Machine Learning Engineer

 HiredScore brings AI into hiring using NLP and Machine Learning algorithms.
We make hiring more efficient and more fair using machine learning algorithms (and more).

We’re looking for a Machine Learning Engineer– Algorithms and Software Engineer to join our growing Data Science Team and to play a key role in building new and amazing data products and Algorithms, to help Bringing data science into Human Resources: Extract knowledge about people, companies and positions, understand data and build learning engines to match the right person to the right position. We are a lean, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial company. You will have the chance to expand the role, further develop your skills, and grow quickly with the company.

  • 4+ years of experience in development and research of Machine Learning and/or NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms in the industry.
  • 4+ years of experience in software development in the industry. (The position requires code writing in production-level quality)
  • Strong coding skills using big data tools and languages (Python / Java / Hadoop / Spark / Mongo DB etc.)

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