Computer Vision Researcher

Prospera Technologies

Prospera is an AgriTech company that develops intelligent solutions for farmers to grow crops more efficiently.

The company develops both hardware and software solutions that collect and analyze worldwide multi-sensor data with state-of the-art machine learning algorithms. We develop algorithmic solutions for irrigation optimization, pest and disease detection (crop protection), fertilization optimization and  much more!

Job Title

We are now looking for a data scientist with a specialty in computer vision!

Come and join our data science team. Put your skills to solve real world problems, develop state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms combining multi-spectral images with sensor data. Deal with data collected worldwide on a daily basis. Be part of a strong and growing team of algorithm researchers.

Skills & Experience

M.Sc./Ph.D. – in Computer Science / Mathematics / Physics with specialization in solving computer vision problems, or equivalent (3+ years) industry experience.

2+ years of hands on experience solving deep learning computer vision problems.

Strong background in machine learning and deep learning.

Strong technical skills.

Experience with cloud computing frameworks.

Ability to initiate and lead machine learning projects end to end.

Passionate about data!

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