Data Scientist

About Us

L1ght is an algorithm-based startup designed to save children from online toxicity – bullying, shaming, self-harm, hate speech, and potential attackers.

Job Overview

Crunch texts, images, videos, audio files, etc. to try and identify human behavior in them that poses risks/endangers kids. You'll report to the Data Science Team Leader.

Responsibilities and Duties

– End-to-end research, development, and productization of machine learning and AI algorithms in the field of NLP and computer vision.

– Develop algorithms designed to detect malicious human behavior, verbal abuse, and other undesirable activities.


– B.Sc. in Computer Science or a related field
– Minimum 3-year industrial experience in the field of NLP
– Experience with deep learning NLP models in TensorFlow
– The job requires hands-on experience in developing ML algorithms in the field of NLP
– A proven track record in pushing ML to production
– Candidate must have concrete experience in bringing an algorithmic system from early research and POC to production-grade
– Coding skills are a must
– People’s person & team player

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