Data scientist is disrupting global food production systems from field to food manufacturing facilities and markets with machine learning and optimization. 

Based in Tel-Aviv, Montefiore neighborhood, however currently working mostly remotely.

In the data science team, we:

  • Work closely with our customers who’re large food & beverage corporates
  • Explore diverse datasets
  • Innovate solutions  
  • Write production level models and algorithms (Python) 

We are recruiting 2 data scientists for our research team.

  • Senior, with at least 5 years industry experience of machine learning, preferably with MSc or PhD in relevant area
  • Junior, talented and ambitious, preferably with background in Integer Programming

More About Trellis

At Trellis, we believe that food production from farmer field to markets  will become autonomous and that AI can help support better decisions in complex environments such as agriculture and food production.  

Our global customers face challenges in food supply-chain economics, reducing waste and environmental footprint, while constantly improving quality.  

Since 2017, we are working hand in hand with global food and beverage producers as well as their upstream suppliers to leverage their data to identify inefficiencies and strategically transform their organizations. Our solution is a SaaS/Cloud platform integrating live data custom-built for each vertical such as wine, tomatoes, coffee, potatoes, ect.  

We are a fast-growing company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel with clients in the US, Australia-New Zealand and Europe. Our team regroups data experts & AI scientists, mathematicians, agronomists and industry experts. Together we are dedicated to significantly improve supply economics and sustainability for each of our partners.  

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