NLP Expert

Citi Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv is where dynamic projects are cultivated. The lab provides thoughtleadership, technological solutions, and innovation to Citi’s global banking business.

The Natural Language Processing and Machine Automation (NLP & MA) group is responsible for

researching NLP capabilities and implementing NLP products to increase the revenue of Citi. The group is

looking for a talented, creative and experienced NLP expert. This is a great opportunity to advance in your

career, work on projects throughout all stages of the life cycle, and use the state of the art technology.

In our team, we push the boundaries on the state-of-the-art in language understanding, intent

classification, and learning from human interactions. All this, using machine learning, NLP, and deep

learning methods.

If you love to create innovative algorithms, are passionate about applying technology to real-life

problems, think out-of-the-box, and are interested in joining a group of top researchers solving

challenging problems – your place is with us!

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