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Machine Learning Software Engineer

About The Position

Samsung R&D Center is looking for an ML Software Engineer to join one of our algorithms teams as part of the Advanced Sensor group.

The Advanced Sensor group develops multi-disciplinary and cutting-edge algorithms across multiple domains. We design algorithms to solve novel problems in sensors which are still in the prototype stage and apply them to solve real world challenges. Our work influences the technology which will be used in billions of consumer devices in the near future.

What will you do?

  • Work closely with data science and algorithms teams to build machine learning pipelines and infrastructure.
  • Work on the low-level internals of popular machine learning frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Jax) to adapt them to the requirements of algorithms teams.
  • Take responsibility for end-to-end design of APIs, data structures, processing pipelines and cloud integration infrastructure.
  • Help establish best practices and a culture of excellence in deploying maintainable data and model pipelines.
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