Algorithm Team Leader

Razor Labs is looking for a talented hands-on team leader with a strong background in Algorithmics.

Razor Labs is leading a number of national projects while also having an extensive activity in international projects. Razor Labs specializes in computer vision, deep learning and machine learning, developing Razor Labs technological infrastructures in real-time video analysis and prediction / recommendations as a result of learning historical information. Razor Labs goal is to bridge the gap between companies and large organizations in the AI world.

At Razor Labs you will have the opportunity to integrate into a company that is at the forefront of technology with a young, pleasant atmosphere and people who are like family!

Job qualifications

At least 3 years of hands-on experience in #Computer_vision / #Machine_Learning / #Deep_Learning

M.Sc. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Physics / Mathematic.

Strong mathematical skills, deep understanding of linear algebra, deep learning, signal processing or image processing

Proactive, can-do attitude

Previous experience in leading teams

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