Data Scientist

Agamon is a young startup in the healthcare space, with a mission to disrupt the way data is used in this fascinating industry. We are an experienced team with a customer oriented, value focused agenda. We are passionate about the healthcare industry and we strive to make a great impact on how it operates in the years to come.

We are looking for a data scientist that can lead our research and development in the NLP and deep learning realms. The ideal candidate is hands on and capable of coming up with solutions to the challenges we deal with, design the AI pipeline and implement it for production using state of the art technologies.


  • M.Sc. in exact sciences and/or engineering
  • Hands on experience writing data science code against industry standard libraries/frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, Gensim, openNLP, CoreNLP, MXNet etc.), including error analysis
  • Theoretical knowledge in NLP and deep learning foundations
  • Experience reading and understanding scientific papers
  • Experience working on and pre processing real world data sets
  • Passion for working in a startup environment


  • Academia/industry expertise in state-of-the-art NLP and deep learning
  • Hebrew NLP
  • Experience in the medical domain
  • Hands on experience writing production ready and scalable code
  • Experience working as part of an R&D organization
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