Lead Data Scientist

We are:

At ZenCity, we are re-inventing the way cities listen to, understand and interact with their citizens. The ZenCity platform is a helps cities to understand their residents on a city scale. We analyze data from social media, city repositories (e.g. city hotlines), local media and sensors, and provide local government stakeholders with detailed insights about how their citizens view and use the city. Basically, we’re like the “google analytics” for cities.

As a data scientist lead, you will be in charge of building and directing a team of 4-5 data scientists of varying skills, building the very heart of a product which helps run dozens of cities like San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

You will research, select, fine-tune and deliver models for conversation classification using NLP and deep learning, sentiment analysis, real time data stream anomaly detection and clustering and event prediction, using an ever growing set of data streams which relate to all aspects of city life. Exciting stuff!

You will:

  • Design and implement algorithms that support decision making and human understanding of data for city decision makers
  • Develop analytical and statistical models and methods, that describe and predict a variety of urban phenomena, and deliver these to production
  • Build NLP pipelines in multiple (common) languages – including tokenization, categorization, feature extraction and sentiment analytics.
  • Integrate a wide variety of data real-world data – from sensor and infrastructure data, to human generated content, into insight driven user interfaces and APIs
  • Constantly work to research, learn and implement cutting edge, state of the art methods and technologies

You have:

  • A PhD or Master’s degree in exact sciences
  • 4+ years of relevant experience in machine learning research
  • A Solid foundation and background in machine learning and prediction models, with broad understanding of supervised and unsupervised learning methods and algorithms
  • Excellent analytical skills, with a proven track record including publications, development and deployment experience
  • Experience building Deep Neural Networks (RNNs, CNNs, GRUs, LSTMs., etc.)
  • Good experience with Python programming, including experience with pandas, numpy, matplotlib, unittest/pytest, and an understanding of how to pack models and deliver them as python packages

It’s even better if you have:

  • Some experience in NLP workflows / tools
  • 3+ yrs experience in the application of data science / ML / DNN models and data pipelines for real world problems
  • Experience with urban issueshuman related data flows
  • Passion about cities and improving life in the modern, urban environment

Please send your CV+short cover letter to jobs@zencity.io and state the position you are applying for.

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