Computer Vision Algorithm Expert

We are a Tel Aviv based technology company developing a brilliant baby monitor for the parenting market. We use advanced computer vision, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to help us measure human behavior. We’re changing parenting forever, with a vision that holds the promise to reveal more about human development than ever imagined.

What You’ll Do

As an expert in computer vision and deep learning you will work as a part of a cutting edge algorithms team. You will be responsible for developing state of the art models to solve problems in the video analysis world. Accelerating and improving neural networks to support large scale at low cost. Working with large data and video streams. You will be in charge of the full process cycle: collect data, design network, train, test, analyze errors, improve performance and reduce computation cost

If this sounds like you, you probably have:

  • 5 years at least of experience in algorithms development  
  • 3 years at least of experience in deep learning development 
  • Excellent programming skills in Python, C/C++   
  • Experience and theoretic understanding of CNNs for vision tasks like classification, detection, segmentation
  • Experience and theoretic understanding of RNNs for video analysis
  • Experience with classic computer vision tasks such as feature tracking and signal processing
  • Experienced in using Deep learning frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science / Electronic Engineering / Math – Mandatory 


  • Experience working with docker
  • Hands on experience with embedded systems
  • Ph.D. – Advantage 

Why Nanit:

  • We have an awesome product, that makes life a little more manageable for new parents
  • We work hard. We are constantly striving to discover new and innovative ways to improve our product and ourselves
  • We invest in people. We consider each employee a long-term investment and we see value in continuously nurturing and training them
  • We believe in creating a fun, ego-less, family friendly, flexible work environment
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