Autonomous Driving Algorithms Developer

Innovative algorithmic research and hands-on PoC (proof of concept) developments of Huawei’s unique cutting-edge autonomous driving technologies. Focus on sensing and low level vision sides. Such as video ISP, fusion of multi-modality detectors & self – supervised methods. Including collaborations with universities / Israeli-startups.

Job requirements:
o PHD, MSc in Computer Science / Electrical Engineer or similar fields from a leading institution.
o 2 years of experience with deep learning algorithms. Experience with Python and deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow
o Capable of understanding current research articles in the fields of: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing & Autonomous Driving
o Experience with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Self-Driving or other automotive algorithms
o Experience with cameras technologies such as Image or Video Processing / Real Time 3A algorithms / camera’s ISP (Video / Image) algorithms
o Experience with Computer Vision algorithms such as Image Classification, Object Detection, Object Tracking, Semantic Segmentation etc.
o Background in depth sensors technologies such as LiDAR and / or unique imaging cameras such as non-RGB cameras and / or other detectors used in the automotive industry
o Background in 3D geometry-based / navigation algorithms
o Experience with C++, Matlab, Java, JavaScript, R.

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