AI Lead Enginner

As our AI lead engineer you will research, design, implement, test, optimize and deploy state-of-the-art AI technologies from the field of computer perception, machine learning, computer-vision, path planning, and other relevant tasks to solve real-world complexed problems.



– Take ownership of the AI domain of a multi-sensor mobile autonomous platform.

– Drive the following responsibilities:

   *Define and optimize the AI architecture for solving real-world (perception, navigation, path planning) problems of the autonomous platform

  *Implement and test state of the art algorithms from the fields of computer vision, sensor fusion and path planning

  *Design, develop and optimize low-level and high-level real-time autonomous platform functions for CPU / GPU and discrete HW accelerators (such as Intel Movidius)

   *Autonomous workloads analysis, bottle necks recognition and performance optimization

– Close collaboration with other teams, (data-science, platform, simulation)

– Full development process from requirements to production

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