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AutoML Conference 2021: Slides

This August we had the first AutoML Conference, with leading researchers from the industry and academia who shared their work on AutoML with our community.

The conference was a great success and over 1,100 people registered to the event from around the world!

We'd like to thank all the speakers who participated in the conference and thank our sponsors – Outbrain and Pecan.AI: It wouldn't be possible without you.

We are excited to announce that the AutoML Conference will become an annual event, and we hope to see you all again next year.

Here you can find the slides from the conference and on our YouTube channel you can find the recording of the event. If you don't want to miss any updates in the future, please subscribe to our newsletter.

AutoML will eat our world

Andraz Tori, Head of recommendations at Outbrain

Next Generation Auto-ML

Dr. Noam Brezis, CTO and Co-Founder at

Brute force feature engineering

Yam Peleg, CEO and Chairman at Deep Trading


NEON : Zero-Shot Compression Agent for DenseNetworks

Dr. Gilad Katz, Associate Professor at Ben Gurion University

The rise of Neural Architecture Search (NAS) and its limitations

Yonatan Geifman, Co-Founder and CEO at Deci AI

From Sequential to Parallel, a story about Bayesian Hyperparameter Optimization

Andres Asaravicius, Data Science Team Lead at Riskified

Latency-Aware Neural Architecture Search with Multi-Objective Bayesian Optimization

Maximilian Balandat, Research Scientist Manager at Facebook

Panel: AutoML – Are We Ready?

Mod: Uri Eliabaye, MDLI Founder

Panel: Meir Maor Chief Architect at SparkBeyond, Gad Benram Innovation Researcher at DoiT International, Oren Steinberg Head of AI & ML Specialists in North & South EMEA at AWS

The recording of this panel is on our YouTube channel.

AutoML in RecSys – Industry use cases

Assaf Klein, ML Group Lead at Outbrain

Hila Weisman-Zohar Senior Data Scientist at Outbrain

How to build scalable and generic ML data pipelines

Nofar Mishraki, Machine Learning Engineer at

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