ML/ Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer

We transform cancer diagnostics with AI.

We’re using big data and deep learning to transform the way biopsies are being

interpreted, to help millions of people receive a rapid and accurate cancer diagnosis,

and to support personalized patient care through AI-based prognostic and predictive


We build a system that diagnoses cancer from microscopic tissue images.

In order to achieve that we develop Computer Vision algorithms (mainly Deep

Learning), all the way from research to python production code running on GPUs

servers in AWS.


On the way to reaching both fast run time and medical-grade accuracy, we tackle

challenges such as processing huge images (terabyte pixels per image),

combining information from several magnifications, variance between labs and

scanners, working with different types of stains and tissues, obtaining annotations via

Active Learning, and more.


We’re looking for an Algorithm Engineer to join our team. In this role, you’ll work on

huge, unique datasets of high-resolution pathology images from leading institutes

worldwide, develop and optimize algorithmic solutions for complex problems using

cutting-edge technology, integrate your algorithms into our products and receive

feedback from clinicians using them in live clinical settings, and work closely with our

multi-disciplinary team of Machine & Deep Learning experts, experienced software

developers and medical professionals.


Join us in making a difference; while working with a talented team, shaping both product

and company!

To apply for this job please visit

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