Senior Algorithm Engineer

SeeTrue is a leader in modern computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) practices.

The Algorithms team is in charge of creating cutting edge algorithmic solutions aimed to automatically detect a wide variety of threats within X-ray and CT security scans. These solutions will help the existing (manual) analysis/detection processes become faster and more accurate.

As a researcher on the team, you will get a chance to work alongside some of the best minds in the field and implement the latest ML and CV algorithms, in a multidisciplinary and dynamic environment.


    • Research, design and develop CV, ML and DL based algorithms to detect a wide variety of threats within X-ray and CT security images
    • Work with a multi-disciplinary team of security experts and engineers to deliver an end-to-end product: from the idea phase, through collecting and assessing the data, exploring algorithmic approaches, developing, testing, validating and integrating the algorithm in the production environment
    • Read and implement algorithms publications in the field of CV, ML and DL
    • Contribute to the team’s methodologies, best practices and toolset, share your work and give/receive feedback from peers in the team
    • Provide technical guidance to fellow team members
    • Show a strong understanding of software development (in Python & C++) and how to translate Algo ideas into bullet-proof software


    • M.Sc. in computer science or electrical engineering (preferably in the field of ML/DL and CV)
    • 5+ years experience in CV and ML (ideally python based)
    • 2+ years experience in DL – advantage
    •  2+ years of python coding experience-  a must
    • Great problem-solving skills, and drive for creativity and innovation
    • High achiever, with determination and persistence
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills
    • Team player, positive and driven, fast learner
    • Ph.D. – advantage
    • Leadership experience – advantage
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