Deep Learning Engineer

Axon Vision is a world leader in Computer Vision based Deep Learning. Our main mission is to use AI to help save soldiers' lives and assist them in the field.

Axon Vision's product, called Edge 360, runs in real time on edge sensors and platforms, such as drones and armed vehicles, and enables autonomously of mission-critical tasks and abilities.

Edge 360 maps, analyze and predict the surrounding environment using state of the art Deep Neural Networks.

Axon Vision is working side by side with the most elite research groups in the iIndustry and the military.

An Edge360 deployment example is the national Carmel project.

We are looking to expand our family of experienced engineers and software developers.

Our core product team develops, research, builds and deploy the most complex and advanced Computer Vision pipelines on edge devices.

Working on amazing applications with platforms manufacturers and the military.

Team responsibilities include:

  • Deep Neural Network training and productization
  • Image and video processing algorithm development and optimization
  • Developing on our in-house Video Processing pipeline framework
  • Complete system engineering for specific needs. Calibrating many algorithms together


  • MSc. in Computer Science or related discipline with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Strong and proven experience in research and developing deep learning solutions in the computer vision domain.
  • Strong programming skills and experience in Python and C++
  • Ability to quickly analyze complex systems and solve problems
  • Proactive, can-do attitude.

Our HQ is located at the We TLV Tower, 5 min walk from Savidor train station.

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