MDLI Cyber 2022

May 9th, 2022 | 18:00 PM (GMT‎+2‎) | Online

About the Conference

MDLI will hold an online event dedicated to ML and cyber on May 9th, 2022, 18:00 (GMT +2).

We hope to shed light on the relationship between ML and cyber, and how these two fields are interconnected.

This event will feature leading experts from industry and academia in machine learning and cyber security. They will present their work and inform us about all the latest advances and developments in those two fields.


Join us to hear on all the latest updates in the field!


Yaniv Vaknin
ML Specialist,
Mike Erlihson
Principal Data Scientist,
Salt Security
Roi Tabach
Senior Data Scientist,
Aiah Lerner
Data Scientist,
Gal Braun
Data Scientist,
Ron Bitton
principal research manager,
the cyber security research centrer at BGU
Aviv Yehezkel
Co-Founder & CTO,


the Agenda
May 9th, 2022

  • Welcome to MDLI Cyber Event 18:00
  • How cyber companies can innovate with ML? 18:05

    Yaniv Vaknin (AWS) and Aiah Lerner (Imperva)

  • Machine Learning in API Security: Potential and Main Challenges 18:25

    Mike Erlihson (Salt Security)

  • Using SHAP to improve the SOC analysts' life 18:45

    Roi Tabach (Hunters)

  • Based on True/False Story: Detecting Threats Using Machine Learning 19:05

    Gal Braun (SentinelOne)

  • Panel: the challenges and opportunities of Cyber and ML 19:25

    Uri Eliabayev​ (MDLI), Ron Bitton (BGU), Aviv Yehezkel (Cynamics), Gershon Celniker (General Motors)

  • Closing Remarks 20:00