Data Scientist

ZenCity is looking for a data scientist to design and implement algorithms that support decision making and human understanding of data for city decision makers in the field of NLP, using machine & deep-learning methodologies.

Data Scientist @ ZenCity

As a data scientist, you will work in a team of 3-4 experienced data scientists and be in charge of researching innovative technologies and building the very heart of a product which helps run dozens of cities like San Francisco, San Antonio and Tel Aviv, improving lives of millions of people around the world.

You will research, select, fine-tune and deliver models for conversation classification in the fields of NLP, Image processing, using state-of-the-art machine & deep-learning algorithms, such as sentiment analysis, topic modelling, embedding spaces, real-time data stream anomaly detection, clustering and event prediction, using an ever-growing set of data streams which relate to all aspects of city life. Exciting stuff!

  • Design and implement algorithms that support decision making and human understanding of data for city decision makers
  • Develop analytical and statistical models and methods, that describe and predict a variety of urban phenomena, and deliver these to production
  • Build NLP pipelines in multiple (common) languages – including tokenization, categorization, feature extraction, sentiment analytics, topic modelling, embedding spaces.
  • Integrate a wide variety of data real-world data – from sensor and infrastructure data, to human-generated content, into insight-driven user interfaces and APIs
  • Constantly work to research, learn and implement cutting edge, state of the art methods and technologies

You should bring to the table:

  • A Master Degree in exact sciences (CS preferred).
  • 2+ years of relevant experience in machine & deep learning research in the application and data pipelines for real-world problems.
  • Extensive foundation and background in machine learning and prediction models, with broad understanding of supervised, semi supervised, self supervised and unsupervised learning methods and algorithms.
  • Deep theoretical and algorithmic knowledge in the fields of ML, DL for NLP, Image classification, time-series, anomaly detection, etc.
  • Up-to-date knowledge in NLP-based DNN algorithms such as W2V, FastText, Sent2Vec, etc.
  • Excellent analytical skills, with a proven track record (publications, development and deployment experience).
  • Experience in Keras building Deep Neural Networks (Embeddings, CNN, RNNs, etc.)
  • 2+ years of experience with Python programming and conventions, including experience with keras, tensorflow, pytorch, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, unittest/pytest, and an understanding of how to pack models and deliver them as python packages.

It’s even better if you have:

  • Experience with urban issueshuman related data flows.
  • Passion for cities and improving life in the modern, urban environment


Please send your CV+short cover letter to and state the position you are applying for.

ZenCity is committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourages applications from female and minority candidates

To apply for this job please visit

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