Algorithm Developer – Autonomous Mapping

Which department will you join?

Mobileye’s Road Experience Management (REM) is an end-to-end mapping and localization engine for full autonomy.

We build an autonomous 3D map with accuracy of few centimeters, called "Roadbook", that contains all the necessary information for driving.

Our "Roadbook" is built using crowdsourcing, aggregating information being sent to the cloud from hundreds of thousands of cars driving with the Mobileye chip.

To use the map for full autonomy, we develop semantic understanding of the road, lanes, objects, and relations between them.

​For more information about the mapping, you can watch Amnon's lecture in CES.

How will your job look like?

Some challenges are easy for humans, but are still difficult for computers:

  • Calculating the drivable path
  • Matching traffic lights to lanes
  • Defining the priorities in junctions

You will use classic and geometry algorithms together with Deep Learning and AI to solve those challenges.

We use Python, Numpy, Pandas and Spark to develop algorithms than run in distributed fashion on AWS over very large amount of data.

All you need is:

  • Sharp and creative mind
  • Dedication
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • B.Sc. in natural sciences
  • M.Sc. in natural sciences – an advantage
  • Background in machine learning / computer vision / geometry – an advantage

Knowledge in Python / Numpy – an advantage

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