Speech and Audio Researcher

OriginAI, is a new innovative AI center, the result of a collaboration between Nvidia, Axon-Vision, and Elbit Systems that was established to address challenges at the forefront of AI research at national scale
The AI Center, located at Tel-Aviv, will engage in research and development in the areas of Speech & Audio, Vision and NLP with the aim of producing world-class groundbreaking capabilities in these areas
The center is fully funded with direct access to the most advanced computing resources in the industry

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced research and applied researchers to join the Speech & Audio group. The role involves the entire applied research flow, starting from literature surveys, innovation, AI development and solution deliveries for various real-life challenges in Speech, Acoustic-Scene-Analysis and Machine Learning
We provide a unique opportunity to work independently within a growing top talented team, stay up to date with the latest academy papers/conferences, and work on state of the art solutions for extreme challenges
Our new unique AI center will allow you to expand your comfortable zone and work on multi-modalities problems together with NLP and Vision groups


  • Ph.D / M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering / Computer Science.
  • Cum laude from top universities – advantage
  • Experience in ASR/STT – advantage
  • Former research position – advantage
  • Experience in Beam-Forming and classical speech processing algorithms – advantage
  • Team leaders / Technical leaders experience – big advantage

To apply for this job please visit elbitsystemscareer.com.

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