Staff Data Scientist, NLP

The NLP team is working with Customer Success (CS) Speech & Text, to bring the voice of the customer to decision-makers, by listening to the Customer calls in order to identify what actions are needed to help our customers, and how to better run our business.

We are helping CS experts and experts’ managers by automating the call summarization process, as well as providing expert metrics and coaching insights to improve our CS service.

Our projects:

  1. Using NLP to categorize the content of the customer interactions, in order to understand which parts we can change and improve in our UI, documentation or more, in order to improve the customer experience
  2. Automatically summarize the contents of each customer interaction, in order to optimize note-taking by reps
  3. Developing models that grade different angles of rep customer interactions (professionalism, empathy levels), in order to enable better "Coaching" for their managers

What you'll bring

  • NLP Knowledge is an advantage, or affinity to textual data
  • Deep interest in cutting-edge innovative technologies in NLP, AI, ML or DL
  • Deep technical understanding of underlying DS concepts (not just training models)
  • Collaboration with partners across the globe, to deliver complex projects
  • Maturity
  • Quick learner, adaptable, with the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to conduct meetings and make professional presentations, and to explain complex concepts and technical material to non-technical users
  • Strong project management and stakeholder management skills
  • Advantages:
    • We welcome people who can deliver E2E AI projects (inception to production). We primarily use Python in all stages of development
    • Fluent in SQL enough to get the data you need from a warehouse (Vertica, Hive, SparkSQL)
    • Comfortable working in a Linux environment
    • Experience with building end-to-end reusable pipelines from data acquisition to model output delivery

How you will lead

Leading the first project which is the flagship of the team. It has the highest data volume (100K calls/day, about 400GB). The project is in production.

The next stages in the roadmap:

  • Explainable AI
  • Trend Identification that goes uncategorized (e.g. COVID19)

How you’ll succeed

  • Own your projects. Lead ideas from conception to production
  • Bring both new features to production by the course of the first 12 months
  • Apply research to create high impact solutions
  • Publish papers and/or patents of your work
  • Represent your team’s innovation to the wider organization
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