Senior Backend Engineer- NLP & ML Team

HiredScore brings deeply integrated big data and AI solutions to the global Fortune 500. By leveraging data from companies' Human Resources Data ecosystem, HiredScore enables to automate and augment the hiring process, enriching recruiters' decisions with smart insights and candidate prioritization grades of A, B, C, or D using NLP and Machine Learning algorithms.

HiredScore's Artificial Intelligence Engine uses past company hiring data, global hiring data, and other data sources including labor market data, employee performance data, and CRM data, to revolutionize the end-to-end recruiting workflow as well as integrate seamlessly with other HR Systems such as chatbots, assessment tests, video interviews, and other automation tools. HiredScore's mission is to bring data science into the Human Resources domain.

We’re looking for a Senior Backend Engineer for our NLP and Machine Learning Team – a senior developer who will lead the team's engineering, including machine/deep learning models deployment and serving, experiments management infrastructure, production services architecture, and development.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Be part of the research and development of NLP and Machine Learning solutions for the HR-Tech
  • Lead the engineering effort of the team including business logic, models deployment, and experiments management infrastructure
  • Collaborate HiredScore’s DevOps and infrastructure teams to build for the scale of HiredScore, including monitoring and performance considerations
  • Help the largest companies in the world to have better, more efficient, and fair hiring.

What You Need

  • An experienced Software engineer, 4+ years of developing, backend orientation
  • Experience in Python development – a must
  • Creating software with built-in quality (SOLID, Tests, Separation of Concerns, etc.)
  • Experience in CI/CD
  • Understanding of Machine Learning systems
  • Experience working with cloud platforms (Advantage- AWS)
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field
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