Experienced Algorithms Engineer

Outbrain's yield optimization team is looking for an experienced Algorithms Engineer. The team is part of Outbrain’s Recommendations Group – about 40 machine learning engineers, data scientists and backend engineers who are responsible for everything that Outbrain recommends in its feeds and widgets. The team is involved in research, implementation and production rollout of state of the art machine learning models in diverse tech stack Python, TensorFlow, Java and Rust.

Yield Optimization teams responsibilities: 

We are developing state-of-the-art CTR prediction models which are the backbone of Outbrain recommender systems. We leverage Outbrain AutoML suite to accelerate our research and to reduce productization time. We do extensive feature research, develop state of the art models in TensorFlow and Rust. In addition we tackle classical recommender system challenges such as cold start.

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To apply for this job please visit outbra.in.

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