure and company operations. The ideal candidate will have a passion for building products and applying research expertise and the latest methods to solve challenging, real-world problems.

Research Scientist, Core Data Science Responsibilities
  • Build data driven solutions to mission critical inferential and decision problems by developing state of the art statistical and machine learning methods on top of Facebook's unparalleled data infrastructure.
  • Communicate best practices in quantitative analysis and develop cross-functional partnerships throughout the company.
  • Work both independently and collaboratively with other scientists, engineers, designers, UX researchers, and product managers to accomplish complex tasks that deliver demonstrable value.
  • Actively identify new opportunities within Facebook's long term roadmap for data science contributions.
Minimum Qualifications
  • PhD in computer science, statistics, economics, or related quantitative field, or MS degree with 4+ years of relevant experience.
  • Experience using machine learning and statistical analysis for building data-driven product solutions or performing methodological research.
  • Experience in programming and data analysis using languages such as R or Python, with packages such as NumPy, SciPy, pandas, scikit-learn, tidyverse (dplyr, ggplot2, etc.).
  • Ability to initiate and drive research projects to completion with minimal guidance.
  • The ability to communicate scientific work in a clear and effective manner.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Publications in Machine Learning, statistics, data science, AI, computer science, or related technical fields
  • Experience in production level software development in Python or lower level languages such as C++, Java.
  • Experience in scalable dataset assembly / data wrangling, such as Presto, Hive or Spark.

This is us

Artlist is a leading Creative Technology company for video creators. With original, high-quality music, SFX and footage, Artlist is helping creators produce quality content worldwide.

Since being founded in 2016, Artlist has managed to revolutionize the Filmmaking industry by offering subscription-based products with a license that covers every video project from personal use to commercials with high quality curated content

Today, Artlist is the go-to licensing provider for content creators in over 160 countries.

Our company continues to grow in search of new solutions that will simplify the workflow of filmmakers and creators, so they can focus on creating quality content.

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join our data science team in Tel Aviv.

As a data scientist you’ll define, research, develop and deploy models – impacting artists and creators all over the world!

Working with us means training your model on diverse data created by the top filmmaker and musicians worldwide (you’ll love it!)

Wake up for this:

  • Understand the business and product needs and transform them into successful scientific and production ready solutions.
  • Build cutting edge models and data pipelines to develop valuable features for our users like:
  • Recommendation systems empowering creators all over the world.
  • Optimizing user journeys on our platform.
  • Analyzing top quality labelled data.
  • Creative algorithms to empower our creators.
  • Write production grade code, served to our user audience.
  • Guide junior DS and be a source of knowledge.


  • Minimum of 5 years of hand-on data science, at least 3 years in the industry.
  • Extensive knowledge of ML disciplines and algorithms in various fields.
  • Expertise in one of the fields – CV, audio, recommendations .
  • Excellent programming skills in python, knowledge in SQL.
  • Software engineering background – Plus.
  • Passionate about music & art – Plus.
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