Senior Data Scientist

Oracle Data Cloud Israel

In our data science group, we work on multiple machine learning problems concerning online marketing and advertisements.

We are currently initiating an exciting new project – detection of non-human traffic, e.g. – bots with malicious intent of illegitimately increasing revenue from ads. To detect this activity in the massive amounts of data – this project would include graph based methods, time series prediction, advanced classification, and all other tools that we can think of to assist in this task.

We are looking for someone who is up to the challenge to join our team of experts.

Key Responsibilities

The position includes research, design, and implementation of a system for detection and prediction of non-human traffic; utilizing state of the art academic techniques for advanced data mining and prediction; develop methodologies and systems that continuously learn, evaluate, and improve the results of this product.


•   M.Sc or excellent B.Sc. degree in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Physics or related fields

•   Previous experience solving data related problems using machine learning, advanced algorithms, or graph analysis and processing techniques

•   Proven ability to research, design and implement algorithms that solve real world problems at scale relying on state of the art academic research

Advantage points:

•   Strong software engineering and algorithmic background

•   Experience working with relevant datasets

•   Experience and knowledge of Big Data processing, using tools such as Spark

•   Ph.D in Computer Science, Math, Statistics, Physics or relevant fields

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