Data Scientist

About our company

By 2025, we want to provide 10,000,000+ people, working for the world's leading organizations, with cutting-edge skills and create a nimble workforce ready to compete in the 21st century. We at, see a world where people can work alongside machines, and not be displaced by them, where automation and AI help create and identify the jobs of the future.

What role are we seeking?

Data Scientist


Our team is looking for a brilliant and experienced data scientist to join our top talent team of and data scientists and leverage skills such as word embedding, language modeling , knowledge-based understanding, entity extraction and graph representations to the edge, by using state of the art NLP methods to integrate diverse data sources, and ambitiously generating the world’s first multi-dimensional people-skills-jobs taxonomy. Lead and conduct research and production-grade implementation of novel technologies working alongside a multi-disciplinary team of software engineers and product specialists, Ph.D. and M.Sc. backgrounds, and many years of domain experience.


  • At least MSc in Computer Science or equivalent
  • At least three years of experience as a researcher
  • Experience in state of the art NLP approaches
  • Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques.
  • Full working Proficiency with open source ML frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Python Master with a hands-on attitude
  • Experience working with and creating data architectures in a cloud environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams.
  • Good interpersonal, strong problem solving & logical reasoning skills with an emphasis on product development
  • A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques

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