CTO and Cofounder

JOMI.CO, is a Swiss Israeli startup using a lot of AI / ML and…
The founders would like to enlarge the founders team with an Israeli CTO.
You will build and lead a developers team in Israel (an abroad, if necessary) and be part of the decision makers at JOMI.

What is JOMI? JOMI is looking to revolutionize how companies leverage empirical data to understand the dynamics of a business critical team, identify the gaps needed to fulfill business objectives, and recruit accordingly. With years of research in Psychological Motivational Theory, we’ve built an AI platform that with high confidence can measure individual team members and build the necessary model for its recruiting engine to optimize job descriptions through a psychometric lens, match applying candidates to reduce workload on recruiting teams, and achieve the ideal team composition. This in return reduces the negative impact of unconscious bias while promoting diversity and inclusion.

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