Deep Learning Researcher

We are Trigo Vision (!

We aspire to enable a cashier-less shopping experience; imagine walking into a supermarket, simply picking up whatever you need and exiting peacefully without having to wait in a single line.
Naturally, making this possible involves a huge algorithmic pipeline, and requires solving numerous computer vision tasks.

Thankfully, our team already includes amazing people – but we need more.

We very recently closed a 7M$ seed round from Vertex and Hetz ventures. We already have a working demo (and a real supermarket in our office) and some very interesting, international customers. Our offices (same ones with the working supermarket) are located in central Tel-Aviv. We sometimes have ice cream in the fridge.

So – if you are a nice, curious deep-learning researcher who wants to solve really cool problems and work with other talented people – this might just work 🙂

– Research-oriented education in deep learning (e.g. MSc/PhD) – or equivalent industry/military experience; this includes familiarity with at least one leading deep learning platform

– Strong programming skills with Python

– Be nice and pleasant to work with


– Experience with solving computer vision problems

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