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MDLI&Intuit: Navigating AI-Driven Security Frontiers

Date and time

Mon, February 26, 2024
18:00 - 20:00

Join us for an exploration of the intersection of GenAI and machine learning in cybersecurity. During this event, we will delve into Generative AI developments and their impact on security and privacy. We will discuss how AI-powered systems can be vulnerable to attacks and explore innovative approaches to mitigating these risks and ensuring the robustness of AI-driven security solutions. We invite you to join MDLI and Intuit to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Event details:

Date: 26.2.2024

Location: Ha-Psagot Street 7-9, Bldg B, 10th Fl, Petach Tikva, Israel

Registration Link:

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