3D & Deep Learning Engineer

Alibaba is one the largest and most advanced internet, cloud, e-commerce, retail, logistics and technology company in the world. Within Alibaba, DAMO Academy's mission is to build high-impact AI technologies that will empower the core business of Alibaba, and create new business opportunities that are otherwise impossible.

The Israeli Lab is spearheading research and development of core computer vision and machine learning technologies, collaborating with world-class global teams to deliver emerging products and technologies.

As part of the XR (eXtended Reality) group, you will work on innovative projects in the field of augmented and mixed reality, on multiple platforms. Your work will leverage the immense amount of visual data, computational power and infrastructure generated by the Alibaba ecosystem.

As part of the team, you will be required to:

– Explore state-of-the-art technologies and academic papers

– Design and implement advanced machine vision and machine learning-based products.

– Participate in a team effort to deliver fast, reliable and scalable algorithms and solutions.

Job description:

– MSc or Ph.D. degree in CS, EE or a related field.

– Proven experience in the field of computer vision, specifically in one of the following: 3D reconstruction, SLAM, multiple view geometry.

– Excellent analytical and learning skills.

– Strong coding skills in Python.

– Deep theoretical knowledge in the fields of computer vision and image processing algorithms.


– Experience in designing and developing deep learning architectures.

– Academic experience in the domain of computer vision or machine learning.

– Experience in delivery and maintenance of an algorithm in production.

– Experience in deep learning platforms (TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.)

Our work is where we spend most of our days, so as a person on the team, we also expect you to:

– Be nice and foster a positive working environment and relationships.

– Be open-minded. We work with other cultures all the time, make the most of it!

– Advanced: push the team to new fun &| effective unexplored habits.

To apply for this job please visit careers.alibaba.com.

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