Senior Data Scientist

INCRMNTAL is searching for the best Data Scientist out there!

We are a new startup founded by successful serial entrepreneurs with the vision to evolve digital marketing from the measurement of traffic to measuring VALUE.

Advertising for the past 100+ years has faced a strange dilemma: “Half the budget I spend on Advertising is wasted. The problem is – I don’t know which half” (John Wanamaker, 1838-1922)

We are a deep machine learning and AI company, using the latest technologies, to solve a really simple question – “which half is wasted?”

We are a new startup, launched in summer of 2020, backed by strategic investors from around the world who believe in what we’re doing.

We have customers and a constant flow of interest from the press, investors and more large companies who want to join us.

Role Description:

As a Data Scientist your role will be to:

  • Use analytical, statistical and technical skills to understand large, complex datasets with the aim to eliminate waste and measure incrementality for advertisers.
  • Lead, Develop & improve algorithms for automated decision making around lifetime value, causality, multi-touch attribution, and media mix optimization
  • Determine, analyze, maintain, and report on core marketing metrics to identify causal relationships between marketing actions and outcomes.
  • Translate data into actions and recommendations – appropriately interpreting and building on findings, and fully exploiting insights

You will also participate in important decisions around the product, our strategy as well as have the opportunity to choose the areas you work on based on what you want or like to do the most. We believe in helping each other get most of ourselves rather than do what we’re not interested in doing.

Key Requirements:

  • Min. 3 years of work experience in a commercial data science environment that requires the combined application of statistical & engineering skills
  • Strong statistical and research skills with a track record of using a variety of math and statistical methods (especially Causal Inference, Prediction models, Bayesian Method)
  • Excellent development skills (Python required, R or Scala a plus)
  • Experience in working on big data with distributed computing (Spark, Airflow, Kubernetes)
  • Familiarity with digital marketing, advertising or analytics is a plus
  • Extensive experience in the Time Series domain, working with small and large time series frames
  • Theoretical background knowledge like from a relevant BSc, MSc or PHD is a big advantage (e.g. in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics)

Benefits of Joining INCRMNTAL:

  • We are a new startup with a LOT of supporters and positive attention from investors, press and customers. Joining early means that you could be part of our success.
  • We have no set policies for time off or working hours. We respect one another to deliver the product, while treating each other as adults.
  • Excellent and committed employees will be granted share options.
  • We are passionate, solution-oriented people who are accountable to our actions.
  • We place our customers first and aspire to build a valuable solution to measuring value.
  • At INCRMNTAL, you should be ready to make decisions yourself. We say: “Don’t ask for permission –beg for forgiveness ”.
  • We care and respect one another, as we are ALL people – our titles define our roles and responsibilities, they do not differentiate us.

We are accepting applications regardless of any external factors. Everyone is welcome to apply.

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