Senior ML Data Scientist

K Health is transforming the world of healthcare as we know it and it touches many people's lives. We are an eclectic, multidisciplinary team of expert physicians, data scientists, statisticians and engineers hellbent on making a real impact on the world of healthcare.

Our data science group is comprised of exceptional MSc and Ph.D. graduates and experienced researchers, and is deeply committed to scientific excellence. We solve the most complex data-driven algorithmic and statistical modeling challenges from the very forefront of the health informatics research domain. We process hundreds of millions anonymized medical records + over 4 million health dialogues from millions of US users. We conduct large-scale outcome analysis and develop cutting-edge data science solutions with novel NLP, DL, ML, and causal inference models that go into our K Health consumer-facing application.

We are looking for a strong and creative data scientist with passion for data and statistical modeling. This is a senior technical role requiring an MSc or PhD from an accredited college/university in Computer Science with specialty in machine learning and/or computational health or related fields, and at least 5 years of experience for MSc, and 2 for PhD, in working with structured data in industrial setting.

You need to have:

  • High expertise in machine learning theory and its application
  • Hands-on experience in developing and evaluating data-driven models, over large-scale datasets using machine learning and statistical concepts and algorithms
  • Experience in formalizing and solving complex research questions in the machine learning domain towards applicative solutions
  • Experience in computational health and/or medical informatics – advantage

You will conduct hands-on large-scale outcome analysis over unique healthcare data and medical knowledge, and utilize cutting-edge data science technologies to build DL, ML, and causal inference models that go into our K Health consumer-facing application. You will lead junior researchers in conducting machine learning analysis with high standards of best practices.

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