Student Machine Learning Engineer

About the job

NI Israel looking for a Machine Learning Engineer Student to join her awesome DS team!

If challenges motivate you and want to experience and learn as much as possible backed by a team of champions – this team is the right place for you.

Job Description:

  • As leaders in the Big Data analytics in Industrial IoT, our goal is to provide various solutions for the industry of semiconductors and electronics on production process as part of the AI ​​revolution for industrial IoT.
  • The role will include working in both tabular data and computer vision domains.
  • You’ll Contribute to explore usages of machine learning in the Semiconductor & Automotive/Electronics manufacturing industries through hands-on involvement on the entire ML pipeline, from data preparation through model building and evaluation.
  • You’ll help design and implement infrastructures for robust and scalable machine learning life cycle support.
  • You’ll design and implement automated classification and prediction solutions using big data analytics and machine learning techniques.


  • Strong “Can do” attitude and real passion for technology and data science
  • Studying towards M.Sc, Computer Science or related technical discipline.
  • BSc in Computer Science or related technical discipline.
  • Fluent in python.
  • Experience in machine learning in either of tabular data/computer vision domains (either academical or independently).
  • Experience/knowledge working with common deep learning frameworks (Pytorch, TensorFlow)
  • Availability for 2-3 working days a week.
  • Please attach grade sheet to the CV.


  • Work Experience as a software engineer or machine learning engineer.
  • Experience in the semiconductor or electronics industry.
  • Experience in Image Processing/Computer Vision & optimizations.
  • Experience in development and deployment in Big Data systems.

About NI:

NI’s Optimal+ platform is playing in the field of Industrial IoT and is the only Big Data analytics platform that provides an end-to-end product analytics solution for automotive, semiconductors and electronics companies.

The data science group of NI is managed from the Israel R&D site. This group is responsible for both customer engagement and company level machine learning strategy, infrastructure, and roadmap.

As leaders in the field, we have an important role in bringing the full AI potential to manufacturing, we are working closely with our customers delivering the right platform for machine learning together with the right solutions, infrastructures, and methodologies to handle the full life cycle of machine learning in production.

Why NI? 

There are many reasons to consider joining a company. Key among them are the people, the ideas, and the technology. At NI, we believe in the power and potential of connecting the three to create a path to success.

The people: We’re looking for curious and creative problem solvers who value diversity and fresh perspectives, are bold and kind, and willing to take chances.

The ideas: What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to program robots? Build flying cars? Leave the world better than you found it? At NI, we build on the big ideas of big dreamers to make their visions a reality.

The technology: With our tailored, software-connected approach, we support our customers through all phases of the product development cycle. From 5G and medical innovations to autonomous driving and the future of space travel, we help our customers Engineer Ambitiously every day.

We’ve long been globally recognized as a top employer. Our compensation and benefits are very competitive, as are our modern workspaces, career development and mobility opportunities, and a culture that fosters belonging and emphasizes community giving. We encourage our teammates to challenge the status quo and collaborate with one another to build innovative solutions.

No matter your career path, we’re here for you, for each other, and for the next generation of innovators who think bigger, aim higher, and go faster.

Are you up for the challenge of helping shape humanity for the next 100 years? If so, let’s get started, and let’s Engineer Ambitiously together.

We are changing how we work by offering more flexibility. NI has decided to take a hybrid approach (working both on- and off-site) at an aggregate level.  We know that different roles have different requirements, so we’re embracing a full range of options.

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