Computer Vision Researcher

We are looking for outstanding researchers in all levels in the field of computer vison and machine learning, preferably with strong background in deep learning.

You will join a team of researchers working on state-of-the-art solutions in few-shot learning, reinforcement learning, deep fake detection, image retrieval in large scale, multimodal modal learning and more.  We do open research and aim to publish our work in top AI conferences. We also have open Internship/student positions. Associating your research at OriginAI with MSc/PhD studies is an option.

Basic Qualifications

  • MSc or PhD in either computer vision, machine learning, or a related field
  • Knowledge of and experience with deep learning
  • Publication/s at top-tier peer-reviewed conference or journal are an advantage

Who are we?

OriginAI is a unique multi-disciplinary Innovation Center aiming to resolve the most complicated technological AI challenges. Our research center encapsulates Vision, Speech/Audio and NLP groups seeking to advance current AI exploiting all modalities.

We are located at Ramat-Gan near the Savidor train station. Working from Haifa can be considered.

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