Principal Data Scientist

Oracle Data Cloud – Our Data Science Group 

The data science group is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds – Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Engineering, and Cybersecurity. We utilize the team’s wide range of skills to solve complex problems in multiple domains, with tools including machine learning, classification, time series analysis, statistics, graph theory, algorithm design, and more.

We currently focus on two main projects, both in the general domain of online advertising:

Page quality scoring – we aim to score the quality of web pages to better inform advertisers about the potential of serving ads on these sites. This is based on a multitude of data sources available to Oracle Data Cloud and to the broader Oracle, as well as other sources that we can collect ourselves (e.g. scraping & text analysis). This is a newly initiated project that is in the process of being created from scratch by our team, leaving a lot of room for innovation and exploration.

Bots and invalid traffic detection – as advertisers pay websites to show their ads, sophisticated fraudsters drive traffic to their own websites in order to be paid more by advertisers. This invalid traffic could be scripts, bot networks, click farms in 3rd world countries, and so forth. These fraud operations are getting more and more sophisticated and costing the ad industry billions of dollars yearly. Our role is to identify if a human or a bot is “viewing” each ad.

We are looking for someone who is up to the challenge to join our team of experts.

Key Responsibilities

The position includes – design, research, evaluation, and implementation of innovative solutions to the problems we tackle. This requires utilizing domain knowledge and state of the art academic techniques for data mining and prediction; developing methodologies and systems that continuously learn, evaluate, and improve the results of these products; constantly questioning our own ideas and reflecting on our instincts in relation to what the data tells us.


  • Expertise (5+ years) in one or more of the following areas: data science and analysis, distributed data processing, fraud or bot detection, browser fingerprinting, cybersecurity
  • Excellent M.Sc. / B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Physics or related fields
  • Previous experience solving data related problems using advanced analytics, machine learning, algorithms, or graph analysis and processing techniques
  • Proven ability to research, design and implement algorithms that solve real world problems at scale utilizing state of the art academic research

Advantage points:

  • Strong software engineering and algorithmic background
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following: Spark, SQL, Python, Scala, NLP, Deep learning, Web architecture, protocols
  • Ph.D in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Physics or relevant fields
  • Deep understanding of the ad tech industry
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