Deep Learning Researcher

We are seeking a sharp, hard-working and curious Deep Learning Researcher to join our fast-growing startup and help us tackle the many missions we have in front of us. 

You will be critical in helping lead Trigo through the next phase of growth where you will experience unique visibility and growth opportunities that come with joining this exciting startup. 

Our R&D operation is already growing significantly and fast.

Who are we?

We are Trigo Vision (!

We are working hard towards enabling a cashier-less shopping experience. Imagine walking into a supermarket, picking up whatever you need and exiting peacefully without having to wait in a single line. 

Our technology streamlines retail operations, prevents shoplifting, automates inventory control, provides invaluable retail insights and presents opportunities for new levels of customer engagement within retail environments.

Making this all work requires solving many problems ranging over various algorithmic fields spanning computational geometry, machine learning, convex optimization and more. 

Thankfully we have already established a team of great people – but there are many more problems to solve.

Last year we closed a 7M$ seed round from Vertex and Hetz ventures. We have a working demo (and a real supermarket in our office) and some very interesting, international customers – along with our very own Shuferal who tagged along for the ride. Our offices (same ones with the working supermarket) are located in central Tel-Aviv. We sometimes have ice cream in the fridge.

As a DL Researcher, You Will

  • Perform end-to-end research to production workflow; we design and build our models, train them and push them into production.
  • Participate and lead cutting edge research to develop solutions for real-world problems that don’t admit an “off-the-shelf” solution.
  • Work with an extremely strong Deep Learning team.

What Experience You Need

  • Be a team player in the full sense of the word. We brain storm, solve problems together and enjoy what we do.
  • 3+ years of tackling machine learning problems of some kind.
  • Research-oriented education in machine learning/computer vision (e.g. MSc/ Ph.D.) – or equivalent industry/military experience.
  • Familiarity with at least one leading deep learning platform (MXNet, PyTorch, TF/Keras).
  • Strong programming skills with Python.

Nice to Have

  • Specific experience with employing deep learning for computer vision tasks.
  • Existing industry experience in product-oriented research.
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