AirWits is looking for a CTO

Hi everyone, we're AirWits, a Startup that wants to improve the way Airlines work using data and ML.

We recently started a pilot with El-Al and got a great interest from other Airlines. We currently not funded but we just started talking with VC, angels and some Accelerators.

The Problem we are trying to solve is huge, actually $60B annually and increasing. It starts with the lack of Airlines to react to unexpected events and disruptions in the best way.

The product we want to develop in our vision is a smart operating system for airlines, that will get a lot of data from various sources, analyze it and use ML to bring the Airline to a disruption-proof state. The current PoC with El-Al is already defined and we will elaborate about it in our meeting.

Who are we? Dotan and Gilad, We served in the Israeli Air Force for almost 6 years each, in different roles that delt with Air traffic management and control. Dotan was the founder of Screemo and Gilad worked as a Product Manager at eBay and Soluto.

We are looking for a CTO that will have the ability to struct a complicated platform, that will interface with different APIs, learn from them and show the insights on a web-based interface.

The most important thing that we are looking for is someone that will have a great connection and vibes with us so will have to meet 🙂

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